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Did you have too much fun last night and paying the price today? There is no shame in having one to many. However, getting back to being a human again can be a bit of a painful experience. To make it easier for you to handle we created a list with some food and drinks that actually help ease the hangover!


Water, water water! Alcohol dehydrates your body, so it’s time to refill! Because when nothing is left the body begins to draw water from available sources, like the brain, which again causes a massive headache.

Coconut water
People swear to this drink and for good reasons! It’s both hydrating and contains more potassium than a banana, which is the key nutrient for feeling better, fast! Because when you drink alcohol you get dehydrated, and the more dehydrated you get the more potassium you lose. And that’s what makes you feel so tired (and the lack of sleep of course).

Ginger tea
Ginger is key for curing nausea and the hot water soothes the throat. Having a tummy ache too? Again; ginger is the answer you’re looking for! You can read more about the amazing benefits of ginger here.

Eggs are not only easy to digest and therefore gentle to your stomach, but they are packed with proteins. Go for some scrambled eggs.

A hot bowl of oats is perfect the day after!  They contain plenty of nutrients like calcium, vitamin B, iron and magnesium. They also give and instant energy boost, which, let’s not kid ourselves, we desperately need.

This green little piece of heaven is full of fiber, healthy fats and B6. Perfect to kick start your system!

Painful as it is to write this; stay away from greasy junk food! We know, we know, it’s all you crave, but remember, proper nutrition is key to bouncing back. Our best tip is to not have it avaliable! Out of site out of mind. And if nothing should work, try to remember how much fun it was last night. Good luck!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Image source

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