Knitting is my yoga

Being the first one in her circle of friends having a child and having a son that slept through most of the day, Nina Isabell Abrahamsen needed a hobby to pass time. The choice fell on knitting, which resulted in her very own online shop and thousands of followers in social media.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photos: Jeanette Bækkevold & Gitte Boge

Nina Isabell Abrahamsen works as an interior architect and lives with her husband and two sons, Theodor August and Axel Sebastian, in the suburbs outside of Oslo. When she’s not working or taking care of her boys, she finds peace in knitting.
– Knitting keeps me sane and gives me piece of mind in a chaotic everyday life with small children at the age of two and three. Knitting has these repetitive and rhythmic motions that are very soothing. You can say knitting is my yoga, she explains.

It all began when she had her firstborn son, Theodor August, almost four years ago.
– Going from being a business woman with long days at the office, to being home with an infant that, surprisingly enough slept a lot, gave me a lot of free time. I was also the first in my circle of friends to have a child, which resulted in a lot of alone time during the day, she explains.

So she decided she needed a hobby, and being a creative person, Nina wanted to try out something new. The choice fell on knitting.
– I had no experience with knitting and learned everything I know through YouTube. Once I cracked the code it came pretty naturally. I found it very rewarding to create something for my boys and was hooked pretty fast. I had so much fun being creative, and I love seeing my little boys walk around in their cute outfits. There are no “Angry-Bird” or “Cars” sweaters from the mainstream stores in this household.

How was the brand Mamaknit started?
– I was missing some clothes for my boys and decided I would rather make them myself than buy them. Once my knitting skills got better, I started taking notes and tested different patterns and designs and it sort of escalated into what it is today.


Mamaknit is a webshop where you can buy knitting patterns for babies and children, classic pieces that can be used by both boys and girls. The importance of the brand is that the pieces can be handed down for siblings and generations to come, without color or cut to stand in the way.
– My designs are very traditional and I love the 50”s clothing with rompers and a very clean cut which I incorporate into my patterns.

What inspires your knitting?
– I must say my two boys, my designs are mainly for them. And Instagram provides lots of inspiration too.

Social media has been a very good way for Nina to market her brand and create awareness around her designs.
– I use social media a lot, especially Instagram, which is my favorite. I love that people are so positive and interested. It has also given me the chance to meet likeminded people, which has given me both business opportunities and new friendships, she says.

And the feedback has been bigger than she could ever have dreamt of!
– I never imagined that it would become this big, and even though it’s “just a hobby” I find it extremely rewarding to get all that positive feedback from both my followers and customers.

Any future plans for Mamaknit?
– I would love to publish a book someday. I see it as something solid and lasting. I guess you can say that’s my dream goal, but right now my plans are to continue to have fun and be creative.

Name: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen
Age: 30
Occupation: Interior architect & knitting designer
Lives: Asker, Norway

For more inspiration take a look at her website, or follow her Instagram or blog.

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