11 tips to stay healthy when traveling

Summer is in full swing and most of you will soon start packing your backpack or suitcase to go on holiday. One thing that seems to be thrown out of the window when we travel are our healthy habits! In this article I’ll give you a couple of easy hacks to stay healthy, even when you’re in a different country. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the gelato this year, don’t worry: Treats should definitely be a part of your holiday.

Bring snacks
We all know the feeling: you’re walking around in a city that’s completely new to you and suddenly it hits you; you haven’t eaten in hours. To avoid having to run to the closest fast food chain, it’s so much easier (and healthier) to bring snacks. Prep some date-nut-balls ahead or stock up on bars, so you’ll always have an energy boost available.

Instead of taking a taxi or public transport, walk as much as possible when traveling. It takes a lot more time, but you will see so much more, especially when it comes to the details: that beautiful little balcony, that hidden backyard, that street musician, and so much more. Oh, and of course, it’s much better for your bodie too.


Book an apartment
I usually rent an apartment via Airbnb when I travel. Not just because I like staying in a neighborhood a little away from the city center, but also because it allows me to prepare my own meals. Although I usually go out for lunch and dinner, I do love preparing breakfast at home, so I don’t have to wait until the local cafes open.

Drink water
Obvious, but so important; drink enough water. Also; go a little easy on the booze. I’m a big fan of exploring the local beer and wine scene, but that doesn’t mean I’m drunk every evening. Make your trips about tasting, instead of getting drunk.

Do your research
Doing research about places to visit before you travel is not only fun, it’s also extremely useful. I always make a travel guide before I leave. In my guide, I always include vegetarian-/vegan-friendly restaurants, juice bars, cozy cafes and (organic) supermarkets, so I always know where to go for a healthy meal. This is specially a must when you’re on a special diet because of allergies, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, or for those of you traveling with a gluten intolerance.

Bring vitamins and a probiotic
It can be a little harder to eat all your veggies and fruits every day when you’re in a different country. That’s why I always bring a good B-vitamin complex and a probiotic, to keep my gut happy.

Protect your skin
I know a tanned skin looks beautiful, but our health is much more important. That’s why a good sunscreen is so important. Try to go for one with clean ingredients (like the ones from brands like Badger or Annmarie). A pure Aloe Vera gel is lovely in the evening, before you go to bed. I always bring coconut oil too, because I use it for everything: my hair, my lips, my feet and to remove makeup.

Find a place to exercise…
Being on holidays is definitely not a reason to stop exercising. Head to the beach for a run, do a workout in the park, go swimming, or do a workout at your apartment. It’s such a great way to start the day.


… or: go to a yoga class
There are yoga schools all around the world and most of them offer drop in classes. It’s a wonderful way to meet people, to practice with new teachers and to stay healthy and balanced. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try a home yoga session with Yoga With Adriene or Yogaglo, for example.

Sleep in, sleep at the pool, sleep on the beach: sleep!

Accept that it’s okay to eat a little less healthy
Lovely, you’re on holiday! It’s time to relax, wind down, see new things, and discover new foods and drinks. Don’t be too strict. Enjoy, have that gelato, eat that macaron, order yourself a sweet cocktail.

Happy holidays!

This post is contributed by Claudia Menger, health coach, yoga teacher, world traveler and content manager at travel app Find her on and on Instagram.

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