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Those five little words

“I am happy for you”. The art of rejoicing in someone else’s success and happiness is easier said than done.

It´s easy to feel happy for someone when you find yourself in a good state of mind. It´s also a piece of cake to clap for someone’s success when they accomplished something within a field that is not the same as yours. But cheering for someone who achieved something you wish you had, that is the real challenge.

I grabbed a coffee with an old friend last time I was in Paris and we cheered for her recent success of getting into the best school in the country. I found myself being genuinely proud and happy for her. I recognised her hard work and dedication and felt it was more than deserved. Not an ounce of jealousy or frustration in sight. We shared a lovely moment rejoicing in her little happiness cloud and as we said goodbye I felt I took a little piece of that cloud with me. I had a smile on my face, thinking how lovely it is to see hard work being rewarded and feeling at that very moment that everything was how it should be.

But what if I had been depressed that day? What if I had tried and failed at the same exam? That would have been a very different story. I would probably have received her happiness as an aggression. Seeing it as reflexion of my own failure. I know this because it has happened before. But I also know it is not justified.

Others’ successes or failures are in no way related or proportional to yours.

You are responsible of your actions and life and they are of theirs. It makes absolutely no sense to feel better to see your friends fail where you also failed. On the contrary. To progress and grow you need to surround yourself with people who will challenge you, push you forward, not drag you down.

Again, easier said than done. We know all that, and it looks great on paper, but controlling your feelings is something that demands practice, dedication and awareness, knowing yourself and more importantly being very honest with yourself, admitting and recognising your feelings to then be able to act on them.

Definitely something worth working on though, for ourselves and our entourage, because happiness is contagious. Catch it. Spread it.

By: Mo Oléron 

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Make winter workouts happen

Once the cold and dark weather hits and the holidays are in sight, our health routines and workouts tend to go out the window, and the lack of motivation is overwhelming.

It happens every year, it is like my motivation is taking a (loooong) winter break and just getting out of the apartment acquires a lot of effort. Not so surprising when you think about it, since it is pitch dark all day long and colder than on the north pole. Guess that’s the disadvantage of living in Scandinavia.

I never regret a workout, it´s simply getting there that is the challenge.

I have however over the years learned some tips and tricks so boost my motivation. Because I never regret a workout, it´s simply getting there that is the challenge. And I guess I am not alone? So, take a look and see if you can´t find some inspiration to get them winter workouts happen.

Buddy up
Create a family or friend challenge and spark your competitive spirit. That way you are not alone and you have fun while getting your workouts done. Maybe the winner gets to choose dinner  or gets a free lunch or whatever sparks your motivation.

Make a new playlist
We keep getting back to this tip, but it truly works! Music has such a motivational impact and sometimes you simply need the right song to get out of the sofa. Try and see what happens!

Work out at home
Seriously struggling with getting out the door? Well, it happens (a lot) and no worries. It doesn’t mean you can´t move your body. YouTube has tons of videos to choose from. Maybe try something new in the comfort of your home? A Fitnessblender session? Or some yoga? Take a look at some of our favorites here. 

Most importantly, be kind
It´s much harder to stay motivated if you don’t take the time to relax and recover. And nothing is more demotivating than setting aside your whole social life just to get those workouts in. Treat yourself with hot cacao, Christmas baking with friends or a glass or two of wine. Be nice to yourself and your body and find the balance.

And remember; a workout doesn’t necessarily mean a sweaty, hard-core workout at the gym. It can be a yoga or Pilates class, a long walk in the fresh air or whatever suits you. Just don’t forget to move that precious body of yours.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Jānis Šaulis / Red long sleeve (sponsored) / Location: rebirth fitness

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Social traveling taken to a new level

When we came across Triple, a marketplace that connects curious travellers with passionate local hosts, it immediately sparked our interest. We sat down with one of the founders, Joakim Grönvall, to talk about the idea behind the company, good work culture and how wellbeing plays an important role in the way they run their business.  
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Private

How was the idea of Triple born?
The idea behind Triple came from the problem that most people face today; feeling like a tourist when traveling. My co-founders and I are passionate travellers, and one thing we have in common and connect on, is that we all have had the best and most memorable travel experiences when we’ve been meeting locals and learning about their culture, been introduced to their favorite places etc.

How does it work?
Triple is a marketplace where passionate and outgoing individuals can organise their own activities, and earn money by acting as hosts in their hometowns; showcasing their personal and unique experiences ‘off the beaten path’. Hosts share their knowledge or craft, by connecting through the platform with travellers to give them a taste of the city they live in through the eyes of a local. Triple enables tourists to feel like locals when they travel, discover activities in various cities, rate hosts, and experience hassle free payments when booking, all through the platform. Triple is available in Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris and London.

Tell us about your team and your company’s core values!
We have an ambitious and talented team here at Triple HQ, and all of them embody our company core values, some of which include being authentically yourself and thinking big. The atmosphere we have, and aim to continue to foster, is openness and communication, and a strong team spirit.

Trust, empowerment and flexibility amongst colleagues is important!

What is a healthy work environment for you?
I think trust, empowerment and flexibility amongst colleagues is important for a healthy workplace, this way everyone is able to feel that they are putting their best effort into the work that they do, and there’s a good energy amongst the team that really helps us to grow together, rather than tearing us apart.

The Triple Team

How much do you value wellness and well-being at work?
Wellness and wellbeing is a big part of people’s personal life, and it should be just as relevant in the workplace. Wellbeing to me isn’t just about being healthy physically, but mentally, and it’s important that both are supported and encouraged.

How do you encourage that as CEO?
The work environment is very important to me as people spend most of their days at the workplace. In Russia, where I was CEO at a company before moving back to Stockholm, we gave all our employees motorized desks so that they could alternate sitting and standing. Something that in Russia was such a good and interesting perk we even ended up on television showcasing our office. If someone needs to work from home one day to be with their sick child, or if one of the team wants to take a break due to a personal matter, we support, keep a good line of communication, and allow that type of flexibility. We also like for everyone working with us to visit the activities on our platform, so they can really engage first-hand with the product we work with. I often find that this leads to a happier and more committed employee who works even harder to achieve their work goals.

If you could implement something new to encourage a new routine to promote life balance and wellbeing within your team, what would it be?
My intention is that as we grow we will have the opportunity to help our team to stay healthy by giving them perks to help improve the work/life balance. Such initiatives could include e.g. paid for gym or yoga memberships or even paid for healthy food in the office. Giving people the options to become more effective is also something that I have close to heart. Working from home is such an initiative. This opportunity is something that has been shown in many case studies to improve the work/life balance, as well as employee loyalty and effectiveness.

What are the future plans for Triple?
We’re looking to expand into more cities in the next year, and hope to grow our activity offering, with the aim of really allowing more travellers to engage in the most memorable and unique local experiences when they travel.

Name: Joakim Grönvall
Age: 33
Lives in: Stockholm, Sweden
Favorite Triple activity: Cheese making together with a true Parisian in their family owned cheese shop.

Interested in finding out more about Triple? Take a look at their website. 

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Multi talent with a passion for happiness and health

When I stumbled upon the blog “Happy Health” it literarily took my breath away. Not just with the amazing photos and delicious recipes, but the whole blog just filled me with so much inspiration. And right then and there I knew I just had to meet the girl behind it.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Natalie Yonan/Private

When we meet Natalie Yonan over a lunch in Stockholm, you could right away sense she was a creative person. And turns out we were right: Not only is she an amazing cook and recipe developer (vegan I might add), she is also a super talented photographer and food blogger. A warm and kind person with a huge passion for happiness and health. Just what we love.

We got to do a little Q&A with her about food, health and inspiration. Take a look:

What is health to you?
For me, health is synonymous with three things:
1. To be strong, healthy and sound both physically and mentally.
2. To feel happy in your everyday life.
3. To live a long life.

These three things are what keeps me motivated to strive towards a good health. When I was choosing a name for my blog, the name “Happy Health” came to me pretty quickly, since I have always felt that joy and happiness is strongly connected to a good health.

Happiness and joy are what keeps me motivated to live a healthy and long life.

The last 10 years I have spent a lot of time on self-development. I have invested a lot of time and work in my mental health and it would all seem like a waste of time if I wouldn’t take care of my body at the same time. I believe those two are very connected.

What inspires you?
I’m very inspired by people who are old, but still have the spark for life. So many people go through life without really appreciating the gift of just being alive. My grandmother is a huge inspiration for me, she is soon 90 years old and she loves to go out and dance in the little village she lives in, in Portugal. She has started to study history and literature, loves to watch the roses grow in her garden and flirts with the old men she meets in the streets. She is still a young woman in spirit and still has a joy for life, that truly inspires me.

What is your favorite breakfast recipe?
I am not huge on breakfast at the moment since I’m doing intermittent fasting, but at heart I am a true breakfast lover, so here’s a really yummy breakfast recipe I created not too long ago: banana split oatmeal with roasted almonds.

What kind of impact do you want to have on your followers?
I want my followers to feel empowered after having read my blog or looking through my Instagram. I hope they will feel inspired to find what feels good for them. I also want to help people understand that a healthy lifestyle is both fun and simple, as long as you find what works for you.

When I started my blog, I posted more advanced recipes, raw food cakes and stuff like that, because that was what inspired me at the time. Today, I invite my readers to explore health on a broader level. Everything from how you, as a woman, can work with the four phases of your menstrual cycle to optimize your health, to experiment with what times it is best to eat.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years, working with food and health, it is that there is no formula that works for everyone. And when people ask me for general health advice I always answer: “Drink more water”. That is the only thing I know for sure works for everyone.

 Natalie Yonan
Age: 27
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Works: as a writer and photographer behind the blog “Happy Health”

Follow Natalie on her blog and Instagram for more inspiration.

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Getting them greens in

We all heard it before: eat more greens. Vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet and your fountain of youth (you know the drill). But getting them greens in is easier said than done if you ask me.

Vegetables are incredibly rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which boost your health and help fight off diseases. In other words, true power food! Pretty awesome, right? Saying that you will start to eat more veggies is easy, but when it comes to it, many of us fall short of our daily needs.

We therefore give you five tips on how to be getting them greens in. We´re not promising a miracle, but maybe you’ll get inspired to lure in some more.

Throw them in a mixer
Adding greens to your smoothie is maybe the simplest way eat more vegetables. Maybe you´re not a hard-core green-smoothie lover, but simply adding a handful of spinach does the trick. Take a look at our smoothie recipes, we got tons of yummy inspiration.

Boost your brekkie
Lots of breakfast dishes are seriously better with some greens. Don´t agree? Let’s give you some examples: avocado toast, scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes, sandwich with crème cheese topped with carrots and so much more. There is no limit!

Greens for starters
Many of us usually have salad or veggies on our dinner plate, but start eating what we find the tastiest first. Which often means that the veggies are eaten lastly and most likely to be left over too. Why not serve your veggies as a starter? That way you make sure to have eaten them before you get too full AND you end up having a two-course dinner, win win!

Replace your chips
Have you ever tried kale chips? Easy peasy to prepare and so yummy. And best of all; way healthier than potato chips and that way you get some kale into your system too. Take a look at our recipe here.

Salute the snack
Ok, we are true snack lovers, as you know, and would never in our wildest dreams suggest celery instead of chocolate. Nevertheless, cutting up some veggies (and fruits) and bring along to work, school or just have them in your handbag, available when hunger kicks in, is a great way to add some extra greens into your diet and help you when hunger strikes.

So, best of luck! See you on the other side.

And remember, everything is difficult before it becomes easy. Small steps in the right direction are better than a huge leap you’ll stumble on.

By: Henriette Danielsen

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Rituals and traditions

Whether they are religious or secular, performed alone or in a group, rituals have more power than one may think.

As I am heading to my annual family reunion in the East of France to celebrate Saint Nicolas, a less known but just as over the top celebration as Christmas in terms of presents and food, I find myself thinking about rituals.

This is the highlight of the year for the family. We are about 30 people spread all over the country and beyond, and it is the one weekend no one is allowed to miss. As a kid I just saw it as a great feast with tones of presents, a wonderful family time, but never really read much more into it.

As I grew older I started to feel the “weight of tradition”, how important it was for me that everything went exactly as it always had. It was almost visceral, everything had to stay the same: the time we would arrive, the way we would spend the day, the food we would eat. I was holding on to these rituals like a life preserver. It was my bearings while everything around me was constantly changing and evolving throughout the years: my studies, my career (or lack of), my personal life, people I loved passing.

Rituals are more than just a”knock on woods”, they give you something to come back to, hold on to in bad times, but also a space to celebrate in good times. They help create cohesion within a group, give a sense of belonging to a community, a family, real or made up. It creates a safe place or moment for you to share with others or to keep for yourself. Rituals comfort us and give us a sense of control over our lives.

This time around though, I have more perspective and I chose to let go. I accept the fact that rituals are important to me, essential even, but that they are not irrevocable and can evolve and accompany us as we grow older and, hopefully wiser.

By: Mo Oléron 

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A grateful heart – love letter from our Editor in Chief

1 of December will always be a special day for me, because that is the day Best of You was introduced to the public. Two years have passed and so much has happened on this beautiful journey.

Best of You has developed from being a blog to become a community where we inspire each other to embrace life wholeheartedly and find joy in health and wellness. A place without diets, rules or regulations, nor a formula to fit in with the masses.

We want you to find what feels good and be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

And seeing that you do, makes me forever grateful.

The emails, the kind words, the hugs, the tears, the love: everything that you share with us makes this the best job in the world. And why waste time on being anything but fully alive?

Thank you for following, showing up at our events, for booking our services and for welcoming us into your lives. We are forever grateful and excited for the future. 2018 will bring much love, that’s for sure.

By: Henriette Danielsen, Editor in Chief / Photo cred: Pinterest

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Rediscover your city during winter

As soon as winter comes we have a tendency to retreat to the coziness of our homes. Which can be lovely but often eventually gives you the feeling that you’re going round and round in circles.

There are actually plenty of exciting stuff to do in the city when winter comes. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Ice skating. Yes, you are technically still going round and round in circles, but it’s much more fun and you get some exercise and fresh air!
  • Christmas markets. Regardless of if you are on the look out for presents or just want to have hot wine, Christmas markets are just cuteness overdose and we can’t go a whole winter without visiting at least one.
  • 100 point challenge Christmas edition. Great team building activity and also a great Christmas present idea.
  • Triple activities. Check out Triple’s website for fun activities hosted by locals. Also a great Christmas present idea.
  • All of our indoor events. The perfect pre-Christmas gift to yourself.
  • Fika. It’s important to still go out and get some fresh air but you can have wonderful coffee and cookie breaks to get warm every now and then!
  • Check out the beautiful and inspiring interior design stores.
  • Have a real Swedish sauna experience at Hellasgården with a jump in the frozen lake afterwards (optional, but so much fun!)

Each city changes with each season, it’s time to rediscover yours once more!

By: Mo Oléron / Photo cred: Pinterest 

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Right where I belong

Being Editor in Chief of Best of You, I have been getting to know the health community in Stockholm more and more. Not only in terms of our collaboration partners, but all the wonderful personal trainers, yoga teachers, coaches and brand owners out there. We work together, go to events together and often train together. Which used to terrify me!

I have never been this super fit gym lover, who makes lifting weights and running on a treadmill look as easy as a Sunday stroll to the local bakery. Let me try to explain: I am more the type of girl who gets a mild heart attack after a few meters of running, who is so red in the face that it looks like my period came out of the wrong place and lifting those 2-3 kg like my life depended on it. Making it hard to feel any connection to all those bloggers and influencers out there, promoting health.

When I met all these wonderful trainers and started to get invited to their workouts and events I was terrified. “I am not fit enough for this”. “I am not one of them”. “What the fuck am I doing here”. These where all thoughts running through my head.

But then I realised that this is exactly what we want to change

We want you to know that you don’t have to be fit to join a gym class. You don’t have to be soft and limber to be able to do yoga, and you don’t have to be skinny and have abs to be able to call yourself healthy. You find what feels good to you and a balance based on your life, your body and your needs.

Which is also what inspired me to found Best of You in the first place. Because I love yoga, but I also love wine. I love to work out and sweat, but I also love my relationship to the cookie jar and our late night dates with Netflix. And that doesn’t mean I don’t belong.

Now that I finally have realised that I am no longer afraid to join a kick boxing class, lift those weights or go for a run with someone (all though I prefer not to run, hihi). My point being; don’t think you need to fulfill certain criteria’s to be part of something. You are more than enough and health is for everyone! Coming from the girl who still goes to fitness events being the only one there not being able to do pull ups or hand stands, but still enjoys herself!

So go lift those weights girl, or go to that yoga class you always wanted to try or head straight into the lions cave and join the heavy bodybuilders at the gym. Whatever you prefer, but dont let a label or the thought of not being good enough stop you. Because you rock, with or without abs!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Jānis Šaulis / Location: rebirth fitness

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Building up self-confidence

Failures and negative experiences are big challenges for our self-confidence. The good news is that self-confidence can be rebuilt.

It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes energy and patience. We need to say goodbye to old habits and start developing new ones. Negative thinking is the biggest obstacle to building self-confidence. Recognising negative thoughts and turning them into productive positive ones requires a lot of commitment, but is a necessary effort.

Listing our qualities instead of our flaws is a very good exercise. If our self-confidence is already strongly shaken up, we will often have difficulties coming up with qualities or we will feel anxiety or shyness when writing. In that case, it helps to turn to family members, friends or colleagues, who will be quick to remind us how many wonderful qualities there we possess. When our list is finished, a tip is to read it often in order to train our positive memory!

A lack of self-confidence can be a passing phase in our lives which, with a little effort and work, can be conquered. All we have to do is remind ourselves of how much good we really have in us. By being patience and working on yourself you will become a person who radiates self-confidence.

By: Sonja Josipovic / Photo cred: iStock