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How to lower your cholesterol

Everyone over the age of 20 should measure their cholesterol level at least once every five years as high levels can contribute and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Generally this is done by a blood test which will show three different results: your “bad” cholesterol levels (low-density lipoprotein “LDL”), your “good” cholesterol levels (high-density lipoprotein “HDL”) and your triglycerides. 

The three most common contributors to high cholesterol are inactivity, alcohol and saturates. We have listed a few suggestions and tips below on how to lower your cholesterol. 

Try to go for a walk during lunch, take the stairs instead of the elevator and/or encourage your colleagues to stand during meetings instead of sitting down. Want more info on why it’s important to stand up while working? Take a look here.

As alcohol contain plenty of calories, but no nutrients, it’s strongly recommended to cut back on any alcohol related beverages. Try to reduce the the number of units you intake and keep it to weekends only.

We recommend you to limit your intake to max. 20g/day. Avoid fried food, fatty meat, cakes and biscuits.  Eating foods like fish, oats, nuts, wholegrains and soya will help you to reduce your cholesterol level. Try to use olive oil instead of butter, swop the grilled burger for chicken breast and try to cook a vegetarian meal with fresh vegetables at least once a week.

Our final recommendation to lower your cholesterol is to combine dietary changes with more exercise. Good luck and remember to try out the methods and foods that works for you and your body!

By: Linnéa Nilsson  Photo: Flickr/tanakawho

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