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Unplug and reboot

Everything will work again if you unplug it for a while. Including you.

I was working on my computer the other day when it started making a weird noise I had never heard before. Suddenly everything stopped working and eventually the only option I had was to press the on/off button long enough for my computer to finally turn off completely.

It got me thinking about how I felt at that moment, and how much I wished someone would press my on/off button long enough so everything would turn black and I would not have to deal with anything for a while.

While my computer reboots I look around, feeling a little lost. I snacked on some chocolate and ended up grabbing a book and suddenly I rediscovered the pleasure of turning pages and getting lost in someone else’s stories for a while.

But I also felt guilty. I felt I was wasting time. I felt unproductive.

What had happened? Since when did I value time spent in front of a screen more than time spent reading a book? For me that was a wakeup call.

I would be lying if I would say I got better and now set aside more time to read every day. But every week, every now and then, I try to put the computer away, I even turn off Wi-Fi so I won’t be lured into checking my phone every 30 seconds.

What I recommend though, hell, what I prescribe, is to occasionally take some real time off. Whether it is a few hours at a spa, a full day laying in the park or a weekend gateway. A break from the routine, to stay away from social media for longer than an hour and remember how to it feels to unplug, relax and eventually, reboot.

By: Morgane Oléron 

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The beauty of blank space in your calendar

I looked at my calendar this morning and realized I have something going on every single day the next few weeks. Having planned every single day into detail made me realize how little I set aside time to do nothing.

We have become a culture that is severely uncomfortable with blank spaces in our calendars. We rarely set aside time to be alone and do nothing, mostly because it doesn’t sound so fun. And for some it may be hard being alone, having to face their true emotions and take the time to reflect upon life. Scrolling through our phone or continue running from one social gathering to another just seems so much easier, right?

Personally, I am terrified of days where I have nothing planned! I get so restless and I got this idea in my head that I need to do something all the time. I need to be active, social and productive. Days of not having to do anything, what is that? And by doing nothing I of course don’t mean sitting and stare at the wall, I mean have a day where you don’t plan anything. Simply clear your calendar and let the day unfold.

No agenda, no rushing around. Just be.

Sometimes the best thing to do is give your body and mind a break and remove all social obligations, turn off your notifications and put your projects on hold. Simply take a day and just be.

Why, you may wonder?

It’s healthy! It may sound boring, but taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective and gives your mind a little break from all the images, noises and impressions thrown its way. And it actually takes the absence of an agenda to really get to know yourself.

So, time to turn this around and clear my calendar. Make room for some empty pages and see what the day will bring. Be spontaneous again, feel and embrace! Going on autopilot may be efficient, but maybe not the best way to live.

What about you? Will you give it a try with me? Simply wake up and resist the urge to immediately DO something. It might take some time to break the habit (at least it will for me), but let’s try! But let’s start with once a week (babysteps, hihi)!

By: Henriette Danielsen

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Good reads – November

Christmas is around the corner (can you believe it) and books may be on your wishlist? We share some of our favorites this month.

Me without you by Kelly Rimmer
I recommend you to get some tissues ready for this one! It’s a powerful book about love, illness and heartbreak and it reminds you of what’s important in life. It’s about Callum and Lilah: two people who don’t believe in love at first sight, but when they meet they can’t help themselves. But Lilah hides a big secret from Callum, a secret that will put their love to the ultimate test.

The lucky one by Nicholas Sparks
This one is an oldie, but goldie! When U.S Marine Logan Thibault finds a photograph of a smiling woman in the dusty land of Iraq, he keeps it. Turns out it works a little like a lucky charm, and back in the U.S he sets out to find the woman in the picture. When they meet, they embark upon a passionate love affair, but the secret of the photo threatens to tear them apart. It’s a powerful story about the surprising paths of our lives, destiny and love.


The Snowman by Jo Nesbø
Jo Nesbø is Norway’s most famous crime author and this book must be one of his best! It’s terrifying and when you start to read you won’t be able to put it down! We follow detective Harry Hole in his hunt for a serial killer. As his investigation deepens, something else emerges: he is becoming a pawn in an increasingly terrifying game by the killer.


Enjoy your reading and please leave a comment in the comment field below if you have any good tips for us!

Be Inspired

Good reads – October

Autumn is coming to an end and winter is right around the corner. We spend more and more time indoors (at least in Scandinavia *brr*), and what is then better than to read a good book? We share some of our favorites, and who knows; maybe you’ll be inspired to read one!

Two by two by Nicholas Sparks
We never grow tired of the endless novels from Nicholas Sparks, and this one just breathtakingly beautiful. It’s about a man named Russel Green; who is married, father two a young girl and has a successful career. Some may say his living the dream, but not Russel. In just months his whole life is turned upside down and we follow him through his journey. Prepare for an powerful and very emotional story.

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
This book follows two parallel plots, both situated in Paris. In the first plot, we follow the ten-year-old Jewish girl Sarah, who is arrested with her parents during the Vel’ d’Hiv’- the infamous day in 1942 when French police rounded up thousands of Jewish men, women and children, in order to send them to concentration camps. Before they go, she locks her four-year-old brother in a cupboard, thinking the family should be back in a few hours. In the second plot, we follow Julia, an American journalist who is asked to write an article in honor of the 60th anniversary of the roundup. The two stories cross paths and this novel is not only an emotional one, but a true page turner!

Secret daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
Girls have no value in the countryside in India, so when Kavita gives birth to a daughter, her husband kills the newborn. A few years later she gives birth again, but this time she manages to save her newborn child by bringing it to safety in an orphanage. 20 years later Asha, who has grown up at an adoptive family in America, returns to India to reveal her past. A beautiful story about two mothers and a child.


Drinks Smoothies/Juices


After a long day at work or when you simply feel you need to slow down the pace, what do you do? For some a workout may be the solution or maybe just take a walk and enjoy nature. We on the other hand like to go crazy in the kitchen! 

Fun fact: Many of you surely know that watermelon and cucumber consist of over 90% water? But did you also know that apples consist of approximately 85 % water? However, this doesn’t mean that they lack fiber or nutrition – on the contrary! This recipe includes wild apples, which we absolutely love!

Ingredients (Serves 2)
½ fresh pineapple (or 200 gr frozen)
2-3 cm of fresh ginger (peeled)
2 bottles NOA Wild Apples & Gooseberry
1 green apple (thinly sliced)
Mint leaves
Ice cubes

Use a blender and add the pineapple, mint and ginger. Gradually add the NOA Wild Apple & Gooseberry. Mix for a few minutes and then pour everything in two glasses, add ice cubes and garnish with sliced apple and mint. Voilà, it’s as simple as that– give it a try and let us know what you think!

By: Linnéa Nilsson / Photo cred  / Sponsored product 

Guest Posts

When you don’t have the time to relax – that’s when it’s time to relax

You know, one of those days when the sun is shining and all of your friends are busy, so you decide to spend the day with yourself. But when you get to the crowded park, you realize your phone is dead and the book you were supposed to bring is still at home. Do you feel; panic or relief? strength or worried? secure or hopeless?
By: Therés Enström Photo: Sandra Svensson

In the moment we spend time with others, we can meet ourselves but we can easily forget the magic of meeting ourselves when we spend time alone. Think for a moment, how do you feel about yourself and what thoughts do you have about yourself?

What we think affects our emotions as well as our physiological responses and actions. Our brain sorts out impressions and information after a negative, positive or indifferent experience and when the brain believe that the information is negative and a threat it will automatically connect to our body’s defenses which make us ready to fight or run.[1]

We live in a world where we are supposed to be “perfect “, where we shall fight until we bleed, get back again and continue until we reach the “top”. Where demands are constantly increasing, and the time and humanity is reduced. Where the image of the “ideal self” chasing us to sleepless nights, retouched images on Instagram, hurried coffee breaks, more projects and more working hours.

You have just as much value as you had before you passed an exam or finished a project

We know that stress is dangerous in the long run, but despite this more and more people are burned out. Stress is linked to the reaction of struggle and flight, and the body, brain and psyche’s different reactions to pressure and challenges.[2] Stress and control belong together and when we struggle to maintain our control a certain situation, a stress reaction is created.[3] This could happen when you meet what you think are the obstacles in your life and you lose control.

The question is how you treat yourself when it occurs?

There’s no right and wrong in this. Fighting is good, want to become better at something is a good thing, but we must never forget that it’s okay to be enough, dare to love ourselves in all our shapes, colors, thoughts and patterns. Dare to be confident that you’re awesome just the way you are. You have just as much value as you had before you passed an exam or finished a project. It’s great that you want to get better, sweat, grow and learn, but remember that you are valuable no matter what you accomplish, or don’t accomplish. Your value will not change with the numbers of your medals. The important deal is to love yourself and be happy with all your choices and thoughts.

A wise person once said that if you feel you don’t have the time, that’s when you take a beak and say something nice to yourself. It’s by far my best advice to reduce stress. When I feel stressed out, I lie down, relax and say something nice to myself, sometimes I really have to force myself to do it. But I make sure I do it.

Next time you feel all stressed up – and do not have the time – that is when you should take a break!

Name: Therés Enström
Age: 28
Occupation: Lead singer in the rock band King Albatross and the band Juniper Stream and soon-to-be health counselor
Lives: Borlänge Sweden

Listen to King Albatross
Check out their Facebook page for tour updates.

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