About us

Happiness is the highest form of health

Hi there beautiful soul, welcome to Best of You. Thank you for peaking in, we hope you like what you see.

Best of You is an inspirational lifestyle and wellness platform where we want to encourage and inspire our readers to embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle. It´s run by Editor in Chief Henriette Danielsen and her wonderful team of freelancers.

What we offer is

We believe health is a combination of what we choose to fuel our body and mind with. Health is not just what you eat or how you choose to exercise, but also how you see, talk and perceive yourself. Our goal is to provide you with inspiration and tools to live your life to the best of your ability and love every part of yourself.

In the end, all we want is to be happy, and find the balance to live a long and fulfilled life. As Dalai Lama once said: “Happiness is the highest form of health”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Lots of love from Henriette

For inqueries: Feel free to ping an email to contact@bestofyou.se

The Team

Henriette Danielsen
Editor in Chief

Journalist, writer and dreamer. Founder and owner of Best of You. I love wholeheartedly, laugh too loud, smile a lot, cry when I need to and always on the lookout for finding what feels good.

Mo Oléron
Yoga Teacher & Writer

Yoga teacher and dog addict based in Stockholm. I eat, I write, I travel, I practice, I learn, I run, I laugh and I eat (yes, I put eating twice, that’s how much I love it).

Christina Danielsen
Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher, living in beautiful Oslo, Norway. I am a notorious believer in both my own and others tremendous powers to overcome challenges.
I guide you safely to be bold , brave and totally yourself.

Clara Mo

Nerdy nutritionist, health freak and a happy puppy! I love spending time with my loved ones, break a sweat at the gym and being able to motivate people into striving towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Frida Dahl Durdevic
Personal Trainer

Personal trainer, food lover and inspirer. I am passionate about my job and get a lot of my energy from my clients. I’m here to support you, guide you and inspire you to become a healthier and stronger version of yourself.

Sandra Aggemo
Life Coach

Certified Life Coach, Kids Yoga Teacher, Qi Gong and Meditation Instructor. Passionate about exploring new things, building meaningful relationships and breathing wholeheartedly. I also power nap, dream big and go to acupuncture.

Christine Nord
Career Coach

Career Coach with a background in HR & recruitment. My mission is to inspire and challenge people to find what a truly meaningful career is to them. Whether it’s about how to find meaning in your current job or find the courage to start a new chapter in your life.

Helena Önneby
Coach, Writer & Speaker

Coach, writer and teacher on a mission to help you find your personal power. After more than 10 years in corporate HR, I now support people to live up to more of their potential. I love adventures and diving deep, both in personal development and to explore the amazing life in our oceans.

Anna Johansson
Leadership Coach

Leadership Coach passionate about your development. My coaching is about expanding your comfort zone, getting your relationships to work, reach your goal on work, manage your stress level and become a better leader. With me you get straight and honest coaching with a lot of warmth and openness.

Ivona Iwarra Josipovic
Writer & blogger

A writer. I see myself as a work in progress. In constant search of inspiration and ways of improving my life. Never met a dog I didn’t like. Besides yoga, chocolate and traveling, I enjoy sharing my thoughts about design and art at www.thesmokedetector.net

Sonja Josipović
Writer & blogger

Psychologist, writer, fashion lover and hedonist. I love animals, traveling, nature and those moments when I isolate myself and write. I enjoy working on my fashion and lifestyle blog where people may find some inspiration.

Rebecce O´Brien
Stress Management and Relaxation Therapist
Rebecca´s goal is for you to learn healthy ways to cope during stressful times with techniques that reduce stress, that relieve tension throughout the body, to gain a calm and peaceful state of mind. She will help you create effective boundaries and balance in your life. Health is wealth!
Maria Swanström
Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaker specialized in leadership and how to get more successful teams. Love giving people energy and how they can find their own glow and spark in life. Big nerd when it comes to how our brain works, love exercising, yoga, mother nature and everything that glitters!

Hannah Nordlund
Online Personal Trainer

I specialize in helping people to get moving, for a healthier and happier life. I believe you should do what feels good or whatever exercise fits your schedule. It doesn’t have to be complicated to workout, simply move your body. For me, a nice cycle or a sweaty dance session is heaven! But I also enjoy meeting friends at the pub. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?


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