Baking without sugar

Marja has always had a passion for baking, but when her interest for health grew, baking was set aside. However, she missed it so much and decided there was nothing standing in her way in combining her two great passions in life.
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Baking has been a part of Marja Folcke’s life as long as she can remember and today she runs one of Sweden’s biggest blogs. Here she inspires thousands of readers to bake without refined sugar, showing that health doesn’t mean you have to give up the goodies!
– For me it’s important to take care of my body, and that’s why I avoid sugar. But since I still want to bake and also have that sweet taste that sugar gives, I use alternative sweeteners and fruit instead, Marja explains.

And the response has been overall positive. People are focusing more on having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their body, and recipes for baked goods without white sugar is like a bite of heaven for Marja’s followers. At least for us.

However, there are some sceptics out there and some are under the belief that for example stevia is unhealthy. We of course had to ask Marja how she feels about that.
– Many are skeptical to things they don’t know much about, and many believe that stevia is an artificial product. The stevia plant is natural, but to get the white powder, it has been processed. I don’t believe this is negative, because there is nothing that says that all processes are bad. I also strongly believe that it’s the amount that counts, because no food is good for you in large quantities. Some are also sensitive to the taste of stevia, but then you can use other alternatives, she says.

Have you cut refined sugar entirely from your diet?
Not entirely, but mostly yes. Sometimes, especially if I’m invited to someone, I can eat a little sugar. But today, unlike a few years ago, I only take a little bite. In my opinion balance is key. If you eat healthy 90 percent of the time, the other 10 percent won’t kill you. For me, health is all about having a happy body and soul!

But if you have to be honest, what tastes the best: pastries with or without sugar?
– It depends! Some baked goods are hard to get to taste as good as the ones with sugar, while others actually end up tasting better. But what feels best for my body is without a doubt the ones without the white sugar.

Marja finds inspiration in cookbooks, magazines, Pinterest and other blogs, but she mostly trusts her gut feeling and bakes what she feels like, with what she has available. And all this baking resulted in her publishing both a cookbook and a recipe leaflet right before Christmas.
– I published my book in collaboration with Nutri-Nick and the leaflet with author Camilla Danilda. With the book, leaflet and my blog I hope to inspire people to a healthier lifestyle, that doesn’t affect the small joys in life, like eating cake or spend time baking in the kitchen.


Name: Marja Folcke
Age: 25
Lives: Nacka, outside Stockholm
Favorite sweetener: Sukrin gold and “Sötströ (a combination of stevia and erytithol).

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