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Let´s get moving

We have all heard it a hundred times before; physical activity equals better health. In fact, there is no way around it if you want to improve your overall well-being and quality of life. Time to put that to a test!

It is said that to reduced risk of health problems and maintain an overall good health, a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity physical activity is required each day. In fact, the list of benefits is endless, and you would think that knowing this would make most of us jump out of the couch. But the sad truth is that only 1 out of 3 meets WHOs (World Health Organization) minimum recommendations and many of today’s major public health problems are related to our lifestyle and lack of movement. Time to change that, don’t you think?

All you need to do is make a conscious decision to get moving.

I for one want to be healthy, happy and be filled with endless energy, so I decided it was time to put it to a test. So, I am adding at least 30 minutes of physical activity into my daily routine for the next two months and will see what happens. And I of course want you with me on my journey.

But before we start, let’s first look into what moderate and high intensity physical activity means:

  • Moderate intensity corresponds to activities that result in faster breathing than usual, such as power walking.
  • High intensity is equivalent to activities that result in much faster breathing than usual, such as running.
  • In addition, WHO advises doing strength-training exercise twice a week, working all the major muscle groups. Strength exercises should be adapted to the individual with regard to type of exercises, number of sets, number of repetitions and frequency of training.

So, let´s do this! And remember, there is not need to run to the gym! A walk in fresh air, a swim, playing with your children, a dance off in the living room; everything counts as movement. Keep it simply my friends, no need to complicate things. You just need to find what gets you moving!

Join the journey by entering the Facebook group “Let´s get moving“, where we can inspire each other to a more active life. I have also teamed up with some amazing brands so during the next two months I will be sharing discount codes and have some fun giveaways (motivation is key, right)! So stay tuned.

Exercise is if one of the most important things you can do for yourself they keep saying, so let’s get moving. Goodbye couch, hello new and energized us!

By: Henriette Danielsen 

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Benefits of working out in the morning

Not all of us are early birds, but there are some pretty good reasons to why you may wanna consider becoming one, and using your morning hours for improving your fitness level.

Let’s take a closer look on the benefits of getting your workouts done in the morning:

You can check it off your list
If you do your daily run, workout or yoga practice pre-dawn you can check it off your list for the day and proceed to do your work, your domestic chores or pursue all other activities you have planned for the day. The day will be ahead of you, and you will have lots of energy to seize the day. Win-win!

Boost your metabolism
Your body will continue burning the calories from your morning run or workout even when you are sitting in front of your office desk hours later. This is due to EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumptions) which means that the body will continue burning calories post-workout for as much as 14 hours after it. This will help boost your metabolism and kick start your system!

Helps you stick to your routine
Morning training will allow you to stick to your daily program and your exercise regimen easier. If you get up early and do your workout or daily run, you do not risk needing to delay or skip it because of having to work late or due to other unexpected events which can happen later on in the day.

Energizes you
Getting moving early in the morning will actually energize you, better than a strong cup of coffee will. Morning training boosts the mental activity and the ability to focus. This will help make you more productive at work and during the rest of the day.

Gives you more discipline
Following an early-morning exercise regime will also help you enhance your personal self-discipline. If you are not normally an early riser, this program will help become more disciplined, which will definitely have a positive effect on the other activities you pursue.

Improves your sleep
Even though you will be getting up earlier in the morning, it will help you sleep better in the long run. In the evening your body will feel some healthy fatigue, and you will be ready to go to sleep on time, without tossing and turning in the bed.

Getting your exercise done in the early morning hours has its benefits, so why not give it a try? See how it feels!

By: Cara Haley, Owner and editor of the shoe-review site Comfort Hacks. She is addicted to running, writing, and loves spending time outdoors either hiking or camping. She also writes about running, crossfit gear and other sports related topics for Fitaholic Gear.

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Ways to make working out fun

Fitting exercise into your already-busy daily routine can seem like a chore, and often something comes up or gets in the way of you making it to the gym. But what if it didn’t have to be a chore?

We’re going to give you some tips on how to make your workouts fun and interesting – so you’ll want to make time for them!

Take it outside
That’s right! Take your workouts outdoors. You’ll find it’s a great way to keep you distracted (mostly) from the hard work you’re doing. Instead of running on a treadmill, try running on a trail through the mountains or along a lake or ocean. Instead of lifting weights at the gym, why not go to a park to do a bodyweight workout? There are some great examples of these here, and here!

Bring a friend 
Get your friend, or friends, involved. You’ll work harder because of the moral support (and maybe a little healthy competition)! Having a friend come with you also holds you accountable.. Find something you both love to do whether it be a walk through the park, yoga, or barre.

Try something new
If you feel like your workouts are getting stale and boring, you might be experiencing some burnout. A fun way to change things up is to look at fitness studios nearby and take a free or discounted class there. Try something exciting like aerial silks, sailing, or roller derby! Who knows, you might be surprised by what you find, and want to continue after trying it.

After going through these ideas, and you feel like you’re still too busy to work out, try one of our other suggestions found here!

What’s your favorite way to get a workout in (outside of the gym)? How do you keep your workouts fun? Let us know in the comment field below!

This post is contributed by Samantha Thayer, Online Outreach and Education Specialist from What’s Up, USANA?. For more information on health, feel free to visit their blog or find them on Twitter @USANAInc.


Strengthen your back

The muscles in your back serve many functions, so training it properly is key! We’re not just talking about being able to move heavy objects, but having a good posture, reduce back pain and build a strong foundation.

Here’s a workout that will get your back muscles working. Have fun and good luck!

Warm up
Rowing for five minutes

Back exercises
12 reps x 3 sets on each exercise

Barbell rows
Biceps curl with rod
Upright row
Back raise
Push ups

By: Henriette Danielsen


5 Things That Happen When We Stop Exercising

If you’re someone who exercises regularly (3-4 times a week) you know how off you can start to feel if you miss a day or two.

But what actually happens to your body if you quit cold turkey and take a week or more off from working out?

Muscle tone diminishes
If you hit the gym and exercise regularly, chances are you build up some muscle definition and tone. You may notice that when you’ve stopped exercising regularly, you may lose some of your muscle tone. Naturally, when we stop utilizing our muscles and making progress lifting weights, our muscle definition will diminish and we won’t be able to lift the same weight we used to.

Higher risk of depression
The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has found that individuals who don’t exercise are at a higher risk of experiencing depression. Exercising releases endorphins in the body causing us to feel happier, so when we stop exercising we may experience feelings of sadness or higher levels of stress throughout our day.

More likely to get sick
When we stop exercising, we’re at a higher risk of major diseases (including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure). Exercising can help our body fight off these things and infections, so when we stop exercising we can experience illnesses such as cold or flu more often.

Choosing unhealthy foods
When we stop exercising, it can actually make us crave convenient, fast foods. When we exercise regularly, we are more likely to crave nutritious foods to fuel our bodies properly for the work we are doing.

Harder time sleeping
When we exercise we release stress from our bodies which can help us sleep better at night. Once we stop exercising regularly, our bodies can hold onto that extra nervous energy, and make it more difficult for us to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest.

Even though working out is good for our health and overall quality of life, there is such a thing as too much exercise though, so remember to listen to your body and rest when you need to.

This post is contributed by Samantha Thayer, Online Outreach and Education Specialist from What’s Up, USANA?. For more information on health, feel free to visit their blog or find them on Twitter @USANAInc.

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Work out from home

Now that the summer holiday is right around the corner, you may not get to the gym as often as usual. Or maybe you’re just one of those who don’t prefer the gym? No sweat! We have gathered our five favorite workout videos on YouTube for you to do at home or wherever you are.  

Here you will find everything from yoga to dancing and full body workouts. These videos are free of charge and all you need is a mat, some Wi-Fi and a positive attitude. Let’s do this.

Fitness Blender
Fitness Blender is run by Daniel and Kelli. A married couple who provides full-length workout videos and a huge selection of different types of workouts. You can choose between kickboxing, full body workouts, stretching and much more. Some are only 20 minutes, others 90 minutes. Something for everyone, at every level.

Yoga with Adriene
Adriene Mishler is a yogini that welcomes all levels and helps you get started with yoga. You can choose between yoga for beginners, 30-day yoga camp and much more. The videos are mostly around 20 minutes and a great way to either start or end your day.

Beyonce “Move Your Body” full workout routine
It’s no secret Beyoncé can dance and it’s safe to say we all admire her for that (don’t we?)! I know I wouldn’t mind being able to shake my body like that on the dancefloor. And now we all can thanks to choreographer Frank Gatson, who breaks down evert portion of Beyoncé’s Let’s Move! Campaign.

7-minute workout
This workout is perfect for those days when we feel there just isn’t enough time or when we are running low on motivation. Because we can all manage 7 minutes, right? A killer workout for your whole body, getting done in no time.

Victoria’s Secret model workout
Ok, I know most of us don’t feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel when sweat runs down our face and we struggle to catch our breath, but hey; it’s all about the attitude! In this video you will work your entire body in only ten minutes and it will give you and your body the strength you need to greet the day.

If none of the above feel right for you, why not check out our workouts with personal trainer Cristina Castillo or read more about the underrated form of exercise; walking. Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun and do what feels right for you and your body.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Shutterstock