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When I first met the ladies behind Your Happy Period, I learned that the tampons I have been using my whole “adult” life are filled with synthetic materials and chemicals. I was shocked to say the least! I of course got curious to what they offer as a replacement and sat down for a little Q&A.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Your Happy Period

Daniella Peri and Nova Hoffman Bermejo help women all over Europe make their period a little easier by offering a monthly subscription of 100% organic tampons.

 What makes your tampons a better choice?
– Our tampons are made with 100% organic cotton, free from synthetic materials, pesticides, bleach and other harmful chemicals. In other words; they are all natural, making them hypoallergenic. They will not affect your vaginas PH value or cause irritation (like others can do) and are biodegradable. It’s simply a better choice for you, your body and the environment, they explain.

How does it work?
– You just enter our website and easily build your customized box that will be delivered a few days before your period every month. You can choose between different sizes and order double if you need too. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

In addition to offering us ladies some clean and healthy tampons, they help girls in developing countries. For each box they sell they provide a monthly consumption of sanitary protection  – which gives the young woman a better life and increase her chance for a better future (true power ladies right there)!
– Over 100 million girls in developing countries have monthly pain when they get their period. Many lack access to sanitary protection, making your period so tedious that in many cases they are forced to drop out of school. A monthly consumption of protection bestowed by Your Happy Period increases a girls’ chance to a better health. It also improves the ability of girls to go to school as usual – and get an education, they explain.

That’s truly amazing! What inspired you to found Yoppie?
Never having tampons available when we needed them (who remembers to buy tampons before it’s too late anyway, right?) triggered us to start a customized feminine hygiene service for the modern woman. We also want to offer a good product without synthetic materials and chemicals, that are found in commercial feminine hygiene brands.

Do these tampons absorb as much “regular” tampons?
Yes of course they do – just try them! We follow the same guidelines for absorbency. The only difference is that our tampons don’t harm our bodies.

How has the response been since you launched in September 2016?
– It has been amazing! The feedback from women has been that they have missed a product like ours. Our customers are truly our daily inspiration and we are working hard on making the Yoppie experience even better!

What are your goals with the brand?
Our goal is to become the natural choice for feminine hygiene. We are soon going to develop a range of products, offering women pads, liners and tampons with applicators. So stay tuned!

What inspires you in your everyday life?
Strong women who are willing to help and stand up for other women. Together we are strong <3

Interested in giving the tampons a try? Get 20% off by using  the discount code: bestofyou2017

Name: Nova Hoffman Bermejo & Daniella Peri
Age: 29 & 28
Lives: Stockholm / London
Biggest craving during your period: Ice cream and everything with loads of carbs, fat and salt / Sugar mostly! But I try to find healthy options like avocado ice-cream or fruits!

To learn more, check out their webpage or follow their Instagram account for daily inspiration.

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