Coaching with Sandra

Sandra Aggemo is a certified Life Coach and Heartfulness instructor, based in Stockholm, Sweden. She offers coaching and heartfulness for both privately and for bigger groups, as well as company package. Her goal is to inspire you to connect to your true self.

Sandra’s philosophy is based on a belief that no matter how bad you may feel sometimes, you are NOT broken, there is nothing to “fix”. You are naturally creative, resourceful and you are in charge of YOUR life. As a Life Coach she can help you re-discover that.

She prefers the word “heartfulness” to mindfulness as it refers to heartful attention to yourself and the people surrounding you. What you focus on will grow, and she is here to guide you to give yourself one of the best gifts: Your loving attention. In this process, you will experience that deeper self- awareness guides you to your core self.


What do you want more of in life? Either professionally or privately. More focus, less stress, more heartfulness? Sandra offers both 1-to-1 session with Sandra as your personal coach and/or group session with a theme for you or your company.

  • Breathing: QiGong, Mindfulness and meditation
  • Re-discover yourself: Hello intuition
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway: Discover your longings and get support to act.

All classes are open to everyone and taught in English and/or Swedish. Prices vary, depending on type of session and number of attendees, so feel free to reach out to Sandra and set something up.

Contact Sandra at and follow her Instagram account for a daily dose of inspiration.