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Is social media messing with our health?

Daily we mindlessly scroll through our social media feeds, being subconsciously fed with a portrait of the perfect life. We start comparing ours with others, getting caught in the delusion that life is flawless. Which is fair to say is a tad unhealthy.

Sometimes it can be just a little sting of jealousy over someone’s vacation photos. Or from someone’s amazing party, event or girl’s night. Or it can be the beautiful clothes, the perfect boyfriend or the fun job. Other times it can be the pressure to post the right picture in order to get enough likes. Everything must be perfect, because while in reality perfection doesn’t exist, in the virtual world it can be achieved simply with the right filter.

We carefully select and portray pieces of our lives which are simply a fraction of what our days actually look like. We choose the best outfits and the best selfies, rarely tapping into the more common moments like sitting on the sofa in sweatpants. Or burring our face in chocolate, or skipping yet another gym class. And we sit on the other side of those screens, swallowing every image, every word.

All of this is not to say that there are no benefits to social media. On the contrary. It keeps us connected across great distances, helps us stay in touch, inspires us, let’s us unfold our creativity and be part of a community. There are so many reasons to why we love it! We just want to give you a friendly reminder that in those moments when you find yourself envying someone, or feel like a failure due to a status or image update, keep in mind that those moments show only a fraction of reality and are usually staged, photoshoped, filtered and styled.

So, consume with caution, and when an account or person makes you feel low, it´s time to defriend or unfollow. Life is too short to be comparing yourself to others and social media should bring you joy and inspiration, not anxiety and depression. Remember; you being you is your superpower!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred:

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Practice what you preach

This weekend has been very busy. Good busy. The kind of busy you hope for when you start your own business and want to live doing what you love: inspiring people to be the happiest version of themselves.

But sometimes you get caught up in the turmoil, the excitement, the stress, the pressure to deliver and reach expectations (your own especially) and sometimes, you lose touch with the meaning of it all.

It happened to me on Saturday. We were hosting a beautiful event for Yuhme. For this we were sponsored by Yogish Collective, who generously provided gorgeous mats and a stunning one piece for me to wear. At the end of the class, Janis, our photographer took some shots of Henriette and me. We figured we always take pics of everyone else but us. Later that day as I was working on the class I would be holding the following day, when Henriette sent me one of the pictures, asking if it was ok to post in our social media channels.

My first reaction was to scrutinize the picture around my belly area. My soft spot. Literarily. I immediately rejected it, feeling way too self-conscious about myself. (Just for the record, I know I am not fat. But no one chooses their complex, right?)

Later on, it hit me… what was I doing?

Didn’t I love myself just the way I am? Who was I to preach to people about self-love and all that jazz and later on censure my own body? I felt really bad about it. Guilty as charged.

The following day, as we hosted our second event of the weekend with The Yoga Story, I listened to our dear Life Coach Sandra Aggemo asking if we had anything we wanted to share with the group, anything we wanted to work on. I suddenly realized I had to speak up. I had to let it out because a fault confessed is half redressed, right? Because I realized there was something that bothered me more than my belly on that picture, it was the idea that I could come across as fake and hypocritical.

Today, before starting on this post I stumbled upon an article in Le Monde (in french) about the whole Yoga buzz and the fact that it is so trendy that it has completely lost its meaning somehow. It really resonated with me and what had happened this weekend. Every time I teach I hope to touch people one way or another, I hope they take something with them home. But I cannot forget that every time I teach, I learn something in return.

By: Mo Oléron / Photo cred: Janis Saulis

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An occasional digital detox

We’re all constantly connected, and while the good sides of smartphones and modern age technology are numerous, how much do we really know about how our devices are affecting us?

There are studies that link Facebook to depression, social media to narcissism, smartphones to insomnia. And while we may choose to disregard them, deep down many of us feel intuitively that spending all this time online can’t be that good for us.

Taking a healthy break from technology might lead us to a happier life and that is where a digital detox comes in. Wondering what digital detox is? Here’s the definition: ”A period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.”

By turning the technology off, I come back to here and now

For my younger self that used to sound like a nightmare, not having my phone or Wi-Fi was terrifying. However, nowadays I find myself craving these periods when I can switch everything off and be alone with my thoughts. No scrolling on Instagram, no answering emails like they are a matter of life and death, no headphones playing the latest episode of some podcast.

Going on occasional digital detox helps me to reconnect. I reconnect with my loved ones, with nature and with myself. It lowers my stress levels as I avoid the constant distraction of notifications and alerts. It helps me be present. It also helps me be productive as I eliminate the amount of time that I would normally spend on my phone doing not really sure what.

By turning the technology off, I come back to here and now. And it always turns out that that’s exactly where I need to be.

By: Ivona Josipovic 

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Instagram favorites

It’s time to share some of our favorite accounts with you guys again. Take a look and be inspired.

#1 superfoodrunner
Lexi and Beth, mother and daughter, practically make us drool! They share yummy recipes and stunning pictures of plant based food! A must follow if you want to be inspired in the kitchen-department.

#2 blissfullyliving
Second on the list is our very own blogger, Clara Mo. She studies nutritional science and having a history as a ED-survivor she aspires to help others. Be inspired by beautiful pictures of vegan food, workouts and glimpses of her everyday life.

#3 yogishcollective
Yogish Collective is a lifestyle brand with an ambition to create long lasting, stylish pieces. Their mats and their whole account makes you want to enter the world of yoga – so pretty!

#4 yourhappyperiod
Who knew tampons could be so inspiring? Hihi! The ladies behind the brand Your Happy Period share some girl power on Instagram, definitely worth following.

#5 madeby_danica
Ok, I know it may seem like we are obsessed with food, but we are so please bare with us! And since we love food we of course love madeby_danica’s account! If we could magically make her plates appear in front of us we would!

Do you have any favorite accounts that you think we would like? Let us know by leaving a comment. Sharing is caring!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred 

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Instagram favorites

In need for some mid-week inspiration? No worries; we got it! Take a look at this month’s inspiring Instagram accounts.

#1 haveeyeon
Sylwia is a blogger from Poland, who takes breathtaking pictures of coffee and cakes. Her beautiful images have a calming effect on us and makes us want to go home and just eat and drink the rest of the day!

#2 holistical
Anne-Line is a blogger from Norway who aspires to inspire people to create a life that they truly love. She shares both recipes and her thoughts on life, and she is definitely someone worth following.

#3 anjaforsnor
Anja is nutritionist, author, blogger and co-founder of Grounded Factory, and shares pieces of her daily life here in Stockholm, Sweden!

#4 justmehiba
This lovely lady is from Helsingborg and her accounts makes us hungry! She makes her healthy meals look like a piece of heaven and inspires us in the kitchen.

#5 hannasundquist
Hanna works as a journalist for the Norwegian magazine Shape Up and through her account we follow her exciting days at work! Everything from photoshoots to press releases to the gym. An active girl worth following!

Do you have any favorite accounts that you think we would like? Let us know by leaving a comment. Sharing is caring!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred 

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Instagram favorites – some Friday inspiration

It’s time to share this month’s favorite Instagram accounts with you! We’re still amazed by all the beautiful images and inspirational accounts out there – take a look!

#1 streamstraws
A company based in Cape Town, producing handcrafted and eco-friendly glass drinking straws. Founder Eva Zimmerman is working towards a greener planet and shares wonderful pictures of smoothies and other goodness!

#2 careergirldaily
An award winning online magazine for career-minded women. Fashion, inspiration and girlpower on the menu here people!

#3 josefinesyoga 
Blogger and yoga teacher from Sweden who shares the beauty of different yoga poses and the beauty of life.

#4 essentiallyjuice
A juicing company from Norway using 100% natural, pesticide free, whole and unprocessed ingredients. The beautiful images will make you want to drink juices for the rest of your life.

#5 czarnaewcia
Eva Chodun, a mom and wife from Poland sharing lovely images of her family, food, nature etc., spreading daily inspiration.
Do you have any favorite accounts that you think we would like? Let us know by leaving a comment. Sharing is caring!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Borrowed featured image 

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Instagram favorites

We continue to be inspired on Instagram by all the different accounts out there, and we of course want to share them with you, lovelies! Here is our month’s favorite.

#1 @bestofvegan
Whoever said vegan food is boring hasn’t been following @bestofvegan. This account will make you go vegan, no kidding! They share recipes and inspire you to choose plant based food.

#2 @sara0406_
Follow Sara and her everyday life in Italy through her Canon camera. Beautiful and inspiring pictures of food, different sceneries and fashion.

#3 @foodjunkieblog
This Swedish lady knows her food! It’s all about clean, easy and colorful food on her account. She shares tips and recipes and is truly an inspiration to a happy and healthy life.

#5 @thehealthyblond
This Swedish beauty is a travel and health junky, and inspires through her delicious pictures of healthy food and sandy beaches! A must follow!

#4 @linda_lomelino
My god, don’t even know what to say. Her pictures are mouthwatering. Just take a look, she makes food look like art!

Do you have any favorite accounts that you think we would like? Let us know by leaving a comment. Sharing is caring!

By: Henriette Danielsen /Photo cred 


How Social Media Impacts Our Mental Health

Let’s face it – social media is a great tool to have. We get information on what our family and friends are up to instantly, we have a way to keep in touch while travelling, and we have access to trends and news stories that we may otherwise not be aware of. 

The other side to social media, however, is the copious amount of time one can spend on it without accomplishing much. Remember our post on disconnecting? Spending too much time on social media can lead to a comparison trap. For instance, if you’re trying to get fit, following fitness stars on Instagram may be a good idea to stay motivated… but what if it starts to actually bring you down? What we fail so often to realize, is that social media is only portraying the highlight reel of someone’s life. People don’t tweet the bad stuff – they’re not Instagramming the ugly parts of life. Raw, emotional posts are few and far between.

How does this impact our mental health?

On average, adults aged 18-64 spend 3.2 hours a day using social media (*1). This is reportedly even higher for young adults. That’s a big chunk of our day consuming portrayals of “perfect” days/weeks/vacations/bodies/workouts/food.

Which leads us to…

Several studies have shown that there may be a connection between social networking and depressive symptoms, a decrease of self-esteem, and other issues. Another study found there was a positive correlation between depressive symptoms and time spent on social networking sites (*2). Since we’re all spending an average of 3 hours or more on social media a day, this is a pretty significant finding.

If you’re someone who struggles with self-esteem or comparing yourself to others, taking a break from your social network of choice could help you re-evaluate what kind of content you’d like to see on your social media feed. This is really something that applies to all.

Are all the fitness pages you follow really that motivating? Or would a quote on how exercise fuels our bodies and keeps us healthy be a better option? Sometimes scrolling through a feed of chiseled abs and post-workout selfies isn’t what we really need in the moment.

Get creative with your choices on who to follow. Find pages that really inspire and uplift you. Follow users who make you laugh. Do your best to avoid a negative social environment. Working on creating a positive online environment and finding a balance for yourself is key!

Sources: *1 Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, 2013 / *2 Igor, 2014.

This post is contributed by Samantha Thayer, Online Outreach and Education Specialist from What’s Up, USANA?. For more information on health, feel free to visit their blog or find them on Twitter @USANAInc.

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Disconnect to reconnect

Being connected 24/7 can sometimes cause the opposite emotion – a feeling of disconnect. Ever find yourself checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram round-the-clock? And when you’re done checking in on all your social feeds, you realize how long you just spent doing nothing. 

As someone who works in social media, I can relate to how easy it is to get sucked into things and experience information overload. With all the news stories, streaming updates, blog feeds, and Instagram images, it can become a little too much.

Sometimes the right thing to do is just disconnect. Here are five tips for logging off:

Stop checking your phone in the morning
This is definitely a habit a lot of people have. If you feel compelled every morning to check your Twitter or Instagram feed to see what the world is up to, try setting a goal to not check your phone for an hour or two every morning. The content will still be there later in the day – no need to check it first thing! Try focusing on reading or making a healthy breakfast instead. You’ll get more energy and feel more productive with your morning.

Put your phone on airplane mode
A personal favorite of mine. I put my phone in airplane mode every night about 1-2 hours before I go to bed, and I don’t take it off until an hour or so after waking up. There’s likely nothing urgent going on during these hours. Putting your phone in airplane mode will make it so you don’t get any notifications and you can’t access Wi-Fi (so no texts or social media). This will help you be more intentional with your mornings and nights, and keep you present with those you spend your time with.

Pick up a journal
Journaling is a great alternative for sharing your thoughts. The best part, is that it’s private. You can sit with your emotions and thoughts on topics or any issues you may be dealing with instead of over-sharing on social media.  After journaling for a while, you may notice a trend in your thoughts and emotions. This can help you improve your emotional intelligence and be more present.

Schedule updates
If being on social media is imperative to your work (like blogging), try using a social media scheduling tool. Tools like Hootsuite can help you schedule posts ahead of time so you don’t have to be online constantly sharing news.  Use this to your advantage so you can spend your time more productively on what you want to be doing.

Set boundaries
It’s important to set boundaries. Media is constantly being updated but it doesn’t mean you need to be online 24/7! Set boundaries with friends and customers alike. Let people know when you will be available, and if you take vacation make sure to set an Out of Office reply on your e-mail so people don’t expect a response until you get back. Don’t feel guilty for setting boundarie, after all, we’re only human!

I hope these tips help you disconnect without feeling guilty, and that you can enjoy the downtime and recharge!

This post is contributed by Samantha Thayer, Online Outreach and Education Specialist from What’s Up, USANA?. For more information on health, feel free to visit their blog or find them on Twitter @USANAInc.

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Instagram favorites

Instagram – such a wonderful tool! It’s actually one of the most downloaded apps in the world right now, with more than 400 million monthly active users.

Each day, more than 80 million photos are uploaded and we love to scroll through some of those when we lack inspiration or just want to see some wonderful pictures to lift our spirit.

We therefore want to share 10 inspiring accounts worth following. Take a look!

#1 @positivepinja
This cute girl is Finnish, but lives in Stockholm. Her account is filled with bright and colorful pictures from her everyday life! The food she eats, different workouts and her neighborhood! Her positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious!

#2 @sassa_asli
Sassa shares her passion for an active and healthy lifestyle! She motivates you to be happy, healthy and feeling radiant with her beautiful pictures and inspirational texts.

#3 @coffeeandbooks
This account is run by Miriam Røe, who works for the Norwegian publishing house Cappelen Damm. Her images are so attractive and makes you want to forget about everything, make a cup of coffee and read!

#4 @balanceyoga
Balanceyoga is a yoga instructor, located in Norway that shares her wisdom through beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes. Get your daily dose of inspiration from this yogini.

#5 @yogabjorn
This man and his poses, we are lost for words! If you’re interested in yoga and want to see it from a guy’s perspective, take a look!

#6 @earthyandy
This beautiful account gives you a glimpse of how it is living a plant based, family life on beautiful Hawaii. Her pictures are breathtaking and the images of food makes you hungry like crazy!

#7 @alishylishy
Alisha Johns is based in Los Angeles and her whole feed is just a bunch of lovely colors (and we LOVE colors!) This account truly brightens your mind!

#8 @mynewroots
Sarah Britton’s account reminds us to tread lightly on the earth every day, starting with the crops we farm and food we eat. She shares recipes filled with fruits and veggies, sharing her love for organic food.

#9 @bitherelis
The girl behind bitherelis comes from Istanbul and her pictures are gorgeous! She collects colorful images from around the world, taken by both her and other great photographers and makes you want to pack your suitcase and explore the world.

#10 @katgaskin
Oh <3 We just want to buy a plane ticket and travel to Hawaii when we see katgaskin’s pictures! Pineapples, palm trees and the blue sea, this account has it all.

Do you have any favorite accounts that you think we would like? Let us know by leaving a comment. Sharing is caring!

By: Henriette Danielsen