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5 ways to help you sleep

Trouble sleeping? It’s frustrating we know, and once you had a really bad night it could easily turn into a vicious circle where you twist and turn for hours or wake up several times a night every night of the week. We’ve put together a five-step-guide for you to try when insomnia hits you.

1. Go outside
Make sure to go outside and catch some day light every day. It will help the body to relax during the night. It doesn’t have to be sunny, a 30 minutes walk on a cloudy day in February will do.

2. Turn it off
If you want to create good sleeping conditions for yourself make sure to switch off your cell phone, TV, computer or other screen device at least one hour before going to bed. The blueish light will make your brain think it should be awake a bit longer and leave you feeling restless. And most importantly – don’t do any of these things in bed! It sounds easier than it is, it takes about 21 days to end a bad habit and create a good one, so start small. Why not put all electronic devices outside the bedroom? The bedroom is for sleeping and love making 😉

3.Legs up the wall
This yoga pose is super easy and you only have to do it for about ten minutes to feel the effect. Lay down on a yoga mat or a blanket next to a wall, use a pillow under your head if needed, and place your legs up the wall. They don’t have to be straight. Put your arms to your side, close your eyes and breathe freely through your nose. If your feet begin to tingle during this pose, bend your knees, touch your soles together, and slide the outer edges of your feet down the wall, bringing your heels close to your pelvis. This pose will calm your mind and help you fall asleep much quicker.

legsupthewall (kopia)

4.Don’t eat right before bed time
You shouldn’t feel too full or too hungry when you go to bed. Make sure to eat enough for dinner at least two hours before going to sleep. If you feel hungry eat food that contains Tryptophan, it makes you feel sleepy. This amino acid can for example be found in milk, nuts, bananas, chicken and eggs.

5.Avoid pondering on tomorrow’s to do’s
We all think about what happened during the day, what we said or how we acted in a certain situation. When we’re done with those thoughts we easily slide into thoughts about tomorrow’s endeavors and everything we have to do and deal with. It could keep you up for hours! I know it’s difficult to switch off, but try to see your thoughts as passing clouds. Once a thought pops into your brain, acknowledge it and then let it pass. This is something you need to practice, but by doing it every night you’ll help your brain to focus on what’s important right now in the present, sleeping.

Sweet dreams.

By: Victoria Thoors Photo: Mislav Marohnić/flickr under CC-BY

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    February 5, 2016 at 6:16 am

    🙂 …. to put the digital world to bed ( turn it totally off ) is a supersmart advice – when your brain waves lower your outer muscles are able to relax deeply ….. 🙂 – great post

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