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Has technology ripped me off my 6th sense?

Someone once told me: “Listen to your heart. But be quiet for a while and learn to feel the answer”. That was 10 years ago, but the sentence has resonated with my ever since.

I grew up with a Pocahontas of a mom who taught us that “every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name”.  And I have embraced that until…somehow, I lost it. I still believed, but I lost my ability to listen to my heart, to quiet it, to feel the answers.

I am a Millennial. I saw the beginning of the internet, the cell phone and all that jazz. I have lived without it all and still it’s quite impossible for me to remember a life when I don’t come home from work and spend time on my computer or watch Netflix.

And while progress progressed…I lost it.

I don’t listen within myself anymore, I Google for the answer. I check forums, I auto diagnose myself, I look at what others do and come around to their opinions because it is safe and time saving. Or I end up calling mom for advice. Just like Pocahontas goes to Grandmother Willow. See I can always second guess Google, but never my mom.

Since yoga became such a big part of my life I have not only studied the asanas (the sanskrit name for yoga poses), but everything around it and it has helped me find that 6th sense again. That ability to trust myself and my guts.

For me stepping on the mat has helped because it forces me to stay away from technology for a least 20 minutes every day. I welcome the feeling of my body remembering the movements without even having to think, almost like a quiet and slow motion dance. I start my practice kind of in a blur, early in the morning and often finish up with either new ideas or a plan for the day.

The answers are not always clear…but they are there, it’s just up to me to bring them to life.

But it doesn’t have to be yoga for everyone. Find your own slow motion dance with yourself and find your own answers.

A French journalist once asked Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Swedish prime minister, how well Sweden was doing compared to France, and his answer was: “You can not fix your problem with someone else’s solutions” and I feel this applies to everything.

So, whenever I feel I need to be more attentive to what my heart tells me my to go cure is a chat with mom and a yoga practice, my magic combo. What is yours?

By Morgane Oléron















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Get your confidence-cloat on

Lack of confidence at work is common issue, either if you´re new, feel inexperienced or have doubts about your ability to succeed. But it´s possible to overcome this fear and regain your confidence.

True confidence and the belief in your ability to succeed plays a major role in your success. And let´s face it; when we spend as much time as we do at the office, who doesn’t want to feel confident and happy?

Let´s take a closer look at how:

Cut the negative self-talk
Negative self-talk will get you nowhere, except make you insecure. Encourage yourself and talk kindly. Everyone has imperfections and may feel like a failure from time to time, but accepting your flaws is way better than to drown in negativity. Nobody´s perfect, so don’t stress it.

Have the right focus
When approaching a new task, try to focus on your skills and talents instead of dwelling on your weaknesses. Think positive and you´ll be surprised how far it will take you. And when it gets hard; remember, they hired you for a reason.

Be curious
Gain more knowledge and improve your skills by reading and learning more about your field of work. Being curious will automatically open you to new input and knowledge, making you not only better at your job, but help you feel more confident. Knowledge is power my friends.

Ask questions
Never be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions means your eager to learn and that you have an interest in what you´re doing. And no questions are too dumb, remember that. That said, keep in mind that some things can be Googled and that asking the same question repeatedly might irritate colleagues. Write stuff down and make a list.

Step out of your comfort zone
It´s outside the comfort zone the magic happens, and by pushing yourself you will build new skills. Apply for a job that feels like a stretch but matches your interests, hold that meeting that you are so afraid of or speak at an event and tackle your fear head on.

Be honest
I am not a believer of the motto “fake it until you make it”, because I truly believe that if you are in the right place, being yourself is more than enough. Honesty comes a long way and never be afraid to speak the truth. Either if something (or someone) is bothering you, if a task feels too big or if you feel neglected.

Good luck!

By: Henriette Danielsen

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An occasional digital detox

We’re all constantly connected, and while the good sides of smartphones and modern age technology are numerous, how much do we really know about how our devices are affecting us?

There are studies that link Facebook to depression, social media to narcissism, smartphones to insomnia. And while we may choose to disregard them, deep down many of us feel intuitively that spending all this time online can’t be that good for us.

Taking a healthy break from technology might lead us to a happier life and that is where a digital detox comes in. Wondering what digital detox is? Here’s the definition: ”A period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.”

By turning the technology off, I come back to here and now

For my younger self that used to sound like a nightmare, not having my phone or Wi-Fi was terrifying. However, nowadays I find myself craving these periods when I can switch everything off and be alone with my thoughts. No scrolling on Instagram, no answering emails like they are a matter of life and death, no headphones playing the latest episode of some podcast.

Going on occasional digital detox helps me to reconnect. I reconnect with my loved ones, with nature and with myself. It lowers my stress levels as I avoid the constant distraction of notifications and alerts. It helps me be present. It also helps me be productive as I eliminate the amount of time that I would normally spend on my phone doing not really sure what.

By turning the technology off, I come back to here and now. And it always turns out that that’s exactly where I need to be.

By: Ivona Josipovic 

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“My biggest struggle became my biggest passion”

Suffering from acne in her early twenties, Denise Larsson was desperate to find something that would help. Determent to find a cure, she set out on a quest to find a natural remade for her skin. Today she is acne free and founder of Skinshot, a natural and drinkable skincare.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Skinshot

Having acne is something many young people suffer from and it can be both annoying and painful. Denise Larsson knows this way too well.
– I tried everything from creams, dermatology visits and antibiotics to healthy diets and cleanses, but nothing seemed to work. At some point, I gave up the hope of ever getting clear skin again, because nothing worked for me. That really scared me, she explains.

Having a huge passion for the body´s capacity to self-heal, she decided that it was time to educate herself. She took courses in clinical medicine, nutrition and holistic health and started to follow and work with professionals within the field. Years later she found the solution!
– I created a program and a natural supplement that all together heal acne up to 95 percent in a period of 90 days without any proven side effects, she says.

Skinshot is 100 percent natural and is built upon research on traditional herb medicine.
– We work with Scandinavian wild harvested herbs such as nettle, dandelion, licorice etc. Our composition is perfectly designed to support a body that suffers from acne and helps you to eliminate toxins that build up.

What makes your product stand out?
– We are the only company that have invented ‘Natural Drinkable Skincare’ as we call it, and the whole program is unique. We are so proud of our high success rate in clearing acne naturally and we believe that this is the reason that we stand out.

Denise found inspiration through a Naturopath from Stockholm and when she came up with the idea of founding Skinshot she reached out to professionals all over the world. She found three she ended up working with and that helped her develop her amazing product.
– I learned and saw the capacity of traditional herbal medicine that is huge in big parts of the world and that origin from eastern medicine that we all use today. I saw what it did for the Naturopaths patients and what great result it gave them. I started to experiment consciously with the herbs on myself and it gave me such fast results. I was hooked, she says.

 I want my body to be healthy and last as long as possible.

Today the company is run by her and her partner, with the help from professionals within the field.
– Our goal is to concur Big Pharma and reach the gap of the 50 percent that doesn’t get cured from acne. We want to be the solution for people that want to treat it naturally.

Skinshot is offered worldwide and is mainly targeted towards women in the age between 18 and 35 who suffer from adult acne.
–  I suffered from this for about seven years. At that time if was the worst days of my life, but today I see it as a gift. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without my acne and I’m forever grateful for that. And nothing makes me happier than to help people get their smiles back, she says and smiles.

Learn more about Skinshot by heading over to their website or find inspiration on their Instagram account. 

Name: Denise Larsson
Age: 29
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Best tips for a healthy and glowing skin: Ditch sugar, dairy and gluten, drink a lot of water, move your body daily, sleep enough, manage stress and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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One of those days

Maybe you had a fight with your partner, missed a deadline, locked yourself out of the apartment or maybe you had a to-do list longer than the queue to the ladies’ room at a summer festival. Or maybe it was all the above. Some days are just “scream into a pillow” kind of day.

It´s impossible to explain why, but some days, no matter what you do, things seem to go wrong. The frustrations grows and tears start building up and sometimes you cry in anger, while this overwhelming feeling that the universe is plotting against you consumes you.

Not to worry, we all go through it occasionally. Some of us a tad more gracefully than others maybe, but nevertheless, we feel ya! I may have screamed into a pillow the other day. That day I just wanted to beg whoever is in charge to give me a second shot at it. But it doesn’t work like that. So I screamed, I cursed and made fists, I over dramatised and felt sorry for myself.

But then I calmed down, because what´s there to do?

I like to say everything happens for a reason, and to be honest I´m still searching for the reason for that day. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what I do with the time I have left.

So, after my little nervous breakdown I reassessed, took a deep breath, ate some ice cream and embraced the rest of the day. Hang in there, it will get better for you too <3

By: Morgane Oléron /Photo cred: Pinterest 

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Turn a decision into action

Being physically active is something we all know we will benefit from. It is what we need to keep our body healthy and happy. Actually doing it though, not that easy.

Working out is without doubt good for you; you sleep better, get your energy level up, you feel stronger, healthier and more confident. Yet we seem to find the craziest excuses not to work out way too often. The lack of motivation is huge for many of us (myself included from time to time).

Finding an excuse is easy, getting into your workout gear and get started, not so much.

So, how do you make working out a natural part of your everyday life? We share some our best tips to create sustainable health routines.

Start small
I know it may be tempting to go all in, but start small. Running to the gym every day when your body isn’t used to the activities will only drain you of your energy and eventually you will fall of the wagon.

Start early
Yes, you heard me. Set that alarm clock one hour earlier than you usually do and get it done. In addition to being the best way to wake the body up it has a lot of health benefits. You can read all about them here.

All movement counts
Don´t forget that taking a walk, swimming in the ocean or playing football with your kids counts as exercise. As long as you move, it counts. So don´t be too hard on yourself and don´t worry, there is no need to visit the gym every day.

Accept where you’re at
Changes don´t happen overnight, so don’t expect to become a spinning expert in matter of days. However, your mindset is key, so by just deciding you want to be more active you have done half the work already.

Have fun
Like we always say and our biggest motto: have fun! There are so many ways to be active so don’t lock yourself in the gym if you don’t like it. Grab a friend and explore the endless opportunities out there and we promise, you will find your thing.

Good luck in finding what feels good. And if you are ever interested in trying new stuff stay tuned for our upcoming events, we always find a way to get active.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen 

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Looking at health from a broader perspective

Teresia Tingström used to be an emotional eater, stuck in a behavior that caused more damage than good. She decided enough was enough and started her journey to a better self. She is now working as a Health Coach, helping clients build a healthy relationship to both food and their bodies.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Private

Having struggled with her own body image for years and suffering from a strained relationship to food, Teresia felt stuck in a life she didn’t want.
– I used to be an emotional eater. I used binge eat, starve myself and over-exercised. It was a temporary solution to my problems, an escape from my loneliness and pain. What I realized after a while is that it only took me further away from what I truly desired, a happy and healthy life.

Teresia reached a point where she couldn’t handle her dysfunctional behavior any longer and decided it was time to start taking care of herself. She wasn’t happy, but she wanted to be.
– Happiness is an inside job, so I shifted my focus. It is not all about how we look, but how we feel, from the inside and out. I decided to start talking to someone about my problems instead of hiding them behind a destructive eating pattern, she says.

Today she uses her own experience and knowledge to help others, working as a certified nutritionist with emphasis on behavioral change. Based in Barcelona, she is offering worldwide online services, helping women nourishing their body from a place of love and help them become the best version of themselves.
– My goal is to help women move away from society’s norms of what a body should look like in order to be worthy and pretty, to stop dieting and rather build a healthy relationship to food and guide them to a more positive view on themselves.

I believe in a holistic perspective with an individual approach growing from a place of love rather than fear.

What kind of connection do you see between people’s emotions and eating habits?
– I would say that for the most of us our emotions affect our eating behavior. I usually see that stress, tiredness, hunger and frustration causes overeating. But I can also see that more positive emotions cause overeating as well. It’s impossible to not involve emotions and food, because food causes joy, satisfaction and nourishment. We learn that already when we are kids. On our birthday we have birthday cakes, when we graduate we are celebrated with tasty food and when it’s Saturday we can eat candy because it’s the weekend. The key is finding the balance. To create awareness about our own emotions, to listen to ourselves on a daily basis and eliminate the need for acting out unfelt emotions on our plate, she explains.

Teresias philosophy is that health and nutrition isn’t about counting calories, grams of fat or fiber, nor is it just about eating only for the purpose of sustenance.
Food plays a major role in our social, behavioral, cultural and emotional lives and that is something we have to respect. It’s time to shift focus from weight, the diets and nutritional dogmas, to instead focus on self-care and improving our relationship with food and our bodies. I don’t believe in dieting and most importantly, that the same approach does not work for everyone. I believe in a holistic perspective with an individual approach growing from a place of love rather than fear.

Learn more about Teresia by visitng her website and Instagram account.

Name: Teresia Tingström
Age: 29
Lives: In Barcelona
Name one thing that makes you happy: My wonderful friends


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Unplug and reboot

Everything will work again if you unplug it for a while. Including you.

I was working on my computer the other day when it started making a weird noise I had never heard before. Suddenly everything stopped working and eventually the only option I had was to press the on/off button long enough for my computer to finally turn off completely.

It got me thinking about how I felt at that moment, and how much I wished someone would press my on/off button long enough so everything would turn black and I would not have to deal with anything for a while.

While my computer reboots I look around, feeling a little lost. I snacked on some chocolate and ended up grabbing a book and suddenly I rediscovered the pleasure of turning pages and getting lost in someone else’s stories for a while.

But I also felt guilty. I felt I was wasting time. I felt unproductive.

What had happened? Since when did I value time spent in front of a screen more than time spent reading a book? For me that was a wakeup call.

I would be lying if I would say I got better and now set aside more time to read every day. But every week, every now and then, I try to put the computer away, I even turn off Wi-Fi so I won’t be lured into checking my phone every 30 seconds.

What I recommend though, hell, what I prescribe, is to occasionally take some real time off. Whether it is a few hours at a spa, a full day laying in the park or a weekend gateway. A break from the routine, to stay away from social media for longer than an hour and remember how to it feels to unplug, relax and eventually, reboot.

By: Morgane Oléron 

Be Inspired Body

Benefits of working out in the morning

Not all of us are early birds, but there are some pretty good reasons to why you may wanna consider becoming one, and using your morning hours for improving your fitness level.

Let’s take a closer look on the benefits of getting your workouts done in the morning:

You can check it off your list
If you do your daily run, workout or yoga practice pre-dawn you can check it off your list for the day and proceed to do your work, your domestic chores or pursue all other activities you have planned for the day. The day will be ahead of you, and you will have lots of energy to seize the day. Win-win!

Boost your metabolism
Your body will continue burning the calories from your morning run or workout even when you are sitting in front of your office desk hours later. This is due to EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumptions) which means that the body will continue burning calories post-workout for as much as 14 hours after it. This will help boost your metabolism and kick start your system!

Helps you stick to your routine
Morning training will allow you to stick to your daily program and your exercise regimen easier. If you get up early and do your workout or daily run, you do not risk needing to delay or skip it because of having to work late or due to other unexpected events which can happen later on in the day.

Energizes you
Getting moving early in the morning will actually energize you, better than a strong cup of coffee will. Morning training boosts the mental activity and the ability to focus. This will help make you more productive at work and during the rest of the day.

Gives you more discipline
Following an early-morning exercise regime will also help you enhance your personal self-discipline. If you are not normally an early riser, this program will help become more disciplined, which will definitely have a positive effect on the other activities you pursue.

Improves your sleep
Even though you will be getting up earlier in the morning, it will help you sleep better in the long run. In the evening your body will feel some healthy fatigue, and you will be ready to go to sleep on time, without tossing and turning in the bed.

Getting your exercise done in the early morning hours has its benefits, so why not give it a try? See how it feels!

By: Cara Haley, Owner and editor of the shoe-review site Comfort Hacks. She is addicted to running, writing, and loves spending time outdoors either hiking or camping. She also writes about running, crossfit gear and other sports related topics for Fitaholic Gear.

Be Inspired Body


Summer is approaching and the pressure of getting in shape is upon us yet again. Like every year, social media and magazines try to have us believe we need to get working on that famous #beachbody everyone talks about.

Out of my own experience and as I’ve coached many women, I can promise you that it’s a search for something that won’t take you any further from what you wish for. Sure, in the short run it’s possible. But many times, it causes more pain than pleasure. It’s usually an endless search, driven by the diet mentality. Frankly, it’s a search that only is going to take you further and further away from the authentic you and a happy life.

I know, because I’ve experienced it myself. I truly believed that my body shape, the size of my arms and thighs, as well as the number on the scale determined the quality of my life. Because I thought that as soon as I would lose those four kilos, I was going to feel better; attract that very special guy and all of a sudden get everything I wanted and wished for.

So, did I get it? No, not at all. As much of a cliché as it might sound, I already had a body that was capable of all of what I wanted.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what my body looks like physically. My own happiness can only be found within me, no size or particular body shape would be more beneficial than any other. Most importantly, I shouldn’t have to wait for the right moment to start living my life, I just had to start loving my body (and myself) by appreciating it right then and there and it all would have been so much easier.

But, it´s not always that easy. So, I want to share some tips that may calm the minds of people going through something similar and help you see that your body is good enough as it is.

Be gentler with yourself
When negative thoughts appear, tell yourself that it will only be a burden carrying them around. Close your eyes as you breathe in and visualize a calm you in a healthy body and with healthy nourishing thoughts. Then exhale the bullshit.

Stop obsessing
The more you obsesse about food and your body –  the unhealthier you become. In my case the more I thought about food, the heavier I actually became. Not to mention the burden of all those negative thoughts, don´t carry that around.

Shift focus – be of service to others
Ask yourself how you can be of service to others? How you can add more value and love to others? Because when we shift focus away from ourselves, we tend to forget and get perspective on our own “problems”, as they become smaller and the person in front of us becomes more important.

You are not what you eat
Remove the equal sign between “what I eat” and “who I am”. My eating behavior are my actions and doesn’t determine who I am as a person or my worth in this world.

Don’t let your weight determine your happiness
Look at your body for what it is and what it’s capable of, rather than what it looks like in comparison to others or the number on the scale. Accept and start loving yourself, no matter size and shape.

Yes, I took a detour, like so many other women. But in the end, we are all learning as we go and nothing will ever be “perfect”. Life is a journey with ups and downs. Learnings and understandings are a natural part of life that will only bring us closer to our own truths.

By: Health Coach Teresia Tingström