5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a New Exercise Routine

Starting a new routine – whether it be a new school, job, or workout class – can be a little daunting. I’m going to share with you five things I wish I knew before starting a new exercise routine, and I hope it will inspire you to try something new. 

Ask questions
One thing that helped me feel more comfortable when starting my new exercise routine was to ask questions. I signed up at a new studio and made sure to call and ask questions before I started. I was able to meet with the front desk and an instructor to talk about the class, what they recommend bringing, and got a tour of the studio.

Arrive early
Arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to get ready for your new class! Arriving early ensures there is enough time for you to find the studio (in case you get lost!), put everything away, and calm your nerves a little before starting class.

Don’t apologize
Something I struggle with is apologizing… for everything. Especially when I’m in a new class. Instead of apologizing for doing something wrong (or when an instructor corrects your form), say “Thank You!”. Let them know you appreciate them helping you. A little trick that helped me break this habit was trying to go the entire hour without apologizing or saying “I can’t”. Even though it was just an hour, it really helped change my perspective and I could feel myself getting more confident.

Smile. Smile. Smile! It’s always nice to smile at your instructor and fellow classmates so they see you as approachable, or at the very least, friendly. Whenever I exchange a somewhat awkward smile with someone in class, we usually end up talking for the duration of the class and cheering each other on.

Have fun
This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give. Remember to have fun! The whole reason you’re starting something new is to have a new experience, right? Who wants to do something that they hate? Make sure to have fun, be patient with yourself, and even laugh at yourself a little bit. You took the first step to trying something new – that in itself is a big accomplishment!

So, remember to have fun and don’t give up on the goals you set for yourself. The biggest change happens when we step outside our comfort zones. Even if you think you’re not gifted at something, remember that the people who do well at things practice every day to get there. Stay positive and keep trying, you’ll be surprised at how far you can really go!

This post is contributed by Samantha Thayer, Online Outreach and Education Specialist from What’s Up, USANA?. For more information on health, feel free to visit their blog or find them on Twitter @USANAInc. / Photo cred 

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