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Ease your allergies

Runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing – spring is here and so is pollen. There are several pills that can help you, but they can cause side effects, drowsiness being one of the most common ones. We list 7 ways to ease the allergy symptoms in a natural way.

1. Take a shower
Make sure to take a shower as soon as you get home from school, work or a day outside. Wash your hair thoroughly as pollen tends to get stuck in your hair. If you live with someone kindly ask them to do the same.

2. Keep your windows closed
Never sleep with windows open during the pollen season. And keep them closed when you’re driving your car. Even keep the vents closed.

3. Avoid cuddling with animals
As cute as a dog or cat may be their fur contains loads of pollen. If you have a pet make sure to wash it more often during this period and if you can’t keep away from a puppy try to keep your face away.

4. Cross-reaction
Even though you might not be allergic to apples or hazel nuts per se, your body might react to these types of foods during the pollen season. It occurs when the proteins in one substance are alike the proteins in another. As a result, the immune system sees them as the same. Be careful of what you eat, particularly nuts and stone fruits such as apples, cherries,apricots, plums and nectarines during this time of year.

5. Dry your clothes inside
Don’t let your laundry dry outside. Keep them inside during this time of year.

6. Stay inside
This might seem extreme, but there are a few days each year that are extreme when it comes to pollen. Have a cozy dinner with friends at home, watch a movie or spoil yourself with a home spa ritual.

 7. Stop smoking
We all now that smoking is bad for loads of reasons, but it also makes your allergies significantly worse.

By: Victoria Thoors / Image borrowed from Natural Health Journals

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