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The beauty of blank space in your calendar

I looked at my calendar this morning and realized I have something going on every single day the next few weeks. Having planned every single day into detail made me realize how little I set aside time to do nothing.

We have become a culture that is severely uncomfortable with blank spaces in our calendars. We rarely set aside time to be alone and do nothing, mostly because it doesn’t sound so fun. And for some it may be hard being alone, having to face their true emotions and take the time to reflect upon life. Scrolling through our phone or continue running from one social gathering to another just seems so much easier, right?

Personally, I am terrified of days where I have nothing planned! I get so restless and I got this idea in my head that I need to do something all the time. I need to be active, social and productive. Days of not having to do anything, what is that? And by doing nothing I of course don’t mean sitting and stare at the wall, I mean have a day where you don’t plan anything. Simply clear your calendar and let the day unfold.

No agenda, no rushing around. Just be.

Sometimes the best thing to do is give your body and mind a break and remove all social obligations, turn off your notifications and put your projects on hold. Simply take a day and just be.

Why, you may wonder?

It’s healthy! It may sound boring, but taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective and gives your mind a little break from all the images, noises and impressions thrown its way. And it actually takes the absence of an agenda to really get to know yourself.

So, time to turn this around and clear my calendar. Make room for some empty pages and see what the day will bring. Be spontaneous again, feel and embrace! Going on autopilot may be efficient, but maybe not the best way to live.

What about you? Will you give it a try with me? Simply wake up and resist the urge to immediately DO something. It might take some time to break the habit (at least it will for me), but let’s try! But let’s start with once a week (babysteps, hihi)!

By: Henriette Danielsen

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    February 23, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    […] Now I am back home and back to work. Lots of fun meeting coming up this weekend and next week, but having such a full calendar  made me reflect a bit on how little I set aside time to do nothing. Turned out to be a good article to post on Best of You, you can read it here. […]

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    Christina Danielsen
    February 23, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    <3 great article – loved to read it … resonates so much with me 🙂

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