“Yoga simplifies, calms and connects”

Love brought Christina Danielsen all over Europe and her life has been a thrilling journey ever since. Today she has settled down in Oslo, Norway, and is a devoted yogi and yoga instructor. We got the chance to chat with her about the importance of yoga and why you shouldn’t be afraid to try it.
By: Victoria Thoors Photo: Øystein Mikaelsen

– Yoga offers endless tools to balance, to simplify, to strengthen, to open up. Open-minded, relaxed people make good decisions based on a deep awareness of what is important and what is not, Christina Danielsen explains.

When talking about yoga Christina’s face lights up and there’s an aura of calmness surrounding her.
– Yoga means everything to me, because with a regular yoga practice everything makes sense. The fantastic balance of openness, flexibility and strength, both physically and mentally, offers a deep awareness and connection to both yourself and everybody around you. Yoga simplifies, calms and connects.

But yoga hasn’t always been a part of Christina’s life. Born and raised in southwest Germany she met a Norwegian man at the University of Mannheim and they began to build a life together. Only 23 years old she moved with him to Norway, then to Cambridge, England, back to Norway, to Luxembourg and finally back to Norway again where she still lives today.
– When Oda, my youngest daughter, started school I started working for SAS and did so for eight years, but then yoga started to grow on me.

When we asked her how she found yoga she thinks for a while before answering.
– I actually think yoga found me. I was ready to try something totally different. I had been exercising all my life, often on a very high level and was really curious about Ashtanga Yoga and when someone offered me private lessons I went in full-heartedly.

To say that yoga is needed today is an understatement. With all the stress and unease in the world people long for stillness and awareness, and Christina thinks yoga can help people to cope with their everyday struggles.
– It makes sense in a stressful, often mind blowing life. It’s a chance to give your busy mind a short break and look at things from a different angle. People notice this effect immediately and want to make it a part of their lives.

What would you tell someone who is a bit sceptic of doing yoga?
– First of all I would talk about all the fantastic aspects of a regular yoga practice, you don’t do yoga, you practice yoga. There are no goals in yoga, because this practice, whether it’s for ten minutes or two hours, will always demand your full awareness. It`s about staying within your limits, breathing deeply, while you observe in a non-judgmental way. So it’s actually nothing to be afraid of, as long as you find a teacher who resonates with you on all levels – what he or she says has to make sense to you, both mentally and physically, everything else comes over time. You are never alone.

There are some prejudice connotations that some associate with a yogi lifestyle, for example that yoga instructors tell you that you can’t to eat meat and drink alcohol if you want to be a true yogi, but Christina likes to put it differently.
– My opinion is, that change can only appear through inspiration – convince the world by action, not words. Show respect to every being and naturally that will change their way of living.

What do you teach your yogis in terms of pursuing a healthy lifestyle?
I teach them that having a peace of mind is a healthy foundation for a peaceful life. That you should never criticize or recent your love, because others live in a different way – make them feel at home in your world and you will actually be able to move mountains.

Do you like all sorts of yoga?
– Actually I do! All these different approaches reach out to different kinds of people, based on their cultural background and life situations. The one thing, which is common in all these different styles, is to focus on the breath. I love diversity and the fact that there is always a possibility to find what makes sense to you in this rich toolbox of Yoga.

What do you struggle with when it comes to yoga?
– Nothing actually, I welcome struggle, because it shows my potential.

Finally, What makes you happy Christina?
– I`m happy when I can help others to reach their fully potential, Christina concludes.

For those of you living in Stockholm
Would you like a chance to meet Christina and participate in one of her classes? She will be holding a 60 minute Awareness class in Stockholm. If you are interested ping an email to: no later then 16/12.

Date: 19/12
Adress: Lästmakargatan 10.
Price: 200 SEK

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