Grounded success

With a passion for fashion and design, Anja Forsnor and Iman Malmberg got together and used their creative skills to design the perfect, eco-friendly yoga mat. They recently launched their second collection “Endless summer” and we got the chance to have a little chat with these two lovely swedes. 
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Grounded Factory

Their shared love for health and wellness brought Anja and Iman together. Both being active yoginis, they quickly figured out they couldn’t find a yoga mat that had just the right look, and that’s how their company Grounded Factory came to life.
– We launched our first collection at the beginning of the year, with mats inspired by our nature in Sweden. We were positively surprised by the response, being beyond what we had imagined. The love and support we have received from yogis all over the world is what makes us want to continue designing new collections.

And just a few weeks ago they launched their second collection; Endless Summer, inspired by California, Palm Springs, festivals and summer vibes. It comes in wonderful colors and patterns like palms, bananas and pineapples, giving you that endless summer vibe.

But what makes your mats a better choice than other mats?
– Our mats are a great choice because of the eco-friendly materials. Our base is made in natural rubber and the soft surface is vegan suede, all colors are water based and it even have an anti-slip surface that is being activated when the mat becomes wet. The opposite to plastic mats that get slippery when you sweat, our mat works the other way around, they explain.

Good for you and kind to mother nature

Both have practiced yoga for years, and it has changes their lives in more ways than one!
– It’s the best medicine for reducing stress which is naturally around when you are living an urban life. There’s a comforting feeling to know that you can rely on the mat during tough periods in your life. Yoga is so grounding and we learn something new or experience a new feeling, vibration or energy every time we step on the mat, Anja says.

Aside from yoga, both live a pretty healthy lifestyle, being as they say; health freaks!
– We love everything green: smoothies, juices, fruits etc., but we are also human: we do eat cinnamon buns, Nutella and enjoy a glass of red wine as much as our greens. For us health is all about balance.

Lastly, we are very curious; Who inspires you?
– We are inspired by all creative and humble power ladies that we are lucky enough to meet through our job. Women who really know how to pick you up and that rather empowers you than compete. We are grateful for everyone we meet on our paths and that takes the time to really share their knowledge, support and positive energy, you all know who you are!

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Name: Iman Malmberg & Anja Forsnor
Age: 29 & 30
Occupation:  Founders of Grounded Factory, designed yoga mats
Lives: Stockholm, but gypsetting around as much as we can
Follow: Iman’s blog and Instagram account & Anja’s blog and Instagram account

Want to know more about Grounded Factory? Visit their website or follow them on Instagram!


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