Making a business out of traveling around the globe

Most people dream about quitting their job to travel the world, but Ulrika Linde is far from most people. She has decided to bring her passion and work with her around the globe, continuing to inspire people to a healthy and happy life.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Angela Nakitende

Ulrika Linde, also known as @thehealthyblond, is the woman behind the subscription service The Healthy Box. A box filled with healthy products that are delivered to more than 700 households in Sweden, that has been on the market for three years.

When you meet Ulrika it´s hard to imagine that this beautiful, glowing lady hasn’t always been living the healthy lifestyle. A few years back she was working as a bartender in New York City and got to experience first-hand what junk food and too much partying can do to your body. It turns out that the destructive lifestyle was her golden ticket.

She decided enough was enough and created the Instagram account @thehealthyblond, inspiring thousands of followers with her new and healthy way of living. Eventually she moved back to Sweden and started up her very own company; The Healthy Box, which grew in high speed.

Today, three years later, she is ready to take the next step; which is to travel and experience the world.
– The goal has always been to travel. I planned this trip in my head already before I founded The Healthy Box, she says.

So, on the 9th of April, she heads off to her first stop; Sydney, Australia. From there she continues to Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Morocco, France, Portugal and the upcoming six months will be spent in different countries all over the globe.

But this is no ordinary vacation, as she will bring her work with her, in addition to continuing to inspire her followers to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle through both her Vlog and Instagram account.
– I want to go out and experience the world, but not in the classic “lie on a beach all day” kind of way. Since I will visit friends in the different destinations, I will naturally stay active and hike, run, practice yoga, surf, dive etc.

I want to push myself and inspire others to do the same. Cliché as it may sound; I want to see new places and meet new people. We all have our stories and sharing them is so empowering and inspiring.

But most people dream of leaving their work behind?
– For me it feels weird NOT to be working. I love what I do, and I really feel most alive when I have much on my agenda. I love to start new projects and being able to constantly be creative. Of course, I must also turn off the phone occasionally, but keeping active and make a business out of it is just what I want, she says.

And lots of companies are intrigued with Ulrika’s idea and have teamed up with her.
– I will be collaborating with some amazing brands; LaPoint, Björn Borg, Parrots,, UberEats, and DeoDoc, making it a fun way to keep active while on the road. I will for example join La Point´s surf camp in Sri Lanka and Björn Borg have sponsored me with some amazing workout gear.

And the box will of course join her.
– I have hired to wonderful and super talented women to help me keep the business running smoothly back home, but I will of course continue my work from abroad. The box is my baby, so it’s not going anywhere.

What is your goal with this trip?
– I want to find that glow and passion I felt when I first started the box three years ago. I want to wake up, feel inspired and embrace the day with passion on joy. And since I have no experience with for example Vlogging it will be a challenge, which will help me grow. And time will tell I guess. That’s the beauty of this; I have no idea how my life will turn out after this trip.

Name: Ulrika Linde
Age: 27
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Most excited to travel to: I would have to say Sri Lanka. Or wait, Bahamas. Or no.. I can´t decide! Excited to experience all the destinations.

Follow Ulrika on her journey around the world through her Vlog or be inspired by her beautiful pictures on Instagram. You can also read more about her trip on her website.

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    Christina Danielsen
    April 5, 2017 at 6:13 am

    <3 You go girl – definitely love your attitude – adventures are a gift to be lived 🙂

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