Handstands: step 1

We love to play around and exercise at the same time. Handstands are both fun and exhausting, but most of all tricky if you don’t know how to do it. Check out our first tips and trix to nail a free handstand.

Strengthen your core
This L-handstand is a greaIMG_8729t way to make your arms and shoulders work and it will strengthen your core at the same time. Stand in a a downward dog position with the heels touching the wall. Pick one leg up and place your foot on the wall, making sure it’s hip height. Press firmly into the wall and walk up with the other one. Hold for 10 seconds and walk back down, repeat three times. It’s alright if you don’t manage to do a perfect L at first, we struggle as well. Your core will get stronger as you practice.


Against the wall
Doing a hIMG_8720andstand against the wall is easier than you think.
Start by standing in a sprinter’s stance. Place both your hands flat on the floor with your elbows locked out. One knee is bent and the other is close to straight.





The next step is to kick upp the straight leg and jump up with the other. Lean gently against the wall with your feet and point your toes, this will help you keep a straight posture. Stand for a few seconds and move the legs a few centimeters away from the wall, one at a time. Repeat two times. This will make it easier on your back and make sure you are not bending it too much. Do you think it’s scary to be upside down? Ask a friend to support your legs.







By: Victoria Thoors Photo: Henriette Danielsen

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