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With a deep love for nature, Eva Zimmermann Klee wants to create awareness of how plastic use is affecting our planet. This has resulted in her brand new project, Stream, reusable and eco-friendly drinking straws made out of glass.
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Stream offers a simple solution from a one-time use straw to an eco-friendly and reusable item that can stay with you for a lifetime. A product that is being welcomed with open arms.
– I have received a lot of requests, showing that there is an inquiry for this product on the market. The straws will be found in restaurants and cafes in Cape Town from March and will arrive in Scandinavia in summer 2016. A worldwide online shop will also be available in the near future.

The idea for her newest creation came while working in her juice bar and café, Juicebum in Cape Town, South Africa.
– I was looking for a replacement for the plastic straw, but could only find the single use paper straws. One day I was watching a video by David Wolfe where he was making a superfood smoothie and at the end he pulled out this drinking straw out of glass. I was sold and decided there and then that this had to be my next step. The research began and six months later I launched Stream.


Growing up in the countryside in Norway, surrounded by organic gardens, gave Eva a deep connection to nature. A connection she feels strongly about and she has now made it her mission to take small steps every day towards a greener and healthier planet for everyone.
– Living on this planet that is suffocating from the damage done by man, makes me wonder how we cannot feel some kind of responsibility? Luckily enough I learned how to recycle in kinder garden, but after travelling the world and living the past five years in South Africa, I’ve come to notice that it needs to be taught all over the world. It saddens me, but it has also become my mission to spread the knowledge I got, Eva explains.

Eva’s hunger for adventure and sunny days led her to book an around the world ticket after her graduation. She arrived to Cape Town five years ago and never left.
– South Africa was not on my travel plan, but as it goes, love takes you to unexpected places. My love for Cape Town and South Africa, especially the nature, has just grown over the years and I’m happy to call it my home.

By the age of 25 Eva has successfully started two brands, both her previous juice café Juicebum and now Stream.

Tell us a little about your previous project Juicebum
– I’d had an interest in nutrition for a while, so when I was offered a job at a yoga retreat outside Cape Town, to run a juice bar serving green juices and superfood smoothies, I was hooked! This was just before the juicing trend really hit South Africa. A few smaller juice businesses had started to pop up, but I noticed a lack of quality products and a growing demand. That’s when I decided to start my first business venture, a cold-pressed juice business called Juicebum. It quickly grew into a juice bar running in a shared space with the yoga studio The Shala. As first time businesses often do, Juicebum become my trail to how to run a business and gave me the lessons I needed to start Stream.


What inspires you?
– My inspiration is more of a hope and belief of a better future through knowledge and responsibility. I believe in an awakening world in a dark time. It’s about the choices we take everyday. We have a choice to be part of something good, a greener healthier and happier planet. Today the power is in the hand of the people and it’s up to us to take responsibility. That I find beautiful and inspiring.

Eva’s plans for the future are to continue working towards a greener planet, mainly through Stream.
– It’s important for me to connect with people across the world and think big, as big changes are needed. On a personal level I aim to live simpler and put my focus and energy on things and people that are important to me. To let go of what doesn’t serve me anymore. In the end I wish for all beings to be happy and feel love, as that is our core.

Name: Eva Zimmermann Klee
Age: 25
Occupation: Founder and owner of Stream
Lives: Cape Town, South Africa
Personal Instagram: @visualflavourfeeling

Check out their website and Instagram for more information!

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    […] When I met Eva in Oslo last week, she brought with her the straws I ordered from her newest creation; Stream Straws. Reusable and eco-friendly straws made out of glass. Their mission is to reduce the amount of plastic straws used daily around the globe and replace them with an eco-friendly alternative. You can read more about Eva here. […]

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