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Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo

I remember very well the first time I failed at something I considered important in life. I thought that the whole world would end and that I would never feel good about myself again.

Needless to say, I was very young and inexperienced. If I knew back then that failure is an integral part of life, I could have spared some tears and sleepless nights. But, I needed to fail a couple of times again before that lesson was learned.

Now that I am older (and I hope a bit wiser), I understand that everyone fails. Failure is not something that only happens to “losers”. It happens to the best of us, no exceptions. What makes the biggest impact is how you handle it.

 Don’t let failure define you.

 Look at it like a bruise. It hurts and it may not look that well, but it will pass. Don’t be a victim, but use your failures as opportunities. We learn all our lessons from hard times, and failures can certainly teach us a lot. Take your time to heal, learn what you can from your experience, dust yourself off and get up again.

You will lose some small battles in life, and you will lose some big ones. Life is made of ups and downs so just know that it won’t be that bad forever. Try to focus on the positive and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, everyone fails at something, and the only thing that separates fulfilled people from the unfulfilled ones is how they handle it.

So, failures will come and go, but just remember this – you may lose a battle, but as long as you don’t give up, you can still win the war.

By: Ivona Iwarra Josipovic 

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