Top five vegan friendly places in Stockholm

If you, like me, are a fan of vegan food you may be familiar with the struggle of trying to find a good place when you’re out and about. I remember when always bringing boxes of food, snacks and basically the whole survival kit whenever I needed to make errands in town. Thankfully this is not the case today!

Veganism has become a growing trend and a lot has happened during the latest year. Vegan friendly restaurants and cafés are popping up all over Stockholm in such a speed that I haven’t even been able to try them all. Even though I haven’t been  to every single one, I thought I’d still share some of my favorites with you. Here’s five restaurants/cafés in Stockholm where you’ll always find amazing vegan options.

This restaurant has been around for a while and is thereby a well-known restaurant in Stockholm. Known for their delicious food, the great hospitality and the fact that it’s beautifully situated on a hill with a garden overviewing the city. For as long as I can remember they have been focusing on vegetarian food and I was so happy to hear that they now have gone completely vegan! This is a place I can strongly recommend for both vegans and non-vegans, since everyone seems to adore the food and the lovely desserts. Expect to experience a food coma and to be mind-blown by their all you can eat buffet.
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A true pearl when it comes to vegan cafés in Stockholm. When you feel like enjoying a fresh salad, a comforting cup of coffee, a fruity smoothie, an acaibowl, raw cakes or maybe a burger, this is the place to go. The options are many and there is always something to soothe your cravings. Hälsocafét is definitely a favorite of mine. They do not only have incredibly tasty food, but also provide wonderful service and good vibes in general. My favorite thing to order is an acaibowl or the raw walnut-brownie. If you haven’t been there yet, what are you waiting for?!
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The vegetarian restaurant Chutney definitely deserves a place on this list. This is the place I go to whenever I feel like enjoying food inspired by the Asian and middle-eastern kitchen. The food has a homemade feel to it, yet incredible delicious and full of exciting flavours. I have been there countless times and never been disappointed. The vegan options are many, both when it comes to food and cakes. Make sure you don’t forget to try their famous homemade chutney, I love it!
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Delivore is a newly opened café in Stockholm which has already become very popular among vegans. Everything is 100% vegan and there’s a lot to choose between; bagels, sandwiches, salads, milkshakes, coffee and desserts. I mean how insane doesn’t the s’mores milkshake sound?! I have heard the business is going so well they are actually expanding and making the café into a restaurant. Sounds pretty good to me.
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Holy Cow
An Indian restaurant with fantastic vegan options like Tikka Masala, curry, naan bread and so on. It’s a great place to bring friends and family since they have something for everyone on the menu.
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Now that was a quick review of some of the top vegan friendly places in Stockholm, at least according to my preferences. I sincerely hope this will inspire you to try them out. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite. Bon appétit!

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Name: Clara Mo
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Studying Nutritional science

Check out her Instagram account @blissfullyliving for more inspiration

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    Christina Danielsen
    October 12, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    🙂 Thx so much Clara for your magnificent list – I`m definitely looking forward to my next visit to Stockholm – and thx bestofyou for encouraging Clara to write about her personal favs 🙂

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      Best of You
      October 13, 2016 at 11:24 am

      So glad you liked it, can’t wait to try them all when you visit next time <3

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      Clara Mo
      October 19, 2016 at 7:26 pm

      Oh thankyou Christina! I’m so glad to hear that you appreciated it. Lots of love to you for your kind words and to bestofyou for having me ♡

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