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”Art shouldn’t be too serious”

Imagination, creativity and the joy of crafting – Swedish artist Frida Jonsson absorbs the beauty surrounding her and creates her own world on paper. The results are amazing.
Text and photo: Victoria Thoors

Our planet is filled with wonders and certain people have the ability to take it in and create something new out of it. Frida Jonsson is one of them. She sees the beauty in the little things. A detail on a dress, an interesting face or an expressive hairstyle can hit her with a sudden urge to draw and create.
– You could say that I’m addicted to sources of inspiration. I love Pinterest, blogs and other channels where I can browse around and get inspired to create something new, Frida explains.

I’m invited for tea at her and her boyfriend’s home in Stockholm a cold January day and she shows me some of her artwork and explains what she felt or thought while painting them. Her work is absolutely awe striking. The bright colours are pure happiness expressed on paper and every little detail is so clearly defined that you not only admire her painting skills, but her patience. She has depicted both realistic and unrealistic women with captivating eyes and playful proportions.
– My style is mostly naive and happy, dreamy yet colourful. I want people to become happy when seeing them. Art shouldn’t be too complicated; it should be easy, joyful and inspiring, Frida says as she takes a sip of her tea and glances at some of her earlier work.


The big question I just had to ask was if she always been this good at painting?
– There is actually a picture of me from when I’m three years old and sitting with an enormous piece of paper and loads of finger paint in front of me. It all started well, but I ended up with paint all over myself and it’s impossible to see what I drew, it’s just a brown mess, she says with a laugh.
– I was so happy! I think it’s always been within me, but I have had great art teachers throughout the years who’ve challenged me with new tasks and made me develop new techniques, she continues.

Even though Frida is super talented she has bad days like the rest of us. Some days the inspiration and creativity just isn’t there.
– There are times when I sit down with the intention of drawing something, but get caught up with thoughts of, “if I’m influenced by someone else’s painting or photograph how am I suppose to make it into my own?“ it can be really frustrating.

How do you do to overcome these thoughts?

– By doing something else. It’s a problem that gets even more difficult the more you think about it, but when you do something else for a while the answer can come to you all of a sudden. It can come to me while travelling or when I’m at an University lecture. I just have to sketch it on a piece of paper immediately and then I plan to draw it when I come home. I have tons of little sketches just waiting to be painted.


What is art to you?
– It expresses who you are. To me it isn’t about a particular feeling, but the things going on in my head while creating or seeing something. It’s a world that doesn’t exist, but should exist. Preferably a bit over the top.

Besides painting, Frida knits, sews, photographs and cooks. She always wants to learn more ways of expressing herself and create new things with her hands.
– I love painting but there is so much I want to try. I post all of my creations and thoughts on my blog and that’s where you get the whole picture of who I am artistically.



Five quick questions
What do you find difficult to draw?
Hands! They are so tricky, and I often need to do poses myself or find images in order to get it right.

What material do you use?
I use lead pencils for sketches, watercolour on tube, gouache or acrylic.

Do you have a painting that you are extra proud of?

One I made ten years ago. It’s a painting of the model Lily Cole inspired by a picture of her in Vogue. I really managed to keep my own touch and style.

Any tips to the people out there who would like to start painting?

Use good brushes, take the time and if you are doing a sketch that you like, copy it and try different colours to find a specific feeling or just in order to practice.

How do you go about to buy your paintings?

Email me at – you can ask me to paint anything or visit my Etsy account

Name: Frida Jonsson
Occupation: Artist
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden with her boyfriend Gregor.
Looks up to: Caitlin Shearer

Read Frida’s blog for more awesomeness –>

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