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Raw chocolate mousse

Most of us try to keep the chocolate eating to a minimum during the week. However, we don’t want to limit ourselves and best of all, we really don’t have to. We love ourselves some chocolate mousse and by using the right ingredients we can eat it (guilt free) all week.

2 bananas
2 avocados
10 dates
5tbsp. raw cacao
tbsp. hemp protein (or chocolate-flavored protein)
1tbsp. organic peanut butter
3-4 cups of almond milk
a pinch of seasalt
Cacao Nibs for topping (optional)

Mix all the ingredients in a blender. This recipe results in a lot of mousse, but it’s perfectly fine to store it in the fridge or cut the recipe in half. Enjoy!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Recipe: inspired by Helene Ragnhild

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