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Afternoon treat

During the afternoon it’s most likely that most of us feel low on energy which usually results in a “quick-fix”. Either by drinking lots of coffee, sodas or eating candy. We suggest you try these bars instead, which are easy to make, and don’t consist of any raffinated sugar.

2.5 dl flaked coconut
2.5 dl fresh dates
2.5 dl dried, organic apricots (chopped)
2 dl walnuts (or mix with almonds & cashews)
2 dl oats
0.5 dl flax seeds (or sesamee seeds)
1tsp himalayan salt

Tips: You can also add 2 tbsp raw cacao if you’re a chocolate-lover as we are

Preheat the oven to 375°C (hot hot) and line a pan with plastic wrap. Toast the oats and walnuts on two separate baking sheets until golden. Let cool for a few minutes and then chop the nuts. Make a puree out of the apricots and dates in a blender and put the mix in a bowl together with the oats, nuts, coconut, salt and flax seed. Press the mixture into the already prepared pan and chill until firm. Finally, cut into 12 bars and enjoy!

By: Linnéa Nilsson Photo:Flickr/Mariam

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