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New Year – New Power

The new year is in full swing and to make it as wonderful as possible we want to keep our glow and flow! But how do we do that? 

2018 might have started on a high note, but then reality kicks in and we find ourselves stressed again. Why not give yourself the tools you will need to make this year the best one so far?

Together with Clarion Sign Hotel we want to invite you to attend our Personal Leadership workshop led by Maria Swanström, Motivational Speaker, specialised in leadership, full of enthusiasm and positive energy that will go straight to your heart.

This lecture, combined with a workshop, is all about personal leadership, goals setting, and how to get more power and energy!

How can we stay focused and live our lives in the best possible way, in this digitalised world draining our energy and occupying our attention? The key is to understand ourselves better. We need to understand how our brain works, learn how to change our behaviour pattern, belief system and how to better reflect and focus to keep our priorities straight on our own magical journey. Come and dare to be inspired and empowered!

Practical information
Sunday 4/2, 10:30-12:00
Where: Clarion Sign Hotel, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35, 101 26 Stockholm
Price: 295 SEK
Registration: Sign up here
Additional information: Some light breakfast, including coffee and tea will be served. The lecture will be in English or Swedish, depending on the sign ups.

For more information contact Best of You at Looking forward to meeting you.

Lots of love from Best of You

By: Henriette Danielsen & Mo Oléron / Photo cred: Pinterest 



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More love on the menu

Social media is flooded with New Year resolutions. Everyone is determined on making 2018 the best year ever, and it couldn’t be more perfect: It´s Monday, the start of a new week in a brand-new year. Time to reinvent yourself, get your life on track, fulfill all your goals and dreams. Or?

This time of year, inspires many of us to reflect upon our life and find ways to improve it, and resolutions come in many forms. Some make a promise to themselves to change a bad habit, like quit smoking or eating junk food. Others decide they want to develop a positive habit, such as starting to exercise, recycling more or save more money.

And while there is nothing wrong in setting goals, keep in mind that change doesn’t happen overnight. Research actually shows that about half of all adults make New Year resolutions, but less than 10 percent manage to keep them for more than a few months (I kind of figured that one out over the last few years). However, that doesn’t mean you should give up, maybe just adjust you approach a little.

I have therefore decided to change my perspective. Instead of looking at everything I should change in my life, thinking of this year as a “new year, new me”, I have decided to fill my year with more love instead. Kind of fill up my self-love tank. Because the fuller that gets, the more love I have to share and give away to others.

What’s done in love is done well.

And I am a true believer that love fixes everything. It might not give you abs or help you save money, but it makes life pretty good. And come to think about it, life is pretty awesome despite some bad habits here and there. There is no need to be perfect.

So, whether or not you believe in resolutions, do your thing. Do the changes that you feel need to be done to make you happy. But let’s do it with love, shall we?

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Pinterest

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Social traveling taken to a new level

When we came across Triple, a marketplace that connects curious travellers with passionate local hosts, it immediately sparked our interest. We sat down with one of the founders, Joakim Grönvall, to talk about the idea behind the company, good work culture and how wellbeing plays an important role in the way they run their business.  
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Private

How was the idea of Triple born?
The idea behind Triple came from the problem that most people face today; feeling like a tourist when traveling. My co-founders and I are passionate travellers, and one thing we have in common and connect on, is that we all have had the best and most memorable travel experiences when we’ve been meeting locals and learning about their culture, been introduced to their favorite places etc.

How does it work?
Triple is a marketplace where passionate and outgoing individuals can organise their own activities, and earn money by acting as hosts in their hometowns; showcasing their personal and unique experiences ‘off the beaten path’. Hosts share their knowledge or craft, by connecting through the platform with travellers to give them a taste of the city they live in through the eyes of a local. Triple enables tourists to feel like locals when they travel, discover activities in various cities, rate hosts, and experience hassle free payments when booking, all through the platform. Triple is available in Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris and London.

Tell us about your team and your company’s core values!
We have an ambitious and talented team here at Triple HQ, and all of them embody our company core values, some of which include being authentically yourself and thinking big. The atmosphere we have, and aim to continue to foster, is openness and communication, and a strong team spirit.

Trust, empowerment and flexibility amongst colleagues is important!

What is a healthy work environment for you?
I think trust, empowerment and flexibility amongst colleagues is important for a healthy workplace, this way everyone is able to feel that they are putting their best effort into the work that they do, and there’s a good energy amongst the team that really helps us to grow together, rather than tearing us apart.

The Triple Team

How much do you value wellness and well-being at work?
Wellness and wellbeing is a big part of people’s personal life, and it should be just as relevant in the workplace. Wellbeing to me isn’t just about being healthy physically, but mentally, and it’s important that both are supported and encouraged.

How do you encourage that as CEO?
The work environment is very important to me as people spend most of their days at the workplace. In Russia, where I was CEO at a company before moving back to Stockholm, we gave all our employees motorized desks so that they could alternate sitting and standing. Something that in Russia was such a good and interesting perk we even ended up on television showcasing our office. If someone needs to work from home one day to be with their sick child, or if one of the team wants to take a break due to a personal matter, we support, keep a good line of communication, and allow that type of flexibility. We also like for everyone working with us to visit the activities on our platform, so they can really engage first-hand with the product we work with. I often find that this leads to a happier and more committed employee who works even harder to achieve their work goals.

If you could implement something new to encourage a new routine to promote life balance and wellbeing within your team, what would it be?
My intention is that as we grow we will have the opportunity to help our team to stay healthy by giving them perks to help improve the work/life balance. Such initiatives could include e.g. paid for gym or yoga memberships or even paid for healthy food in the office. Giving people the options to become more effective is also something that I have close to heart. Working from home is such an initiative. This opportunity is something that has been shown in many case studies to improve the work/life balance, as well as employee loyalty and effectiveness.

What are the future plans for Triple?
We’re looking to expand into more cities in the next year, and hope to grow our activity offering, with the aim of really allowing more travellers to engage in the most memorable and unique local experiences when they travel.

Name: Joakim Grönvall
Age: 33
Lives in: Stockholm, Sweden
Favorite Triple activity: Cheese making together with a true Parisian in their family owned cheese shop.

Interested in finding out more about Triple? Take a look at their website. 

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Q&A with Elin Härkönen

Meet Elin, the positive and energetic girl behind BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT. A girl who has overcome more obstacles than many other her age, showing that giving up is not the answer. And that has become her motto.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Private

Elin is a former athlete in gymnastic, having won several championship titles. But four years ago, she broke her neck after being kicked off a horse during practice. Against all odds, she fought her way back and just recently became the European Champion in OCR (Obstacle Course Racing). But then another accident occurred. Just a few weeks ago Elin was in Canada to compete when she was kicked in the chest by a horse, hospitalised with severe heart injuries.

But Elin is back, and she is so much more than just the girl behind the accidents. We got to meet her in Stockholm for a little Q&A about health, wellness and happiness.

What does health mean to you?
Health for me is about balance, and I truly believe finding a balance that works for you, your personality, goals and ambitions is the key to life. Because balance and health goes hand in hand. If we get too much or too little of something, our health will be affected negatively.

What inspires you?
People who follow their dreams. People who dare to be different and do what they believe in. People who never judge, who are curious and want to live their lives to the fullest. Cause that’s exactly what I am trying to inspire more people to do.

What is your favorite workout? 
Gymnastics on horses. I still miss the feeling of doing handstands on a running horse. But since I must choose something else I would say…. No I can’t choose..A little bit of everything; boxing, gymnastics, running, yoga.

Best part about your job?
I get to help people change their lives to the better. I get to help people overcome fears, do things they never thought they would be able to do.

What are your goals?
My goals and dreams are to make a difference. I want to help people improve their lives to the better. I want to share my knowledge, experiences, mindset and positive personality. Training and health are my passion, so continuing sharing my philosophy through my company BREAK IT MAKE IT. 

What motivates you?
My job, my clients, my friends, my family and of course all the challenges life is full of. I want to become the best version of myself, and that’s a life-long journey. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ”

Elin Härkönen
Age: 23
Lives: Uppsala, Sweden
Works: as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Specialist in Stockholm

Follow Elin on her blog and Instagram for more inspiration.

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The attitude of gratitude

Life consists of setting goals and constantly pursuing them. Sometimes we think that the more we try the lesser goals we achieve, and because of that, we can become increasingly frustrated.

If dissatisfaction, frustration and craving for something we don’t have become part of our everyday life then we have a problem that requires an urgent solution. Then we need to stop, look around and ask ourselves: What is all the good we have in our lives? What have we achieved so far?

Each and every one of us will, if honestly answering these questions, find so many reasons for happiness and joy. Each one of us will, if thinking of all the good things we have already achieved, notice that life has already given us so much.

If we start every day with expressing gratitude to what we have, our lives will become more fulfilled and beautiful, we will be more and more aware of all the good things in ourselves and around us.

Being grateful doesn’t mean being modest, unambitious and passive.

It is just an expression of respect for what we already have and what brings us peace, satisfaction and meaning. Being grateful doesn’t mean giving up on our goals, but striving towards them while enjoying everything that we have already achieved so far.

Only satisfied and focused on positivity can we be motivated for new victories, while a constant focus on what we don’t have only lead to a life with chronic frustration and dissatisfaction. It’s up to us to decide which one of these two ways we will go.

By: Sonja Josipovic

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Happiness is the highest form of health

Best of You is relaunching today and we are proud to present our improved website and our brand new concept.

Best of You is an inspirational lifestyle and wellness platform where we want to encourage and inspire our readers to embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle. It´s run by two passionate spirits; Henriette and Mo and their wonderful team of freelancers.

What we offer is

We believe health is a combination of what we choose to fuel our body and mind with. Health is not just what you eat or how you choose to exercise, but also how you see, talk and perceive yourself. Our goal is to provide you with the inspiration and tools to live your life to the best of your ability and love every part of yourself.

We truly hope you like our evolved concept as the joy of sharing and creating a community around Best of You is what drives us every day. In the end, all we want is to be happy, and find the balance to live a long and fulfilled life. As Dalai Lama once said: “Happiness is the highest form of health”, and we couldn’t agree more.

So, take a look around, meet the team and be inspired.

Lots of love from Henriette and Mo


Guest Posts

Meet your future self and find out how she can motivate you

We start our days like we set our goals; with the best of intentions. We’re going to forgo the doughnuts in the breakroom, we’ll surely go to yoga after work, and we have a healthy recipe for dinner bookmarked in our favorite cookbook.

However, when the time comes to make that decision; pass by the doughnut or pick your favorite, head to yoga or head home, begin chopping or order take-out, sometimes the feel-good-in-the-moment choice wins. It’s a battle everyone faces; feel good and have fun now, or stick to your guns and feel good about it later.

What usually helps is an introduction to your future self. No matter what your goals are – healthier eating, improved sleep, muscle gain, etc. – having a clear picture of you achieving them greatly increases your chance of success. Envisioning yourself at your goal is an extremely powerful motivator that can help you stay the course.

Here’s an exercise to try:
Sit quietly, eyes closed, for a few moments and envision your day to day life at your goal. If your goal is making healthier choices when you eat out, picture this version of you sitting at your favorite restaurant, looking over the menu. Instead of caving for the side of fries, envision ordering that healthy meal you always think you should order, then eating and enjoying it. Picture yourself feeling satisfied with your choice of grilled salmon, brown rice and veggies, instead of stuffed and upset after eating your usual order of chicken parm and fries.

Or how about a fitness goal? Like getting in better shape to more easily keep up with your athletic friends. Picture a day that you hike with these friends without having to stop and rest. Picture a you that says, “yes” to a local 5K without hesitation. What does this life look like? How does this future you feel when she gets up in the morning?

A solid vision of your future self makes it easier to connect your choices today, to the you who benefits from them tomorrow.

Here’s one more exercise to try out:
With the future you in mind, write a description of her day, draw a sketch of her priorities, write her a letter, whatever you need to do to make this future version of you real. Then, when decisions arise, think of her as a real person who will benefit or be left to deal with the result of that choice. Are you helping her, or making it harder for her to reach her goals?

The temptation towards actions that sway from your goal will always be there, so learning to meet them head on and make those choices that get you to your goal – whatever they are – is critical. Use this picture of the future you to help makes those decisions easier. To help you reach the goal lifestyle you’re working towards, connect with that person living it. Do the thing she would do, the thing she would thank you for.

This post is contributed by Dan Chabert. Dan is a runner/ owner of based in Copenhagen, Denmark. When not preparing for a race, he stays busy managing Runnerclick and Nicershoes.

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Page 1 out of 365

A new year is here and we find ourselves thinking about fresh starts and new goals. While setting goals comes easy for most of us, reaching them on the other hand is where it gets challenging.

Your New Year’s resolutions from last year may have gone unresolved, but worry not, you’re not alone. Whatever your goals are (new or old), we want to share five simple steps that can help you reach them and get you ready to start the new year with renewed enthusiasm.

Start small
Most of us wake up in January and want to change everything at once. We want to be healthier, be more active, get better grades or do better at work, earn more money etc. Hold your horses! One thing at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same goes for reaching your goals. So, pick on and start small.

Believing in yourself is key in all aspects of life, including reaching your goals. So, turn off that voice in your head saying you will never make it, it’s impossible or it’s just not meant to be! You can do whatever you want, it’s your life.

The power of now
“I will start tomorrow”, “as soon as” or “next Monday”… We have all used some of these excuses, if not all of them. Even though we like starting the new year with fresh goals, remember the power of now. You don’t need a Monday or a new year to do what you want to do. Ditch the excuses and go for it.

Stay strong
At some point you will want to give up, but if your truly committed then stay strong! Envision your goal and don’t let it out of sight. But remember, you’re pretty awesome with or without your goals, whatever they may be. While dreaming big and working hard is good, don’t get to focused on external future achievements. Remember to enjoy the present moment and be satisfied with where you are while working on getting somewhere else.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the new year in the comment field below.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred