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In a world of fitspiration, six packs and low body fat we found Camilla Lorentzen, a spirited girl from Norway who spreads the message that you are perfect just the way you are! We immediately felt that we had to have a chat with her.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Private

Camilla works as a personal trainer at Optimal Trening (Optimal Health) in Oslo, does coaching and runs the blog (fit enough). She spreads positive energy and has for many served as a break in the superficial life that characterizes social media today.

It all began in May 2014 when Camilla’s boyfriend, Andreas Stokkeland posted a picture of his girlfriend on Facebook with the following message:
“This is my girlfriend, doesn’t she look great? She has neither a six pack nor a perfect gap between her thighs, but represents what I call a healthy and gorgeous female body!”.

Andreas’ post quickly spread and has been shared 180 times, received 234 comments and been liked by near 10,000 people. Many were happy that someone finally stood up against what often is promoted as the ”perfect body” in the media. Even Camilla was surprised by the massive response.
– I think it was amazing, but I was surprised of how big it all got! It wasn’t easy having to read what everyone thought of me, but fortunately it was mostly positive feedback.

Today Camilla runs the blog (fit enough) where she inspires people to live an active and healthy life without having to exaggerate.
– It’s all about living a balanced life. My main goal is to reach out to people who are not already active. To get a single mother, an elderly or someone with a job that involves a lot of sitting, to start moving more.

Both on her blog and on Instagram, through the commonly used hashtag #fitnok (#fitenough), Camilla motivates her followers to become more active, while she at the same time emphasizes the importance to enjoy yourself.

Camilla thinks it is truly sad how social media contributes to an increased body fixation and low self-esteem and is passionate about changing this.
– In my opinion the main problem lies in the fact that we’re exposed to this pressure at all times. I want to contribute to make social media a platform where one can find inspiration and motivation, rather than a place where one is constantly comparing herself with everyone else.

Are you proud of your body?
– YES!

From where do you get your confidence?
– Quite frankly from myself. Of course comments on Instagram and stuff like that have an impact, but the comments alone will never raise your self-esteem.

Camilla advises those who are struggling with low self-esteem to take a step out of the bubble and try to see themselves from the outside.
– What are you good at? What do you wish was different? And last, but not least: how will you be able to change this, without sacrificing everything? Most people know what it will take for them to get from where they are to where they want to be, but not many actually put in the effort to get there. They often believe that the path to their goal is both bumpy and steep, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Take one step at a time, and suddenly you have come a long way, she says.

There is no doubt that Camilla’s message resonates! She was earlier this year voted all the way to the finals of “Shape Up Girl”, a contest where the Norwegian magazine Shape Up were looking for an inspiring role model who radiates joy and spreads positive benefits of a fit and healthy body.
– It was incredibly nice! I look at it as a confirmation that what I do actually means something to someone, and I am very happy for all the comments and feedback I have received both during the contest and afterwards.

Camilla has big plans for the future and there is no doubt that she wants to keep contributing to the fitness industry, making it a less intimidating place.

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