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Stuck in the holiday spirit?

We’ve all needed to take a break or two, so there is no doubt the Christmas holiday was much needed. But what happens if you take an extended holiday and you have trouble getting back into the swing of things?

You take some time off, you feel relaxed, and suddenly you’re bombarded by life that happened while you were away. Making you feel unorganised, chaotic and flustered. Eventually, you’re stressed to your core and having trouble bouncing back.

I’m here to share some tips to help you getting back after taking some time off:

Go slowly
Go slowly at first. It takes time to build routines, so you better believe it will take time to ease back into them.

Give yourself grace
Have patience with yourself. Everyone has days, weeks, or months where things feel unorganized or maybe you’re struggling to keep up with your day-to-day. Just take a step back, make a list of everything you think you need to work through and how to tackle it.

Make a list
Make a list of low priority, medium priority, and high priority tasks you need to take care of. This is especially helpful when trying to reorganize your home, job duties, and side hustles. Making a list will be a good visual representation of tasks and will help you realize you don’t need to get everything done at once. Prioritising tasks will help them feel less daunting and help with time-management.

Ask for help
Ask for help from a friend, family member, loved one, or colleague if you need it. Others are usually more than willing to step in and help with a few things if you need help just catching up.

Lastly, celebrate your success once you’re caught up and back on track! Exercise with a friend, go to dinner with a family member, or reconnect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

I hope this helped you get some ideas for how to get back into routine after a break. Share with us what you like to do to get back into the swing of things when you’ve been away for a while.

By: Samantha Thayer / Photo cred: Pinterest 

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    January 5, 2018 at 7:56 am

    🙂 good article and suggestions – for me its always just and only time and being soft on myself – have a great day Samantha 🙂

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