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Caridad Modén and Ylva Pintus founded their company Kraftresor in 2015. Kraftresor offers trips with a focus on a spiritual development, meditation, healing and psychic guidance. Caridad has worked as an volanteer for several years, focusing on support groups and counseling. She shares her story about inner power and how to achieve a better balance between body and soul.

What if we could set aside all hysteria about working out, miracle diets and “happy pills” and instead open up our minds to the possibility that “a little of everything” could give us long term joy and happiness. Just in the same way you get an endorphin rush from physical exercise. What if we could talk about power as something else than just raw muscle strength? This is what we started thinking about a year ago and these thoughts were manifested in the concept of drawing inner power from a more holistic perspective on life.

What do I mean by this? A holistic perspective on life is to see the entirety of how the different components of your every day life interact and synergize with each other, instead of solely focusing on one component. A holistic approach is great when you are looking at the inner power of a person and how that power has an impact on the health of the individual and the group around that person – and of course the other way around. Because that is what holism is all about: how everything affects everything.

I will try to illustrate this by giving you some examples on how to apply this in your daily life. Instead of viewing food as a stand alone entity we can choose to view, for example, what the ginger roots health benefits are combined with lemon and honey instead of the different products on their own. When you combine them, they will change their separate functions due to their effect on each other. This is a great example of the entirety function when it comes to food and how that in turn forms the health of the body which influences the health of the soul… which again affects the health of the body.  It’s a circular system where everything has an impact on everything.

Looking at it from a relationship point of view, it is common that you have a friend or partner that always makes you laugh and you have fun, but you feel that your bond and you as a person develop through the more serious and deep moments together. In the same way a person can appreciate and cherish time apart, but still need an external person in order to reflect on oneself. Together these aspects brings a wholeness in life – It creates a certain balance and through that balance you can then find harmony.

Being conscious is significant with being aware of what’s going on on the inside and around you, but also how you choose to act. To listen to your consciousness also invloves listening to the signals your intuition (also known as gut feeling) implies. We advice you to start listening to what your body and mind tells you when you eat certain food or how you feel in a relationship/friendship.

Another example to increase the contact with your consciousness is to be thankful for the things in life that makes you feel good. This is highly important since the phenomena to say  “thank you” is holistic in itself . When you give thanks to the food, the workout or the relationship you’re in, you affirm that you are worth the goodness in what you receive. Your body, your senses and your soul will feel better and by listening to what you feel good about and your body will lead you on the right path.

: Caridad Modén (to the right)
Age: 43
Occupation: Vicepresident Kraftresor Sverige AB
Lives: Stockholm

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