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A new workout experience designed to transform & inspire

A new training concept is in town and I’m so excited! There’s nothing more motivating than
trying something new, and the timing is perfect because my new year’s boost is almost gone. I met up with Jennifer Winter, founder of the Bodywheel method to learn more.

By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Ali Mian

The Bodywheel method is a whole new training concept that is the lovechild of Pilates and functional fitness. The entire method is developed around a wheel that is used as a versatile guiding tool, and each class is 45 minutes of body conditioning, sculpting and lengthening the physique.

It was the lack of physically and mentally challenging classes that made Jennifer Winter set out on a quest with one goal: to simplify the fitness world.
– Either the classes were too long and easy or they felt rushed without direction. I also found them outdated and repetitive. It’s interesting how in 2017 we have drones and self-driving cars, but fitness and health seems to be stuck in the 90s. So why isn’t fitness granted the same innovation as all other aspects of modern life? Then it struck me; Fitness can be modern, fitness can be creative and fitness can be chic. My goal was to then create a workout that is updated and effective, she explains.

Jennifer was working as a professional ballet dancer in New York, London and Austria, but moved to Stockholm three years ago. Inspired by the entrepreneurship of Stockholmers she decided to switch careers and founded Bodywheel in September 2016.

When she created it, it was important for her that everyone would be able to participate in her classes.
– Each exercise is modifiable and the wheel allows you to decide your own level of intensity. There are also variations you can do without the wheel if an exercise is too advanced. In the future, I will develop an online guide showing each exercise step by step, she says.

I developed Bodywheel for the modern woman thus making it short and effective so you have the time to conquer the world

What makes this workout form better than others?
– This workout is something NEW! It gives your body and brain the opportunity to engage in a whole different way. I developed Bodywheel for the modern woman thus making it short and effective so you have the time to conquer the world. The biggest disappointment is leaving a class and not feeling sore the next day, so each Bodywheel exercise targets the body head to toe with direct muscle stimulation.

And the results show that it’s working!
– The combination of stretching and strengthening is the perfect dynamic your body needs. You will see improvements in your balance, coordination, mobility and overall strength. The wheel allows you to find your full range of motion and lengthens the muscles without bulk.

Do you recommend focusing on only this kind of workout or combine it with for example running etc.?
– Although the class is well rounded with elements of strength, cardio and stretching, I always encourage people to move in any way that motivates them. I love to combine a morning run with a Bodywheel session, she says.

Having invented a new and fun workout form kind off gives you the motivation to get up of the sofa, I guess. Do you have any tips for those who still struggle with getting more active?
– Start off slow. You can train for 15 minutes once a week, 20 the next. This gives your body the time to catch up and eliminates the stress-factor of having to get in shape right away. It’s a more realistic and approachable way of reaching your goals. Also, try to find a class that you genuinely enjoy, and then it won’t feel like working out.

Interested in giving Bodywheel a try? Check out Jennifer’s website here or follow her on Instagram for more inspiration.

Name: Jennifer Beatrice Winter
Age: 30
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
What motivates you? Knowing that I can help someone find their full potential and make them feel superhuman for 45 minutes is immensely motivational.


Get to know Sassa Asli

We have been inspired by the talented yoga teacher, personal trainer and blogger Sassa Asli for quite some time now, so we were thrilled when she met up with us for a little Q&A about yoga, health and her passion in life.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Sassa Asli

When did you start practicing yoga and what is it to you?
It’s my break, my energy and my happy place. It’s that space which I create so that I can connect back into the present moment. I started practicing yoga in February 2015, so I’m still a ”newbie”!

Has yoga changed your life in any way?
Yes, in many ways. I would argue it was one of the missing pieces in my life and it has helped me a lot over the past couple of years. It’s an overall tool that is very useful in many different aspects of life, and it has brought more self-love into my life, and for that I’m very grateful!

How do we set aside time for yoga in a hectic everyday life?
You just need to make it a priority. I believe that most people have time for the things that matters and are important in their life. It’s not always easy, but it almost always goes back to your priorities and how you choose to shape your daily schedule. Also, yoga does not need to be a physical practice all the time, some days a few minutes of breathing exercises or meditation at the office can be just as good!

Do you have any advice for beginners?
Smile more and don’t be too serious. I truly think it’s important to have more fun! I don’t believe yoga is all about being strict and to always aim for the most difficult poses. It’s rather about enjoying the journey, and to get to know your own body and mind. This, while you bring the beginners mindset as you evolve!

How do you find time for yourself? And what do you do?
My morning rituals are essential to me. Yoga practice, breakfast and workouts! That’s something I rarely compromise with. I don’t find time for myself, I make time for myself.

What makes you happy?
To travel, move my body and spend time with people I love!

What does health mean to you?
I don’t believe health can be captured in just one definition. However, words like balance, movement, good relationships and a positive mindset are some of the important ingredients for good health.

Have you always been as healthy as you are today?
Not at all! It’s a journey like everything else and you need to find out what works best for you.

Any advice for those who want to live a healthier life? Where to start?
Changing bad/old habits can take time. When it comes to food I often recommend to start adding a new healthy alternative every week or month, rather than black listing foods. Also, listen to your own body: Avoid changing all habits at once, as it might last for only a couple of weeks. Most importantly, be kind to yourself!

How would you describe your blog?
A delicious mix of self-love and self-care tools to create a more balanced and healthy lifestyle! I love to inspire people to embark on their own journeys and explore the beauty of a more vibrant, happy and healthy life!

Name: Sassa Asli
Age: 29
Occupation: Blogger, Yoga Teacher, PT
Lives: The Netherlands / Stockholm
Favorite yoga pose: It depends on my state of mind or what my body needs at that particular moment. But I must say that I love all kinds of inversions – headstand is definitely a favorite of mine.

Check out her blog or Instagram account for more inspiration


The road to self-love

On Instagram she goes under the name @blissfullyliving, where she inspires thousands of followers with her positive attitude and yummy pictures of food! But everyday life for Clara Mo hasn’t always been easy, and she shares her story with us!  
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Private

The autumn darkness has descended upon the city when I rush into my favorite vegan café for my interview with Clara Mo. Her smile brightens up the whole room when she gives me the biggest hug. Before we sit down she warmly recommends the chocolate mousse, and who am I to say no to that?

Clara is studying nutritional science at the University of Stockholm and has so many dreams for the future. In front of here is her MacBook, she’s been studying for a few hours.
– I love studying nutrition and a part of me wants to work in the field of research. But at the same time,I feel there is a missing link between all the research and common people, and I would want to help people understand it, since I love people as much as I love nutrition, she says and smiles.

But she hasn’t always been this happy and energetic. A few years back Clara struggled with anorexia.
– It started slowly, it’s not something that happens overnight. At first I thought I was just being healthy, but before even knowing it I got caught in this dark spiral that sadly to many of us get caught in. But after a while I realized I couldn’t keep this up, something had to be done. I was 18 at the time.

My self-esteem was far from good and I realized I didn’t love myself.

The road to recovery was long and hard. Clara reached out for help on her own and for a year she went to a professional once a week. She started gaining weight and getting back to “normal”.
– I got healthier and I gained weight, but what I didn’t work on was the mental part of it all. My self-esteem was far from good and I realized I didn’t love myself. The last two years has been a beautiful journey of finding out who I am, learning to love every part of me and finding out what I value in life, she explains.

How did you do all this?
– First off; I realized had to confront my biggest fear; my anxiety. I for example used exercise as an opportunity to escape it, so I decided to stop excercising for a period of time. That was the only way for me to being able to face my fear. I needed to be able to go be active for the right reasons. And it was tough, I can promise you that.

Clara decided to instead fill her time with things that made her happy; filling her everyday life with joy.
– My goal was to become happy, healthy and be pain free. I wrote a list about things that made me happy; meeting new people, singing a song, writing a letter telling someone I love them, studying nutrition, and then I did these things. This also led me to a whole new lifestyle; a vegan one!

What does health mean to you today?
– It means being able to love yourself and being happy. Like the quote on your webpage; Happiness is the highest form of health! Health is so much more than a fit body; it’s about love, happiness and feeling free. This is also what I try to communicate through my Instagram account.

Clara’s experience dealing with sickness and anxiety had led her to want to help other people who may find themselves in the same situation.
– I would also want to work with people and their self-perception, help them in their road to recovery and in the journey in finding themselves. Become strong as an individual, she says.

Who inspires you?
– Likeminded people who do their own thing and have faith in themselves. Who are passionate about something and wholeheartedly follow their dream, without being afraid to stand out.


Name: Clara Mo
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Favorite food: I love acai bowls! And ooh; my morning oatmeal with different toppings! Brekkie is without doubt the best part of the day!

For more inspiration follow Clara on Instagram 


Customize your breakfast

Great ideas often pop up at the most random moments and it was no exception for Hubertus, Max and Philip, three students from University of Passau. As it turned out, a simple radio ad was all they needed to kick start their company mymuesli.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photos: mymuesli

Their story reminds us of a well-known one, back when Mark Zuckerberg sat in his dorm room, inventing Facebook. Except they didn’t build a new social media platform, their story is about muesli.
– The idea came when listening to a radio commercial for a well-known German muesli brand. We started talking about what we liked in our muesli and quickly found out that we couldn’t come up with any muesli that we all actually liked. We were surprised that there wasn’t any option for customized muesli on the marked, so we agreed that not only could we make a better radio-ad, but also a better muesli, one of the founders, Hubertus Bessau explains.

This was the beginning of late nights in their dorm room and mymuesli went online in April 2007, becoming the first worldwide company to offer a service for mixing your own muesli.

So how does it work?
– You simply go online, choose from 80 different ingredients and make your own, customized muesli. This way you get exactly the one you like, and we also provide the nutritional value of your mixed muesli. In addition you can visit our stores and buy premixed muesli, based on our costumer’s favorites.

Hubertus tells us that their main focus is to deliver organic ingredients, free from colorants and refined sugar.
– The ingredients are the most important part of our muesli and we never compromise on the quality. We only use organic ingredients from certified sources and we buy from regional farmers based close to our workshop in Passau whenever it’s possible. Instead of refined sugar, we sweeten our muesli’s with honey or raw sugar cane.

The response and development of the company has been overwhelming. Not only did they win the founders award “Enable2start” by the Finical Times Germany, but they were also voted “Startup of the year” in 2007 by the online magazine Deutsche Startup and won the “European Innovation Price” in 2013 by the German Council of Shopping Centers. In 2008 they opened their first stores in Germany and since then they expanded to Europe and now, Sweden.

What is the best part of running this company?
– Even though our team has grown so fast, with over 700 employees, we still have an amazing connection to our co-workers and we all focus on what’s important: our ingredients and our muesli friends.

How do you keep evolving?
– With every new store and market we launch we get new insights from our muesli friends. All feedback is good feedback and is valuable information for us to keep evolving in the best way.

Their goal this year is to focus on their international expansion, which led them to Sweden.
– Our Nordic neighbors have always been an inspiration to us when it comes to organic standards, design and food trends. We are very happy to have joined the Swedish market, and since we are aiming to show people who love breakfast, that it’s possible to enjoy the perfect, healthy muesli, without compromising the taste, ingredients or quality, we couldn’t be happier. If we can convince the Swedes, we can convince anyone, he says.

Name: Hubertus Bessau
Lives: Berlin
Occupation: Founder mymuesli
Favorite muesli: Ancient Grains

Want to know more? Visit their website or follow them on Instagram!