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Feeling stuck? Me too

Feeling stuck, with writing or anything in life? Well, me too. 

Why is it that sometimes even the simplest things require such effort? Like writing, for example. It usually goes very naturally for me, like all these ideas forming in my head just need to get out on paper. It is all smooth sailing, until one day, I start feeling like the muses have left me and I can no longer write even a single sentence that I feel satisfied with. I’m experiencing a writer’s block – a nightmare that happens to everyone who writes and is simply inevitable.

Writing is just one thing in life that can feel blocked. We all experience being stuck in different areas of our lives. Sometimes, like with writing, it’s just a phase that you have to go through. However, other times in life, it can be a sign that bigger changes need to be made. As I’ve been struggling with my creative block lately, I realised that I’ve been too hard on myself.

Nothing in life is constant rainbows and unicorns.

My creativity is no exception. I can’t expect to constantly feel inspired and have new ideas. Those need time and are often a part of a process that requires one going through uninspired periods. Like the nature has its seasons, everything in life goes in similar circles.

Sometimes the leaves fall down and you have to endure some darkness before the warm sun comes back again. In writing, you have to put the pen down and give your mind some time before you can get back at it. I am learning not to fight it, but to accept these blocks as a part of life that I should embrace. After all, it’s important to learn not to stress about something you can’t really change. After I’ve embraced it, it seems like the muses have returned. My writer’s block lost its powers over me and I feel free. That’s the trick with life, sometimes it gets better when we stop fighting and give in.

How do you overcome your feeling of being stuck? Do you have any tricks that work for you, both regarding creativity and life? I would be happy to hear.

By: Ivona Josipovic 

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