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Conscious living with that extra spark

//In collaboration with Mindful Mojo

Mindfulness is the foundation in everything we doBeing present in the moment is essential to live a meaningful life. To connect to ourselves and those around us, to become our own best friends, to get clear about what´s going on around us. And then to take real inside out- no bullshit- actions. Then again, sometimes taking that action is easier said than done.

Maybe time to access your mojo? Find that inner spark of yours?

Anna Vogel, founder of Mindful Mojo is now offering private coaching for half the price! Due to her expanding her education, she needs to coach more clients. So between 23/4 and 29/6 you have the chance to get private, 60 minute sessions for only 500 SEK (ex. vat). Regular price is usually 1000 SEK (ex. vat). 

Why coaching
Do you maybe feel stuck? Want to take a new direction in life or work more on your strengths and reach your full potential? It can be about job, career, stress management, health or other areas of life where you want support. You decide how you want to focus on.

Practical information
Each session is 60 minutes and will be held at Götgatsbacken in central Stockholm. In order for the coaching to give results we recommend you to purchase a package of 5 times for 2500 SEK (ex. vat).

About Anna Vogel
Anna is a Mindfulness Instructor, Coach and singer. She also runs a production company in the culture and entertainment industry. Her driving force is to help people to live more within themselves, identify strengths and values, and achieve their goals and dreams in a sustainable way.

If you want to take part of this offer and book a session, feel free to ping an email to and write Coaching: Best of You in the subject line.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo: Marie Emre 

Be Inspired

Spurtee- Powerful sportswear for powerful women

With a vision to help ladies release their inner power and share that feeling with others, Mina Lindman founded the brand Spurtee. By wearing Spurtee sportswear you share your power and encourage others to do greater things.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Spurtee

We met Mina at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm on a cold and wet January day. But with her positive energy and big smile she instantly brightened up the room.

So, who is Mina Lindman? Mina has done a lot of different things throughout her career. Everything from being a consultant to working with sales, being marketing manager and lastly CEO. But she didn’t feel happy, so she decided to quit and become an entrepreneur. Today she is the brains behind the sports brand Spurtee.
– I had a vision of finding a fun way to support girls and women to release their inner powers. I am also very much inspired by the whole start-up scene here in Stockholm. There is so much potential and possibilities and you get encouraged to try your own thing. Which I did, Mina says.

Spurtee´s first collection was “The Power Collection”. A collection of workout clothes made of organic materials with inspiring quotes, putting Spurtee on the map and encouraging you to do greater things through their powerful messages. And most recently they launched a more niched collection, focusing on yoga.
– Imagine the feeling when you can take that yoga pose a little bit further, when you run and reach the top of that steep hill, when you score a three pointer or when you finally get the hang on how to do a deadlift. When you have that feeling you want to share it with the world, and you want others to experience the same feeling of euphoria. That is what my brand is all about!

If you can dream it, you can do it

The brand name came from the two words “Spurt” or “Spur” and “Tee”.
– To spurt means to sprint like you do in short-distance running, and the idea is that you get an extra spurt when your read the message on the back of our shirts. But you can also read it as Spur, with the meaning of encouraging someone. And, tee is of course short for t-shirt, she explains.

And what makes Spurtee the brand to choose when it comes to fitness clothing?
– Apart from being edgy and empowering, we think the design is very flattering, bringing out the best of you. And, also, the materials we use are soft, light and has natural thermal qualities to keep you cool when exercising or just strolling around on a hot day.

Besides focusing on her new collection, Mina has many exciting plans for the brand in the future. They are for instance soon launching a possibility to pre-order your favorite Spurtee, in addition to preparing for shipping outside of Sweden and the launch a new collection called “Runner’s Collection”.
– We hope to launch the Runner’s Collection together with an influential runner that really loves and lives our brand. In addition, we are continuously looking for other brands that will supplement Spurtee, and sell them on our online store. Much fun  awaits, Maria says.

Want to learn more about Spurtee? Check out their website and Instagram account for more inspiration.

Name: Mina Lindman
Age: 42
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Favorite quote: “Just Do It” is my all-time favorite, it’s so much me!

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New Year New Power

Sunday the 4th of February, we invited our followers together with Clarion Hotel Sign to an inspirational morning filled with enthusiasm and positive energy that went straight to our hearts.

Breakfast and coffee was enjoyed while Motivational Speaker Maria Swanström led us through a 90 minutes ‘workshop about how to keep our glow and flow in 2018. Tips and tricks where shared on how to stay more focused and how to live our lives in the best possible way, in this digitalised world draining our energy and occupying our attention. A workshop about personal leadership, goals setting and how to get more power and energy.

Thank you to Maria Swanström and Clarion Hotel Sign for creating an inspirational and empowering morning with us,  and to everyone who came and shared their morning.

Head over to Facebook to see more pictures from our event and to keep track on what’s up next.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Linda Florin