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It seems like we have realized the importance of eating healthy and move our bodies regularly. Sadly, too often this is something we do for a few weeks before giving up and falling back into old, and generally, poor health habits. Sounds familiar?

We want to show you that it is possible to create healthier habits without excluding everything that’s fun and tastes good! It’s actually possible to get the best of two worlds. The key is creating healthier habits, not restrictions. If you constantly tell yourself that chocolate is bad and wine is forbidden, well, your body will automatically crave exactly those things. And that’s not the ideal way of living, now is it?

Many are under the impression that healthy people only eat dry chicken, broccoli and live at the gym. We are not gonna lie, many do, but the majority doesn’t! You can actually be healthy and at the same time skip the gym for one hot date with the couch and your best friend: the chocolate cake! But if you do it to often, that’s when it gets unhealthy. The key is finding the balance, and most importantly, finding what works for YOU. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling that you live by strict rules and that you’re constantly failing. We want you to be happy!

So, before we start diving into how you can become healthier and hopefully live a long and sick-free life, we just want to let you know that these are just tips. What works for us may not work for you, only you know what to do to make it work. However, when you start, give it some time! We tend to give up way too easily and we can guarantee that the feeling of a generally healthy lifestyle over time is so worth it! So put away the skepticism and let’s go!

Toss it out
The best way to start is to take a serious spring cleaning in your kitchen cupboards. Out of sight, out of mind (almost at least). Depends on how healthy you want to be, but we recommend you to get rid of all fabricated food, sugar and flour. Are you unsure of what is healthy and not? Take a look at the ingredients. Healthy food often has a shorter shelf life (for a reason).

Stock up
Does the kitchen seem kind of empty right about now? Fill up the fridge with veggies, organic food and alternatives. Bean pasta, almond-or corn flour, buckwheat, couscous, hazel milk, nuts, bars and all that other tasty food many of us have yet to explored. Also stock up on snacks. Have bars or dried fruits available. It will help you avoid those impulse purchases like chocolate or junk food when you’re hungry during the day.

Healthy isn’t boring
There is so much tasty food and endless recipe banks out there, you just have to experiment and find the path that is right for you. The same goes for workouts. We try to encourage and inspire you by sharing healthy and easy recipes and different workout routines,  so if you need some inspiration, take a look under our categories “recipes” and “wellness”

Move your body
Many struggle to find the motivation to work out , forcing themselves to the gym. It goes without saying that is not the way to go. Our advice is to try new things! Yoga, kettlebells, running or spinning, maybe even dance or play tennis. For some the nature is the best way to work out. Running, skiing or maybe just go for a walk. Everything counts, the goal is to move your body. And remember: it´s outside the comfort zone the magic happens!

Don’t be scared
Many are skeptical to change their lifestyle. Maybe their scared of failing or maybe their afraid of having to cut out too much? Like we said earlier: eating healthy and working out doesn’t mean you can never eat cake or a hamburger again, or that you need to sign up for a lifelong gym membership! Please, don’t hate it until you tried it. Kale may not look good, but it tastes good. Superfood may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. Spinning may seem like hell, but how would you know if you never tried it?

Be curious
There is a lot to learn about nutrition and how food affects your body. How the body and mind is connected in ways you can’t even imagine. Food even works like medicine in some cultures. The same goes for exercise. Read, learn and be curious. Makes it much more fun.

Have fun & be happy
Our last, but most important advice is: try to have fun! Invite friends over for dinner and try new, healthy recipes. Go for a long walk with your children or try kickboxing with your spouse. Find the balance we talked about earlier. It`s a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Be healthy, be happy and be the best of you!


By: Henriette Danielsen 

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