Different kind of girl’s night

It is finally weekend and time for girl’s night! Usually we girls go for one out of two options:

1. We jump into our pajamas, eat candy (like our life depended on it) and watch movies in bed.
2. We put on our high heels, gossip over the latest events in our life’s while consuming too much alcohol and cigarettes. Followed by dancing into the late hours and crawl barefoot home.

There is no arguing that nights like that with your best friends are super fun, but our bodies don’t always appreciate us repeating that scenario. At least not too often. Therefore we want to give you an alternative to a still very fun girl’s night!

Face off
Invite your friend’s over and start by washing your face off. By this we mean remove all your makeup. Apply a nurturing facemask (did you know you can make your own by just mixing spirulina and some water?) or make a body scrub from scratch, before changing into more comfortable clothes.

Share the tasks in the kitchen. One can set the table, while the other cut vegetables and someone makes dessert. Cook a meal from scratch with good ingredients. Takeaway may be faster, but what’s the rush? Hang out and have fun while making a healthy and tasty meal that everyone likes. What about this refreshing pumpkin soup?

Instead of alcohol or soda, try to serve fruit infused water. Yes, it is possible to drink water on a Friday night! It is both tasty and good for your body. If you want some inspiration on how to flavor your water take a look here.

Pillow heaven
After dinner, throw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor and get comfy! Enjoy your dessert and do your nails while listening to music. Avoid turning on the TV and put away your phones. The world will survive one evening without your updates on Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat.

All fun must come to an end
Try to say goodbye and part ways in a reasonable time. Sleep is important and there is nothing better than waking up well rested on a Saturday. Or if you don’t feel like parting ways just yet, why not have a sleepover?

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