The playful way to escape your workout routine

Many of us might automatically think of aerobics classes and gym sessions when we hear the word workout, but it can, in fact, be more fun and playful than that. Today we put on some skis and went cross country skiing instead of heading off to the gym. Here’s a brief guide to what you need to get a wonderful skiing experience.

First of all you’ll need skis, ski poles and ski boots, obviously, but make sure to dress properly as well. Work with layers. Start with some warm under clothing such as long johns, a long sleeved t-shirt and wool socks. Use materials that breathe and won’t leave you cold and wet (you will sweat and when that sweat gets cold it’s impossible to get warm again). We suggest merino wool, pile or synthetics – warm and breathable. Add ski pants and a warm wind stopper jacket. Don’t forget the gloves and the beanie – and you’re ready to go!


Essential skiing skills
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, diagonal striding or skating, the skills listed apply to all levels. For example, the basic snowplow starts by skidding and steering the skis sideways into a Vee, then edging them into the snow. When you add weight transfer, you will start to turn. By practicing the basic skills for a few minutes each day when you ski, you will become a smoother, more efficient, and faster skier. But remember to have fun and don’t be too hard on yourselves. It will get easier as you practice.

Gliding across the snow with a neutral, balanced stance with your feet side by side.

Gliding on one ski
Gliding across the snow on ONE ski, with your body mass centered over that ski.

Pushing off
Also know as “kicking”, when you grip the snow with the ski to move forward.

Pushing off against the poles.

Tilting the skis on edge so that the bottom corner digs into the snow.

Slipping the skis sideways across the snow.

Turning the leg and foot to turn the ski.

Remember to have a relaxed posture when going downhill and try not to bend over, it will make you unsteady and you can fall down.


Having fluffy snow to play in every winter is a privilege to us Scandinavians, but even if you don’t have snow there are places where they use fake snow both indoors and outdoors. If you not why not go ice skating? Many cities have at least one ice rink where you can go ice skating. So put on those skates, skies or take your old sled and fall down, laugh and have a great time.

By: Victoria Thoors

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    🙂 Good advice – go out there and play – nature is home 🙂

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