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Great ideas often pop up at the most random moments and it was no exception for Hubertus, Max and Philip, three students from University of Passau. As it turned out, a simple radio ad was all they needed to kick start their company mymuesli.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photos: mymuesli

Their story reminds us of a well-known one, back when Mark Zuckerberg sat in his dorm room, inventing Facebook. Except they didn’t build a new social media platform, their story is about muesli.
– The idea came when listening to a radio commercial for a well-known German muesli brand. We started talking about what we liked in our muesli and quickly found out that we couldn’t come up with any muesli that we all actually liked. We were surprised that there wasn’t any option for customized muesli on the marked, so we agreed that not only could we make a better radio-ad, but also a better muesli, one of the founders, Hubertus Bessau explains.

This was the beginning of late nights in their dorm room and mymuesli went online in April 2007, becoming the first worldwide company to offer a service for mixing your own muesli.

So how does it work?
– You simply go online, choose from 80 different ingredients and make your own, customized muesli. This way you get exactly the one you like, and we also provide the nutritional value of your mixed muesli. In addition you can visit our stores and buy premixed muesli, based on our costumer’s favorites.

Hubertus tells us that their main focus is to deliver organic ingredients, free from colorants and refined sugar.
– The ingredients are the most important part of our muesli and we never compromise on the quality. We only use organic ingredients from certified sources and we buy from regional farmers based close to our workshop in Passau whenever it’s possible. Instead of refined sugar, we sweeten our muesli’s with honey or raw sugar cane.

The response and development of the company has been overwhelming. Not only did they win the founders award “Enable2start” by the Finical Times Germany, but they were also voted “Startup of the year” in 2007 by the online magazine Deutsche Startup and won the “European Innovation Price” in 2013 by the German Council of Shopping Centers. In 2008 they opened their first stores in Germany and since then they expanded to Europe and now, Sweden.

What is the best part of running this company?
– Even though our team has grown so fast, with over 700 employees, we still have an amazing connection to our co-workers and we all focus on what’s important: our ingredients and our muesli friends.

How do you keep evolving?
– With every new store and market we launch we get new insights from our muesli friends. All feedback is good feedback and is valuable information for us to keep evolving in the best way.

Their goal this year is to focus on their international expansion, which led them to Sweden.
– Our Nordic neighbors have always been an inspiration to us when it comes to organic standards, design and food trends. We are very happy to have joined the Swedish market, and since we are aiming to show people who love breakfast, that it’s possible to enjoy the perfect, healthy muesli, without compromising the taste, ingredients or quality, we couldn’t be happier. If we can convince the Swedes, we can convince anyone, he says.

Name: Hubertus Bessau
Lives: Berlin
Occupation: Founder mymuesli
Favorite muesli: Ancient Grains

Want to know more? Visit their website or follow them on Instagram!


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      Best of You
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      We do too! And it’s so tasty!! We should try it when you are here next time 😀

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