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Have your pick and regain focus

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with choices? Doesn’t it seem like there is an endless list of things we could decide to concentrate our attention, time, money and life on? 

Where I come from, we are asked very young to decide what we will study, and basically become and work with for the rest of our lives. I was always really frustrated with that and grew up to be a Jack of all trades, master of none. Or so it feels. Jumping from one activity to another, falling in and out of love with piano, dancing, theatre, english lessons, rock music, historical biographies, tennis, sign language, swimming…and the list goes on. It was, still is, fun to want to try it all, but it also feels unsettling to never go into the depth of things.

Wanting to do it all also inevitably adds on to your stress level and let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if it says so on your resumé (like it does on mine), no one ever properly master multitasking! And so, at the old age of 31, I felt the need to finally pick.

I decided to start training my ability to focus.

Focus on a few key area for me to explore and grow in this year.

So I gave myself one exercise over the break: finding out what to focus on in 2018. What are the three or four areas I feel I need to improve, explore, discover, learn from.

I sat in front of an A3 sheet of paper for a good 30 minutes with a pen in hand, drawing a blank. I had nothing. Or too many things. I just could not pick. So I chose another angle. Instead I “drew” my year 2017. I pointed out the key events, key people, and next to it, I wrote down the feelings, causes and outcomes that went with them. And through that, I eventually was able to identify those 3 or 4 themes. It was exhilarating! Afterwards, it also reminded me of my friend Kenneth’s awesome article about finding your purpose.

Regardless of whether you will use the outcomes and put something into practice, I would definitely recommend anyone to take some time to reflect on what you really feel you want to work on as the new year starts instead of just listing ready-made and never-kept new year’s resolutions. “Go to the gym” is great, but how does “discovering what health truly means for me” sound instead?

That being said, better focus for me is a work in progress. As I am writing this, I have 19 windows open on my computer, my phone is buzzing next to me while I am listening to a TED talk. Bad habits die hard.

By: Mo Oléron

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Time to skip the excuses

Excuses – words we use to justify ourselves. Sometimes it seems that there’s never a shortage of those.

I once read a quote that said: ”If you want something done you find time. If you don’t, you find an excuse”. I’ve been trying to implement this piece of wisdom into my life ever since.

It felt very liberating admitting to myself that sometimes things don’t get done simply because of my laziness, or simply because I don’t prioritise them. Being honest with myself instead of trying to find an excuse felt very satisfying.

I also started implementing this with people. If I caught myself coming up with excuses to justify myself I would stop. Finding excuses felt like such a normal thing to do for so long that it had become a habit and they came automatically. It felt like my brain was on autopilot-mode and I wasn’t in charge. But, once I started thinking about it and recognising the patterns in my behaviour, excuses seemed just wrong. It became clear that anytime I looked to justify my actions, or lack there of, I was trying to fool myself, and others instead of just admitting the truth.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are many situations out of our control that can come in the way of us doing what needs to be done. Real excuses do exist. Sometimes traffic really is horrible. And everyone can have a hectic day when time seems to fly by before we get to cross everything of our to do lists. Those reasons are legit. When I say excuse I think more of this type – I didn’t wash my hair last night because I wanted to go to sleep early. In reality, I stayed late watching Netflix, so washing my hair wasn’t really a priority. It’s a silly example, but it paints the picture.

So, in the light of the New Year and everyone making their plans and resolutions, how about we all try to do this – more honesty and less excuses. I promise that you’ll feel great about it and others will respect you for it. We can all see through others’ excuses anyway as we’ve all been using them. So, this year let’s find a way and not an excuse!

By: Ivona Josipovic / Photo cred: Pinterest

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More love on the menu

Social media is flooded with New Year resolutions. Everyone is determined on making 2018 the best year ever, and it couldn’t be more perfect: It´s Monday, the start of a new week in a brand-new year. Time to reinvent yourself, get your life on track, fulfill all your goals and dreams. Or?

This time of year, inspires many of us to reflect upon our life and find ways to improve it, and resolutions come in many forms. Some make a promise to themselves to change a bad habit, like quit smoking or eating junk food. Others decide they want to develop a positive habit, such as starting to exercise, recycling more or save more money.

And while there is nothing wrong in setting goals, keep in mind that change doesn’t happen overnight. Research actually shows that about half of all adults make New Year resolutions, but less than 10 percent manage to keep them for more than a few months (I kind of figured that one out over the last few years). However, that doesn’t mean you should give up, maybe just adjust you approach a little.

I have therefore decided to change my perspective. Instead of looking at everything I should change in my life, thinking of this year as a “new year, new me”, I have decided to fill my year with more love instead. Kind of fill up my self-love tank. Because the fuller that gets, the more love I have to share and give away to others.

What’s done in love is done well.

And I am a true believer that love fixes everything. It might not give you abs or help you save money, but it makes life pretty good. And come to think about it, life is pretty awesome despite some bad habits here and there. There is no need to be perfect.

So, whether or not you believe in resolutions, do your thing. Do the changes that you feel need to be done to make you happy. But let’s do it with love, shall we?

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Pinterest