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We don’t always have a personal trainer or gym instructor available, guiding and pushing us through a workout, but what we do have is our phone! We give you the fitness apps worth downloading.

7 minute workout
Using no equitment, this workout provides the maximum effect in the shortest amount of time. All it takes is seven minutes and your dedication!

NIKE + Training Club  
This app is like having your own personal trainer, focusing on both cardio on strength. You can choose from over a hundred workouts and if you want to get lean, strong or toned. Perfect when you can’t a afford a personal trainer.

Gymboss Interval Timer
This app is perfect for your intervals, whether you’re running or lifting weights. You can either choose from excisitng templates or create your own, and the app counts down your workout and beeps when your resting period is over and your good to go again. Very user-friendly and straight forward.

Yet another interval app. This is designed to make you get in better shape pretty quickly. You run slowly for 30 seconds, faster for 20 seconds and as fast as you can for 10 seconds. You repeat this between five to 15 times. The app guides you, using voice, sound and vibration through the workout.

This is an app that measures all your everyday activities, like steps, stairs, the distance you walk or run and the list goes on. This is more like a motivation app, telling you how you’re doing and provides a complete overview over your training, sleep and diet.

FitStar Yoga
This is a little like having a yoga instructor in your pocket! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to yoga or have practiced for years, this app is for everyone! And it even evolves with you, taking you to the next level as you’re getting better with time.

By Henriette Danielsen

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