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Be the change you wish to see

It might not have crossed your mind, but if we do the same thing and follow our same routines every single day, we maintain exactly the same processes and patterns in society.  However, if you open up to small changes, it doesn’t only make a change in your life, but in society as well.

Here are suggestions for three things you can do to make your life and the world a little bit better!

Support your neighbourhood and shop local
There are many chain stores that deliver good and necessary products and services, but if one does not care to support small, local shops and entrepreneurs, we end up with a society totally dominated by the bigger chains. Unfortunately, I’ve seen that too many small cafes and shops have been replaced with big chains for different reasons, and it’s so sad.

It’s important to support local entrepreneurs for several reasons; they contribute to greater diversity, create more local jobs, and offer a variety of choices. Local business owners do often offer a better level of service, and unique products you will not find at the bigger chains. Also, many local shops offer ecological and local products, which is good for you and our society. I have written about local coffee shops in Oslo here, and everything my local community Sagene has to offer here.

Unfortunately, we are often proved that an increasing number of young people are heavily influenced by pressure from the beauty industry, glossy commercials, bloggers and social media. Fortunately, there are great women who are great role models and stand up against this pressure. One good example is Lena Dunham, who poses in whatever she wants whenever she wants even though she daily receives negative comments about her body. Another good example and role model is the artist Alicia Keys who has stopped using makeup all together. 

What if more girls could walk around makeup-free in public, at least once or twice a week. Just imagine the impact it would have on young girls and how people would finally get a realistic picture of women’s appearance and natural beauty. You could for example start with once a week and escalate gradually.

Share your voice and dare to speak up
It’s frightening to see that some (Norwegian) politicians have adopted the Trump-rhetorics when they argue. It’s a very big problem, the same goes for spreading false news. Unfortunately, the more people who are ignorant of patronizing rhetorics and false news, the more these creepy trends grow. If you see racial / overbearing / sexist status updates in your feed, why not comment below and take a stand? I hope and believe that resistance from the general public may curb these trends. No one wants a society where patronizing rhetorics are normal and something that we are accustomed to and accept?

As a journalist, I must also remind you that source criticism is important. If a statement seems untrue, dare to ask where she or he got it from.

Lead by example and be the changes you wish to see in the world.

This post is contributed by Camilla Hellum, journalist and Editor in Chief of the Norwegian online magazine:

You can also check out her Instagram account and/or Facebook page.

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    Tre ting du kan gjøre for å bidra til en litt bedre verden
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