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Want to make healthier choices in your everyday life? Eat cleaner and feel energized and good? That’s totally awesome, but don’t let some diet take over your life. Do us a favor and don’t go on a diet at all! Make a lifestyle change instead.

Every day, people make the decision to start eating cleaner and make healthier choices. But not everyone knows where to start and end up on the first diet they can find. As a result, they cave after a week or two, leaving them with a sense of guilt.

We don’t want none of that. We like people to be happy! So here are some very simple steps to a healthier everyday life that don’t include any diets or strict regimes (if a healthier lifestyle is what YOU want).

Add more greens
Green: The color of nature and so many yummy veggies! Try to eat more greens by simply adding it to your morning smoothie or let them find their way to your dinnerplate. A recommendation is to start with the greens and then go over to the carbs and protein. A little trick that works wonders. And if you don’t like broccoli? Well then don’t eat it! There are so many delicious veggies to choose from, don’t spend time eating things you don’t like.

Drink more water
A cool water bottle should be your best friend from now on, never leaving your side. By having water available at all times makes it easier to remember to drink. And why should we drink more water? First off; because without it we die, but I guess you already knew that. Secondly; water is essential for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body, it flushes out waste and bacteria and lots of other good reasons that you can simply Google if your interested.

Say hello to alternatives
We are all told to eat less sugar. Easier said than done, believe me I know. And you know what: I don’t want to give up my favorite cookies entirely, or my favorite Belgian chocolate ice-cream for that matter (the love between us is to strong). So, the key here is to occasionally try to switch out those cookies with homemade ones, that favorite ice cream with nice-cream and that chocolate mousse with an alternative one. That way you still get your treats, just healthier alternatives.

Miss sleepyhead
Sleep is very important, because it can help protect your mental- and physical health and your overall quality of life. So, don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep (guess this must be the easiest change, who doesn’t like to sleep)?

Get your booty going
Yoga, dancing, walking, spinning, running, hiking, tennis, swimming, strength, kettlebells.. The list can continue forever, there are so many ways to get active. Just find an activity you like and get your booty going. And if all of the above fail we recommend sex (lots of it, hihi).

Making healthier choices isn’t as hard as you may think, all you need is a positive mindset and a little willpower. And remember to have fun! Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Quite the contrary.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred

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    Christina Danielsen
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