The road to self-love

On Instagram she goes under the name @blissfullyliving, where she inspires thousands of followers with her positive attitude and yummy pictures of food! But everyday life for Clara Mo hasn’t always been easy, and she shares her story with us!  
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Private

The autumn darkness has descended upon the city when I rush into my favorite vegan café for my interview with Clara Mo. Her smile brightens up the whole room when she gives me the biggest hug. Before we sit down she warmly recommends the chocolate mousse, and who am I to say no to that?

Clara is studying nutritional science at the University of Stockholm and has so many dreams for the future. In front of here is her MacBook, she’s been studying for a few hours.
– I love studying nutrition and a part of me wants to work in the field of research. But at the same time,I feel there is a missing link between all the research and common people, and I would want to help people understand it, since I love people as much as I love nutrition, she says and smiles.

But she hasn’t always been this happy and energetic. A few years back Clara struggled with anorexia.
– It started slowly, it’s not something that happens overnight. At first I thought I was just being healthy, but before even knowing it I got caught in this dark spiral that sadly to many of us get caught in. But after a while I realized I couldn’t keep this up, something had to be done. I was 18 at the time.

My self-esteem was far from good and I realized I didn’t love myself.

The road to recovery was long and hard. Clara reached out for help on her own and for a year she went to a professional once a week. She started gaining weight and getting back to “normal”.
– I got healthier and I gained weight, but what I didn’t work on was the mental part of it all. My self-esteem was far from good and I realized I didn’t love myself. The last two years has been a beautiful journey of finding out who I am, learning to love every part of me and finding out what I value in life, she explains.

How did you do all this?
– First off; I realized had to confront my biggest fear; my anxiety. I for example used exercise as an opportunity to escape it, so I decided to stop excercising for a period of time. That was the only way for me to being able to face my fear. I needed to be able to go be active for the right reasons. And it was tough, I can promise you that.

Clara decided to instead fill her time with things that made her happy; filling her everyday life with joy.
– My goal was to become happy, healthy and be pain free. I wrote a list about things that made me happy; meeting new people, singing a song, writing a letter telling someone I love them, studying nutrition, and then I did these things. This also led me to a whole new lifestyle; a vegan one!

What does health mean to you today?
– It means being able to love yourself and being happy. Like the quote on your webpage; Happiness is the highest form of health! Health is so much more than a fit body; it’s about love, happiness and feeling free. This is also what I try to communicate through my Instagram account.

Clara’s experience dealing with sickness and anxiety had led her to want to help other people who may find themselves in the same situation.
– I would also want to work with people and their self-perception, help them in their road to recovery and in the journey in finding themselves. Become strong as an individual, she says.

Who inspires you?
– Likeminded people who do their own thing and have faith in themselves. Who are passionate about something and wholeheartedly follow their dream, without being afraid to stand out.


Name: Clara Mo
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Favorite food: I love acai bowls! And ooh; my morning oatmeal with different toppings! Brekkie is without doubt the best part of the day!

For more inspiration follow Clara on Instagram 

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