No makeup

It’s a peculiar thing, make-up. The feeling of wanting to enhance our apperance, when we should embrace the way we really look. I mean, we are beautiful, it just feels safe to put on that mascara or add that bit of rouge. Most men never add make up as a step in their morning routine. Even though I enjoy playing around with make up I always get jealous of the fact that they can shower, fix their hair real quick and then they’re done.

But hey, I will try to minimize the make up and accept me for me, so this is me.Tada!


I have been blessed with a fairly acne free skin, but I have dry patches, spots and one or two pimples. I have dark areas underneath my eyes, well I could go on and on, but fact is, this is how I look, this is me, every little spot. And my beauty is not soley based on appearance. It’s the inside that shines through and makes me who I am. So be proud of who you are! Smile and the world will smile back!


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