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10 dates of Christmas

Christmas is approaching and we are preparing for the greatest feast of the year. We decorate, bake cookies and sweets, we buy gifts and plan for weeks in advance. It sounds cosy and nice, but we tend to prepare to have a good time instead of actually cherish the time right here right now. Despite this dark season, Christmas time can be quite romantic and it spending some quality time with the people you love doesn’t have to cost that much. Take your loved one or friend out for a lovely day and leave all the chores aside for a moment. Here are 10 dates of Christmas.


Ice skating
It might not be snowing or even below freezing point, but there are usually a few places in the bigger cities where you can ice skate. It is perfect if you want to embrace, laugh as you help each other prevent the inevitable fall and snuggle up with a hot cup of coco afterwards.

Christmas movie night
Movie nights can be really romantic – but Christmas movie nights are even better. Watch old classics like, It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, A Christmas Carrol, Holiday or Love Actually, make som hot mulled wine and curl up next to each other under a blanket for a few hours of holiday-themed viewing.

Breakfast in bed
Before you get up and out and about – make a lovely breakfast with chocolate mint coffee, soft ginger bread and some energetic juice boost and bring it to the bed. Read the paper or a good book and listen to some Christmas tunes. Stay a few hours – it will do wonders.


For the lucky ones out there who will get the chance to actually see snow this year take the opportunity to go sledding with someone you love. This will be a fun activity you’ll cherish during those dull working days. Finish the date by warming up next to a fire or under a blanket.

Christmas markets
Stroll around in your own pace, try some local delicacies and listen to Christmas carols. You might even find some Christmas gifts for your friends and family, and most importantly just take in the atmosphere and hold hands with your beloved.

Cook together
We all need to eat, but it’s not always fun to cook – do it together and you’ll enjoy it much more. Find some tasty recipe and chat about your day. Try out something new and rate the dinner afterwards. Maybe it will become a new tradition.

Spa day
Going to a spa can cost quite a lot of money, but doing it at home is just as nice and much more romantic. Buy some massage oils you like, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and massage each other. For the whole spa experience, do a facial scrub, put on a mask and give each other a light facial massage.

Sweat together
Even though it’s nice to cuddle up in front of a movie you can get restless – why not exercise together? Go out for a winter run, make sure your dressed for the cold weather and take a jog in a beautiful winter landscape. Enjoy nature together and let all the stress of city life go.

Play board games
Do you want to see who your partner or friend really is? Play a board game like Back Gammon, Chess or Ludo. Laugh, compete and see if your loved one can handle to be defeated.

Take a walk
Explore your own town or maybe a new one? Hold hands, stop and take a good look around you, maybe you’ll notice things you haven’t see before. End your stroll with a hot drink in a cosy café.

By: Victoria Thoors

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