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Zen mode

Do you ever feel like the days and weeks seem to pass by quicker and quicker as you’re getting older? At least we are. It happens quite frequently that we’re squeezing in lots of activities – breakfast seminar, work, lunch with a friend, gym class etc. without even reflecting upon the current moment we’re in. From time to time we need slow down the pace and save some space in our calendars for “me-time” and get into zen mode.

“It’s not happy people who are thankful. It’s thankful people who are happy”

Zen is a way of being or a state of focus which incorporates a balance between the body and mind. It’s also mainly about relaxing and letting go of the things you cannot change or affect. We’ve found that taking a few moments every day (it could be in the morning, during lunch or afternoon break) sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and just breathing deeply can help you to find balance again. By filling your lungs with fresh air, all the way down to your stomach and then up again, a few times will reset your previous mood and become more thankful for the people and things around you.

If you feel like you need more guidance, there are several fantastic aps, like Headspace, which you can download to your smartphone. Want more advice of how to reduce stress? Click here.

By: Linnéa Nilsson Photo: Flickr/Take Back Your Health Conference


Yoga for newbies

Yoga has gained much popularity over the last few years, so much in fact, that it sometimes seems like everyone is practicing it. While that is a good thing, it can seem a bit intimidating for those who have not yet tried. Therefore, we wanted to introduce you to the most basic and common yoga routine, the sun salutation.

Since not all of us can bend our body in all kind of directions at our first try, we chose to use Anja Hertzberg as a model, who has only practiced yoga a few times. We did this to show you that it is totally fine not to get into the perfect pose the first time around. Yoga can be practiced by everyone and is a way for you to connect body, heart and mind.

Step by step: Sun Salutation 




Stand up straight. Bring your arms together, palm-to-palm, at the heart and make sure your weight is evenly distributed.









Raise your arms over your head, slowly bending backwards. The head should be in an extension of the upper body and neck. Relax your neck and inhale.










Exhale while you bend forwards, placing your hands in line with your feet. Bring your forehead as close to your knees as you can. Press your palms down, fingertips in line with your toes. If necessary, bend your knees like Anja does in the picture.







Move your right leg back in a wide lunge and inhale while you bring your left foot to meet your right at the back of the mat, getting into the plank position.







Exhale as you lover your body, keeping your elbows by your side the whole time.









Inhale as you lower your pelvis to the ground and raise your head. Bend backwards as far as possible and straighten your arms.









Exhale and roll back over your toes so that your body ends up in an inverted “V” shape. Stretch your heels onto or down toward the floor and keep your arms straight. Remember to relax your head. Hold the position for a few breaths









Keep your hands firmly on the ground while you slowly inhale and take a wide step forward, placing your left foot between your hands.









Still keeping your hands in place, bring both feet together. If possible, straighten your legs, but keep you waist and upper body lowered. Exhale









Slowly rise, straightening your back into a standing position, stretching your arms above your head as you inhale.









Return to position number 1, bringing your arms together, palm-to-palm in front of your heart. Exhale.






By: Henriette Danielsen / Model: Anja Hertzberg