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Celebrating the Love

On Saturday 13th of May, the Best of You team invited all their friends, partners, sponsors and readers to share an afternoon filled with bubbles, popcorn, chocolate and laughter.

It has been such an honor to be able to present our new and improved concept to such a lovely and supportive crowd. We want to thank all the people who directly or indirectly inspire us everyday to chase our dreams and spread our vision. A huge thank you to our sponsors, Oatly and The Healthy Box, and collaborator Anhs Naglar for helping us create a magical moments for our guests!

Take a look at some of the magic captured on camera.

Head over to Facebook to see more pictures from our event and to keep track on whats up next.
You can also read more about our relaunch in some of the amazing articles and blog posts written about us:

By: Morgane Oléron & Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Sean Choi Photo
(And one or two borrowed images from Marie Emre & Cristina Castillo)

Be Inspired

Do self-help books actually help?

They are no longer hidden in the back corner of the book store. Today self-help books are a huge business and offer to solve pretty much any problem. The only question is – do they really help?

I can’t really recall when I bought my first self-help book. I’m a big fan of reading, but this selection was unknown to me until sometime in my mid-twenties. Books were a magical escape into a new world and I had not seen them as something offering a solution to my life problems. Then one of my friends recommended one of his favorite self-help books and my bookshelf became home to more and more titles that promised to improve my life in one way or another.

As I read, I started noticing something; First, none of these books offer magical solutions, because there are no magical solutions in life. Secondly, they can’t do much, other than to inspire you to take actions that will lead you to the desired outcome. And thirdly, just reading them without implementing their messages won’t get you anywhere. However, getting a book that will help you with your problems is a step in the right direction as you’re taking action and you are willing to make some changes.

What I noticed from my personal experience is that in order for the books to help, you have to read them with an open mind. You may feel tempted to roll your eyes every once in a while, but try to stay open minded.

It took me a while to understand that knowing something and actually doing it are two different things.

That’s why these books work more as reminders and a source of inspiration and will hopefully give you the little push you need in the right direction. That is also why I like to come back to them, to make sure I stay on the right track and I don’t forget to apply the wisdom to my everyday life. It has no use if it stays on the pages.

I guess my point is that self-help books can, like any other books, be good or bad. Some authors are better than others and some you may not like at all. If you decide to give them a chance, research a bit before you click ‘add to cart’. Also, be open-minded. In my case self-help books helped me learn some things and they helped me improve my life to the extent of how much I worked on it. And for me, there will always be more room on my bookshelf for new self-help titles. After all, life is a work in progress.

By: Ivona Iwarra Josipovic / Photo cred 


True Girl Power

When I was invited to a closed group on Facebook called “Heja Livet” I got curious. Little did I know at the time how much it would change my view on women, sisterhood and true girl power! All thanks to Emely Crona Stenberg and Caroline Levy!
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Heja Livet

“Heja Livet” (read; Go life) is a platform and forum for female members only, addressing all areas of life; Career, health, friendships and daily obstacles, big and small. A place where women can boost each other, inspire, share and create beautiful relationships.

The idea came when Emely Crona Stenberg, after many years in the PR-business, got an eye opener.
– During my time as a PR consultant I often worked in groups, mostly with women, where we for weeks at a time could have daily contact in form of inspiring emails and motivational or appreciative texts. But after every completed project it was as if our “friendship” never existed, Emely explains.

There were no more “good mornings”, emails or texts and if she met them at events they avoided her gaze. This made Emely realize that the climate between women needed a change.
– I wanted to change the competitive way of thinking and addressing prejudices about women in the groups. Explore what would happen if we gather a bunch of women of different ages on the same platform. Today I know what the secret ingredient is: Trust, Emely says.

So she reached out to her friend Caroline and together they started “Heja Livet”. What started as a group of about 100 friends, quickly turned into more than 13 000 members. And it continues to grow at high speed.
–  I would never have dreamed of this amazing response. It’s wonderful to see how all the women lift each other, help one another, share advice and show solidarity, Caroline says.

There’s never any bullying in our group. Constructive criticism? Yes. Hatred? No.

And “Heja Livet” is without a doubt the definition of girl power! The group creates opportunities in all areas of life and accommodations, jobs, friendships, mental health and illness are popular topics in the group (and the areas where the girls support each other the most).  And there is never a bad word to be found.
– There’s never any bullying in our group. Constructive criticism? Yes. Hatred? No. We trust our members and they trust us. We stand for openness and honesty, ambition and community. That’s how we break the prejudices about “women in groups”.

Why do you choose to have a closed group then?
– So we can ensure that we only have female members. Hence, we must approve membership. We are confident that the group’s success is because you feel sufficiently safe in the group to really open up, which couldn’t have been achieved in the same extent if men were present. It may sound harsh, but it’s true. And it’s important to emphasize that we don’t trash men in our group. Quite the contrary; This is a place to talk about oneself, each other, life and sisterhood without being political, radical or hateful, Caroline explains.

And this is only Emely’s and Caroline’s side project, they both work and study full time!
– We’re busy little bees, but our motivation is that we love what we do. Time is what you make of it, and since we both feel that this is something important, for others and us, we just make it work.

The goal for the future is to continue to uphold the platform and give women a place to be seen and heard, and to feel supported and loved. They explain how they would like to maintain the simple and straight communication and the open and honest atmosphere the group is based on .
– We would of course like to earn money and make a living from this someday, but if we don’t we will always keep in our hearts that 20 girls, who didn’t know each other from before got together and spent New Year’s Eve 2016 together. That’s pretty damn awesome, they say and smile.

Fellowship, communities, women empowering women; it gets more and more popular these days, why is that do you think?
– We have been waiting so damn long to be seen and heard and even though we have the right to vote, keep in mind that there are still some countries where women are not. We want to go forward like equals and this is just the beginning. Together we’re strong enough to climb mountains!

Name: Caroline Levy / Emely Crona Stenberg
Age: 29 / 31
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
What inspires you the most? Many things, but mostly the power of “Heja Livet” and my partner in crime Emely / Loud laughs, honesty, being nice to each other and my beautiful mother who will live in my heart forever.

Check out their webpage here and join the Facebook group here.


The magic of self-love

We focus on being a good friend, the perfect partner and a loving family member. What we often seem to forget or at least set second, is loving ourselves.

Practicing self-love is often associated with being selfish, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! It will not only help you become the best version of yourself, but will also help you get in touch with your wellbeing and your own happiness.

Not sure on how to practice self-love or what it even means? We give you five simple steps that may inspire you.

Bring out your smile
Each morning when you wake up we recommend you to tell yourself something positive. How lovely you look, how great you feel or compliment yourself on how you handled a situation the day before. It can be whatever, but try to start each day with a positive thought and a smile.

Learn to say no
Feeling tired and not in the mood to go for a drink? Or maybe you don’t want to hang out with a friend or do that extra work your boss kindly asks you to? Learn to say no. It’s not selfish putting yourself first.

Notice how you talk to yourself
Have you made a mistake at work? Not upheld your new year’s resolution or said something you regret? Notice how you “talk” to yourself in those situations. Do you talk yourself down? Do you focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths? Don’t! Learn to accept yourself, shortcomings and all, and be supportive.

Listen to yourself
Feeling like taking it easy and watch a movie or read a book all by yourself? Or maybe unwind by going to yoga? Learn how to prioritize yourself and take the time you need to take care of your needs. Find what feels good, clear your mind and just appreciate doing something nice for yourself.

Find your own happiness
We often expect others to make us happy and forget that we have the power and responsibility for our own happiness. Stop seeking happiness outside of yourself, long lasting happiness comes from within. The one person you always have to live with is yourself so be able to be happy on your own.

Lastly, remember that practicing self-love does not mean you’re being selfish. It simply means you love yourself enough to take care of yourself, creating your own happiness. You cannot make others happy if you’re not happy yourself first.

By: Henriette Danielsen

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Happy new year to me

The new year doesn’t have to start on the 1st. I mean, so much pressure, right? For me the new year kind of started about three weeks after that. That’s the time it took for me to feel I had recovered from the hangover (literally and figuratively speaking) of leaving 2016 behind, the accomplishment and unfinished businesses echoing in my head.

I went through the first part of January without thinking much, just trying to keep up, already feeling like 2017 was swallowing me up. But by January 17th I felt much more straight in my winter boots. And that I owe to letting people in again. I suddenly realize that I had slowly but surely withdrawn, going in circles in my mind, not seeing the big picture and struggling to see the glass half full.

When I finally woke up and picked up the phone, within days I came back to life. I filled up my calendar with fika, dinners, after works and other exciting projects, but more importantly, I talked. I let it out, and I was heard, I was listened to, I was comforted, supported and loved. And if that is not the best fuel people, then what is?

Bottom line, there are ups and downs but neither need to be spent alone, whether the glass is half full or half empty, drink up, with loved ones!

By: Morgane Oleron / Photo cred

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Merry Christmas

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the holiday season and all that comes with it.

Make sure to fill the upcoming days with love, joy and laughter and don’t forget to cherish the people around you. Because in the end that’s all that matters.

We will take a short Christmas break and will be back in 2017! Meanwhile you can follow us on Instagram for inspiration and glimpses of our Christmas celebrations.

Lots of love from Henriette, Editor in Chief <3

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Sharing is caring

// In collaboration with NOA 

Remember when you were little and you couldn’t wait for Christmas so you could open your pile of presents? How presents were the highlight of the day because then you could finally get everything you wished for!

During the holiday season one custom that is shared around the globe is the exchange of presents. We run around town to buy the biggest, most expensive presents and the pressure is there, yet again. And with this tradition comes the negative outcome on our environment. Did you know that one of the biggest sources of waste each Christmas is wrapping paper, with more than 8,000 tons being used each year? That equals approximately 50 000 trees! I know, why care? It’s a tradition to exchange gifts, right.

What we seem to forget is that giving comes in various forms.

You don’t need to buy expensive gift to show someone you care. You can give your time, your warmth and friendship, a hug or a shoulder to lean on. You can share a meal, or exchange stories while going for a long walk. Give someone your time and presence.

What I have learned as I have grown is that the joy of making someone else happy through my presence and small acts of kindness is a far better feeling than giving an expensive gift. Because sharing is caring. Watching someone break into a smile because of you is without doubt the best feeling in the world, worth far more than any material item.

I am not saying there is something wrong in buying presents (I still do) this is just something to keep in the back of your mind when the pressure of buying presents gets too big (which it often can). And whatever you decide to give, presents or your time, do so with love. Because love is the most important thing, not the price tags under the Christmas tree.

Today I am sharing a NOA with my love. As simple as that, but it made him happy!

By: Henriette Danielsen

Be Inspired

Great fall dates

Fall time – it can be rainy and grey, but it could also be the most romantic season. We’ve listed some great date ideas.

Pumpkin Carving
Begin your date by taking your date to a grocery store with large pumkins – or why not a market? Then go back to your place to gut and carve up some jack-o-lanterns. After going all Norman Bates on your pumpkins, you and your date can roast the seeds and sit on the porch to admire your work. Dreamy!


Foliage Drive
Watching the green leaves transform into beautiful displays of vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds is one of the best parts of autumn. But driving through your neighborhood or walking to work just doesn’t give you a sweeping view of the unfolding majesty. So hop in your car or rent one if possible, pack a couple of sandwiches for a picnic, and take a scenic drive through some passages where you and your date can get an awe-inspiring look at the seasons’ changing of the guard. Roooomantic!


Apple Cider Mill
If you’re lucky enough to have an apple cider mill where you live, take advantage of it for a casual afternoon date. You can watch how the cider is made, sip on samples, browse the kitschy products in the country store, and sit down to eat some delicious treats.

Take advantage of the dark – take your date on a night walk and gaze up, maybe you can sit in a lounger and cuddle up next to each other and talk about everything that crosses your mind.


Weenie Roast
Let’s face it: there’s never a bad time for a weenie roast. But the fall is peak weenie roast season. It’s chilly but not freezing — the perfect time for cuddling by the campfire, munching on hot dogs and s’mores, and engaging in some good old fashioned fireside smooching.

By: Victoria Thoors /Inspiration: 

Baking Nutrition

Banoffee pie – comfort food deluxe

The weather is getting colder, the darkness is creeping upon us and I instinctively want to crawl under a blanket and – EAT! Preferably something sweet. Check this out!

Banoffee pie was originally a British toffee pie, yummy, but then someone came up with the brilliant idea of putting bananas on top of it! I admit that it’s very sweet, but I think we all deserve something sweet and comforting once in a while. Even on a Tuesday.

Ingredients (Serves 6–8)
200g digestive cookies
100g butter
1 can á 397g condensed milk (dulce de leche)
2 ½dl full cream
50g dark chocolate
2 bananas
A pinch of sea salt
A handfull of almonds and hazelnuts (can be excluded)

Crush the cookies by mixing them in a food processor or putting them in a plastic bag and smash them with a rolling pin or some other kitchen utensil (oh so satisfying after a long day at work). Brown the butter and mix with the cookie crumbles. Press the mixture into a baking tin and put in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Put on your favorite song and dance. After 10 minutes you’re crust will be ready and you can start spreading dulce de leche all over the it. Peal and slice the bananas and put on top of the toffee. Whip the cream until fluffy and put it on top of the bananas. Top this beauty of a cake with some graded chocolate and a dash of sea salt. If you’re into nuts then throw some over it all. Take a spoon and eat directly from the tin – or be more sophisticated and share with your friends and family. Mmmmmmh

By: Victoria Thoors /  Photo cred: Savingdessert


Q&A about the vegetarian lifestyle

There are several reasons to why people choose to go over to a vegetarian diet. Some do it for their health, some for the environment and others for the animals. Whatever reason, it’s a lifestyle change that has become more common, but still meets a lot of prejudices in today’s society.

Many are under the impression that becoming a vegetarian involves huge changes, so we asked Margit Katharine Bøhn, who follows a vegetarian, and somewhat vegan diet, to share her thoughts and experience with us.

What made you decide to stop eating meat?
I was fourteen and had been engaged in animal rights for a while, handing out brochures for the Norwegian equivalent to Peta at school and skipping my first (and only) class because we had to dissect a pig, so I had been thinking about it for quite some time. One day we had chicken for dinner at home, and I just couldn’t eat it. I just imagined the poor chicken in front of me and suddenly felt like I was chewing on my own thigh.

Did you find it difficult in the beginning?
The most difficult part for me was that I, as a teenager, didn’t receive any support from my parents. I also didn’t have much knowledge about nutrition growing up, but found my way. It’s all about giving it a try.

How do you get enough protein?
I’m not sure what all this fuzz about protein is, as I do believe this major concern is totally misunderstood. More protein isn’t necessarily better; let’s talk quality instead. Mother Nature is filled with good protein sources, such as soybeans, chick peas, avocado, lentils, black beans, kidney beans, tofu, bulgur, quinoa, peas, nuts, oats and so much more. If you eat a variety of whole foods, you’ll most likely get enough protein.

I think the most important thing is not to feel like going green is a sacrifice, but a positive change

Have you felt any difference on your body after you stopped eating meat?
I was 14 at the time so I can’t really say, but going from vegetarian to a vegan diet? Oh yeah, definitely. You feel SO much better, cleaner, healthier, and happier. I’ve been eating more or less vegan for the last year.

What are the challenges when it comes to being vegan?
I think social stigma is the worst – all the questions, having to make special orders at restaurants, as there are often no vegan options on the menu. This feels very ironic to me, that you get judged for not eating animals. People get very emotional about their meat, it’s like drinking with a sober person – suddenly you feel judged yourself.

What is your favorite vegan dish?
My goal is to make vegan food taste and feel as close to meaty food as possible. I would want my meat-eating friends to be surprised that it can taste so close to what they normally eat, so they understand that they can eat vegan too (without only eating grass). I love burgers, pasta, salads, Mexican and all the tasty food in the world!

What would you recommend for someone who is thinking about turning vegetarian or vegan to do? Where to start?
I think the most important thing is not to feel like going green is a sacrifice, but a positive change. Read up on animal rights and what the meat industry is doing to our planet, watch documentaries and find tons of recipes for inspiration on food blogs, discover a whole new way to look at food and cook tons of it. Be kind to yourself, take one step at the time, learning by doing and doing what’s right for you. Make food fun and not a burden.

Isn’t it expensive?
No, and even if it is – your health is your most important investment. You can stay cheap with beans, peas and oats or go expensive with hemp, raw food and spirulina. Either way, I promise that you will find a diet that works within your budget that tastes great.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred