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Cristina Castillo works as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach in Stockholm. Her main focus is strength training and she will share workout tips with Best of You every month. These workouts don’t require any equipment or gym membership. You can read more about Cristina here.

Having a strong core is about so much more than just having a smoking beach body, it’s your body’s powerhouse! It facilitates movement, holds your inner organs and your central nervous system. In other words, it helps you do just about everything!

Do every exercise for one minute and then immediately switch to the next exercise. When you’ve completed all five exercises you’ve been active for 5 consecutive minutes! Take 1-2 minutes to rest a bit and then repeat 4 times.


1. Pull one knee and the opposite elbow together while keeping the other leg straight and above the ground. Then switch sides. Make sure you twist your torso as much as you can.

1. Place both feet on the ground hip width apart and your hands on your chest.

2. Raise your upper body all the way up. Make sure you keep your back straight and chest high during the hole exercise. Heavier: put your hands behind your head. Easier: keep your hands along the side of your body.


1. Keep a straight body with arms and legs fully extended and just above the ground.

2. Raise your legs up and reach for your toes. Remember to always keep arms and legs straight and your lower back against the ground when you lower your arms and legs.


1. Stand in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders.

2. Pull up one knee at a time and alternate quickly as if you are running.


1. Stand up with your arms straight out.

2. Jump up pulling your knees up as much as you can.

By: Personal Trainer Cristina Castillo / Photos: Henriette Danielsen

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