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A quick travel guide to the Norwegian Fjords

If you dream of an adventure you have to visit Lofoten, a pearl in the Norwegian archipelago.

The adventure begins
It all starts with a flight to Bodø in Norway, a small town with the majestic sea just a 30 minutes walk from the airport. At the harbor you’ll jump on a three our ride to Lofoten. It might sound too long, but the trip itself is a wonderful experience, with magnificent fjords and scenery. You simply stand outside in awe of all the beauty.

Exploring the archipelago
Once you reach Lofoten you need to get to the little town Reine, and the easiest way to get there is by car, bus, or bike. We recommend that you stay here for one night and explore the little community and the mountains. For the true experience we suggest that you bring a tent. After a boat trip and a hike among the fjords you can simply set up your tent on a secluded beach and wake up to the most beautiful scenery you can ever imagine. If you’re lucky you might even see an Orca whale.


Get around
The easiest way to explore this beautiful archipelago is by foot with a few bus-and boat rides. Make sure to bring a map and plan your hike in advance – it might take longer than you think to reach a certain beach, bay, or island. You have to keep in mind that it is challenging to reach some of the remote bays and beaches, but that’s the thrill of it all. And we promise you that it’s worth the walk.


When to go: June-August are the best months to travel to Lofoten if you want to catch some sun, even though it might rain, so be prepared for both sunny and rainy days.

How to get there: Best way to get there is to take a flight to Bodø and jump on a ferry to the archipelago. You can also go there by car, but it will take a while, from Malmö, in south of Sweden, to Lofoten it takes about 24 hours.

Local prices: 1 NOK = 0,11 Euro, 0,12 dollar 0,98 SEK. Norway is expensive and Lofoten is no exception. Bring some nice dried and light weight food from home to eat and heat on your kerosene stove.

Don’t miss: The Moskenes island with the little fishing cottages.

By: Victoria Thoors Photo: Sebastian Andersson

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