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Only the sky’s the limit

We tend to think creativity is innate – something for the lucky few who are born artistic, full of curiosity and with an ability to create. But guess what, we are all creative! We just need to find, and boost, our creativity.

As children we are all naturally creative. We draw, sing, dance, explore and create, all the while learning and evolving. But while growing up we set limits to our creativity by doubting ourselves and what we are capable off. We get scared of failing.

Let’s take a closer look on what creativity is.

Being creative doesn’t involve painting a masterpiece or come up with a new invention. It’s all about getting new impressions, truly living life by doing what excites you and challenges your mind.

Everyone is creative and can be creative in their own way – David Goldstein

Here are some fun ways to spark your creativity;

Listen to music
Want to get creative, put on some tunes! Music is said to spark inspiration and can act as a strong power for getting ideas rolling.

Research shows that letting your mind wander off is good for your creative process. Daydreaming can be beneficial because it allows for the incubation of ideas.

Positive attitude
Positive thinking keeps you in a good mood and that’s when most of our creative work is done. Remember; the power of positive thinking is greater than we think.

Try something new
Habits can really undermine our creative thinking, so try something new for a change. It may be a new exercise, listening to some new music or meeting new people,

Don’t stress perfection
We aren’t meant to be perfect, so don’t stress it. Putting pressure on yourself is never good, and kills the joy of being creative. Do the best you can do, and have fun.   

By: Henriette Danielsen

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